Episode 12: The explanation

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“We met Lang two years ago in Ulam. He was a stone collector. Sara and I were friends with him immediately because he was such a cool dude. Plus, we thought he was a normal tourist like we were… that he might need some company to have fun with. Of course we had fun until…” Duncan cleared his throat.

“…until the locals tipped us about some beautiful and precious stones on top of the mountain. But they warned us about a spirit that guards the peak. Lang was intrigued. Sara and I were not so sure. Lang was so excited about it because one of the locals told us that something magical happens on top of the mountain every five generations. Some sort of power transition that occurs between the reigning Langkasuka and the next one. He was excited about seeing what could happen if he climbed up there since none of the people who did that came back alive…

We had some disagreement and Lang went alone. Sara and I left ULAM and never heard from Lang again. However, I have a feeling that he must have met The Great Langkasuka and become one himself…”

“What is ‘Langkasuka’?” Marz asked with a big frown on his face.

“Langkasuka is a title that carries the power to dominate the world. It is being passed to one person and last for five generations. Within that period, a Langkasuka is immortal and although he can’t control human, he has powers to almost everything, even generating a tsunami!” Duncan explained.

“That’s impossible. That’s like being a God!” Marz exclaimed.

“Except that he’s not. A Langkasuka can be any ordinary person but with a Langkasuka destiny in them. Once his reign is over, he will lose his power... slowly to the other person until that new person find a perfect sacrifice….”

“I still don’t get it… If Lang is the current Langkasuka, who was the previous one? And why did Lang have to hurt me? Why did he hurt Sara?” Marz continued asking.

“No one hurt me. That was Tyzen who came in aid. He was the previous Langkasuka or The Great Langkasuka as most people referred him as. He is now slowly losing his power.” Sara explained.

“What?! So you’re saying that this Tyzen guy came to your rescue when Lang appeared? Why did Lang appear in front of you whereas he was just here with me before I collapsed?”

“A Langkasuka can be anywhere in a matter of seconds. That’s one of his power. He must have an agenda putting you unconscious too. Do you remember anything he said before you passed out?” Duncan asked. Marc thought for a while.

“He was asking about a copy of a book…” Marc scratched his head, thinking.

“What book?”

“The copy of your black book. The one that has info about Suki. I have the copy for my own interest, I’m sorry. I don’t think the book is what he really wanted though…” said Marz.

“No!!!!! Why did you do that?! Lang will try to find Suki! That book has her address and everything! He must not find Suki!” Duncan responded furiously.

“Huh? What does Suki has to do with this?” Marz continued to be puzzled.

“Suki is the perfect candidate to be sacrificed, that one last step before Lang could be immortal for another five generations! I need to call Suki!” Duncan stormed out of the room. Marz looked at Sara.

“This is pretty messed up…” Sara whispered.

“Can I ask you one question, Sara?” Marz asked. She nodded.

“How do you know Tyzen?”