Episode 4: From the Other Side

Posted: Thursday, September 4, 2008 by kakkumei in Labels:

“Oy Lang! What was that for? I was chatting, dammit!” Marz snatched back the keyboard that Lang had taken forcefully from him.

“Just a sec. I want to talk to Duncan”

“Hn. Okay, but don’t freak him out or anything. He’s already shocked over the fact that I knew you. God, why he always had to be so dense?”

Grinning, Lang shook his head and turned his attention to the monitor and started typing. Marz sighed and walked towards the kitchen. He knew that despite what he said just now, Lang would try to terrorize their friend. The fridge was opened and he picked up a tin of Coke. I don’t remember buying this, but if it has no name, then it’s mine. Hehe.

His mind started to wander with every sip of drink he took. Back to one month ago, back to his trip to Ulam with Lang. Back to that place….


“There goes my good t-shirt, dammit!”

He accidentally crushed the Coke tin, and the content was splattered all over his shirt. Cursing he took it off and went off to search for a new one.

And he finally made up his mind.

For us to reach that person, Duncan is the easiest way. We would never want to hurt him, but this; this is for his own good.

From the back, he heard Lang guffawing at the screen.