Episode 1: BUZZ!!

Posted: Monday, September 1, 2008 by SpidEy d'lEfty in Labels:

Dun_cAn: BUZZ!!
Dun_cAn: Wazup?
M4r2: yo?
Dun_cAn: Where the hell hv u been? Flying back to Mars or wat?
M4r2: LOL. Been away bro..
: ..for 1 bloody month? WOW!!
M4r2: ;P
M4r2: ..and i still dun think tat s enough.
: yeah right~ holiday is always not enough, DUH!
M4r2: ;P
Dun_cAn: ..so where is it?
M4r2: ulam.
Dun_cAn: Serious shit?!?! u went there?
M4r2: U know tat place?
Dun_cAn: of course I do! And I had good time over there..Gosh I'd never had any idea that there's such a hidden place like Ulam on this planet...
M4r2: same here Dunk! if not Lang who brought me there..
Dun_cAn: LANG??!! kidding me bro? Lang?
M4r2: Yup, Lang. u know him? Cool guy huh?
Dun_cAn: He's a jerk!
M4r2: ?
Dun_cAn: That Lang - -he's a total JERK!! He doesn't belong to there!
M4r2: I dun get u, Dunk..
Dun_cAn: How did u know him? Marz u just gotta be careful with this guy..
: Marz... u there?
Dun_cAn: BUZZ!!
Dun_cAn: BUZZ!!
Dun_cAn: BUZZ!!

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Dun_cAn: Hey buddy what's wrong wit ur line?
M4r2: Hey Duncan..
M4r2: long time no see... How r u doing?
Dun_cAn: ?
M4r2: guees who I am?

: I'm your old friend, pal..
M4r2: I am... Lang.