Episode17:The Final Journey

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Elle felt weak. And hot. Too hot. The flames were too close.
“Help..” she cried softly. She had drained all her energy and none was left.

The chanting grew louder and for a moment she thought she felt a gush of cold wind. And then there was the chant again. And the wind…she felt as if it was on top of her. Elle looked up and could not believe what she just saw. The sky was clear a moment ago. But now it was as if hurricane was coming. Flashes of lightning…wind billowing, crashes of thunder and then at the corner of her eye she saw something white. Abnormally white amidst the darkness of the sky. And the whitish glow slowly emerge, taking shape..a ghostly shape was all she could make of.

“Stellis!” Elle thought and panicked. It worked. She was the bearer of the Goddess of Darkness. The time has come. She didn’t want it to happen.Then she felt it. It was as if something was grabbing her heart. She clutched her chest. She couldn’t breath. Every breath she took was a huge effort. I’m dying, she thought. And she fell backwards. In an awkward position with her hands tied at her back. She was staring towards the sky. The figure she saw earlier was clearer. It took a form..a women..so bright..it hurt her eyes..then it changes.The women’s head was filled with small serpents.Hissing at her..like medusa. Her heart hurts more than she can bear. She felt weaker every second. This thing was sucking life out of her…

They saw..the people in masks, Raoul, Kingkong, Zip. They all saw. The silhouette was closing at Elle. Elle was having hard time breathing.

“STELLIS” the people in masks start chanting.

Raoul was awed. He stood guard at his place. It’s real. Stellis is alive.

Behind him, Kingkong paced himself faster. A gun in his hand. He was as dumbfounded as those around him but at this point he had to act..fast. He silently walked towards Raoul from behind after spotting Raoul. Nobody realized his existence. They were too absorbed in their own world. Closing in, Kingkong then grabbed Raoul at his neck and placed the gun on his temple.

“You are going to be sorry for what you’ve done you bastard!” Kingkong said to Raoul’s ear and pulled the trigger.

Raoul could not react.It happened to fast. He heard the blast of gunshot and felt something was piercing his head. And that was the last thing he felt before he dropped dead.

The group was interrupted by the second gunshot. They stopped to see what happened. At that moment, there were screams. One by one in the group were dropping like flies. Gunshots were everywhere. Kingkong had hid near the bushes and started shooting at the masked people. He didn’t care who they were.


Zip was waiting for that moment before he tried to take action. He knew Kingkong would have acted aggressively. And with his mental state right now, Kingkong’s going a step further. Trying to kill every single person on the ritual ground. Including him if he did not act now.

Elle was obviously growing weaker. The whitish figure was still on top of her. Apart from the chaos that was happening on the ground, nothing seem to affect Stellis. Zip quickly got out from his hiding place and tried to sneak into the group and to get to the top of the stone. He knew where Kingkong was so he carefully positioned himself so that Kingkong will not be able to see him. The masked group were already scattered around the ritual ground trying to hide for safety. Zip got to the stone but now he had to pass the bonfire that was surrounding it. Ignoring the heat, he tried to look for something to climb the climb the stone. These people obviously had used something to get Elle to the top. He searched frantically for something and at last he saw a bamboo ladder near the place he stood and brought it to the stone. It won’t last, he thought. The fire will burn it down but it gave him enough time to climb it. The heat from the fire was getting intense but he had to ignore it. He needed to save Elle.

Zip placed the ladder on the stone at such an angle that only the top touches the flame. He climbed it and in a few seconds, he was at the top. The flames started to burn him. He winced as his arm was burned. He jumped to the flat top of the stone to see Elle lying on her back. She was not moving. She was pale..

“No!Don’t die on me, Elle,” Zip cried rushing towards Elle.

The silhouette was clearer now as Zip was closer to it. He was mesmerized but then he felt it was so full of evil. The serpent head woman was glaring at him as if he had just interrupted her. He felt pain on his chest now..and was gasping for his breath. Not now, he thought. He quickly exposed the tattoo that was on Elle’s thigh and withdrew his Swiss Army knife.

“Whatever you are,” Zip said to the figure on top of him still gasping for breath, “You are dead!!” Zip took the knife and slashed Elle’s thigh. Making a line across the tattoo.

Suddenly there was a piercing scream from above. Stellis was fading. The figure distorted. At that moment, wind was blowing on all direction. It was as if hurricane was passing to the area. Zip grabbed hold of Elle afraid that they will be blown away. Then there was crashing of thunders. He heard awful screams from below. Fire around him and Elle was starting to torch them. He felt the heat and the smoke was starting to intoxicate him. He didn’t know if Elle was still alive but he did let go of her. His eyes starting to burn and he couldn’t breath. I’m dying, Zip thought and passed out.



The world had caught a surprise this week when an awful massacre had taken place in the Samoan Island. It is believe to have started from a cult known as the Mapoo Cult that had been going on for centuries. The cult was once thought as legend and myth now have emerged and this massacre is a sign showing that this cult does exist. More than 20 people were found dead. Some were inflicted by gunshot wounds while the others were burned to death. It was as if they were strike by lightning but the meteorology confirmed there was no evidence of any lightning and thunderstorm occurrence in the area on the night it happened. A male professor known as Professor Zyne was also found dead. His involvement with this cult was still unclear although some have said that he may be one of the ‘higher power’ of this well known cult. The 20 people found dead were all wearing black robes and masks. Evidence shows that there had been a sacrificial ritual going on the night of the massacre but something or someone had stopped it because the women who was meant to be sacrifice was found alive. Most of those found dead are identified as Japanese and most of them are high profile businessman from the country of the rising sun. The man who was suspected forshooting the people was found dead, burned alive next to a revolver that was believe to be the murder weapon.Police and local authority are still baffled with this event and investigation is still going on. Interpol is currently involved with the investigation due to the involvements of the Japanese tycoons. There were only 2 survivors in this massacre and currently are heavily guarded in the local hospital. Both had suffered from burns and other injuries and are in the state of comma.


3 weeks later..

“Where am I?”

“Where do you think you are?”


“Shh..you don’t want to mention that to anyone. Not now. “

“Who are you?”

“Don’t you remember me? It’s Zip.”

“Who..who’s Zip?”

“Wh..what..you don’t remember? How about Raoul? Kingkong?”

“ Who are they? Where am I?”

“You’re in a hospital. I’m Zip. You were in a comma..for almost 3 weeks now..”

“Comma? What happened?”

“You…you were in an accident. I was with you. You don’t remember? We were on our way to go to grandpa’s funeral but we crashed. I just woke up too…good thing both of us are safe…”

“What…accident? I can’t remember a thing. Nothing. But who are you?”

“I’m Zip..your husband……it’s ok. We’ll take things easy from now. You’ll get you memory back and I’ll help you with it. I’ll make sure of it…..”


Episode 16: Failure to fail

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“I failed……,”

Zip stared at Prof Z as he said those words out loud. Zip tried to hide his own emotion..he wanted to feel sorry for Prof Z but at the same time, he was filled with rage and anger. He had been cheated..all this while. Who are these people? Friend of foe? And Elle, the love of his life..or so the thought.Everything’s coming in together but none of it make any sense.Like scattered puzzles…Kingkong, Raoul, Marc, Prof Zip, Elle,the agency, the Japanese..the samoans..audris..stellis???!!

“What the f***,” Zip swore silently to himself. He needed this to be over. It must end. Now or never..

They were on their way to the airport., taking the next flight to Samoa Island. Knowing that’s where Raoul and Elle would be, and those from the highest power of the agency. That’s where they will summon Stellis..

Kingkong was restless..his only aim was to meet his parents. At this point he didn’t give a damn about Elle or Raoul. His ticket was Prof Z. But this Audris and Stellis prophecy or crap thingy. Is it real? Gosh…come on. We are living in this modern world…how could anyone still believe in this Goddess of Darkness or Light or tattoo that could summon anything? Kingkong was skeptical. But he had play along until he get what he wanted.

Prof Z was feeling hopeless. His only grandchild. His only family. All this while he had tried his best to protect her. From the agency especially. Stellis…she will release the utmost terror…the devil itself. He’ll do anything to protect her. To stop her from releasing the Goddess of Darkness..stop it before it sonsumes her.He’d rather see her dead than seeing the devil released and die because of it. No matter what, that will be his sacrifice…


“Where am I?” Elle tried to open her eyes. She felt a pain behind her head. She tried to open her eyes but it hurt.Her hands..bounded tightly at her back. And her legs..tied too. Her eyes hurt..her head hurts. She tried again and when she managed at least to at least take a peek around her, she went numb. The sight..what stood in front of her was something she would never imagine or even consider real. For a moment she thought she was dead..but the sounds..the music..the people. They are all real.

Elle looked down at herself.She saw that she was seated on a stone or what looked like a huge stone erected for what seems like 3 metres from the ground. And her clothes..and it doesn’t look like what she had wore the last time she was awake. It was THE dress..the traditional Samoan dress..for the sacrifice. She has seen it before. And after seeing it, she now know what she was into. They are holding the ceremony. It has started. The people..those stood in front of her were wearing masks. Masks of Darkness..Elle said to herself. Those chantings..they are different. Not what she remembered. Then Elle gasped. She quickly looked at her thigh hoping that it was still there. It must be there. I don’t feel pain..and she moved her leg so that the dress will expose part of her thigh where the tattoo was. Elle gave a silent sigh..it’s still there. But Raoul said..they needed to finish the tattoo in order to summon Stellis but so far, they’ve done nothing about it.

“Don’t worry Elle. Your tattoo is safe. And I know what you’re thinking. Why have we not done a thing to it? Because there’s no need to do so..because well, surprisingly its perfect,” Raoul said, smiling.

Hearing the voice, Elle was surprised to see Raoul stood at her side on the ground. Looking at her, smiling. That evil smile…that liar!!

“What do you mean perfect? We’ve seen it..and its not. You won’t be able to summon her and you know it,” Elle stared at Raoul with hatred.

Raoul eyeingly stared back at Elle without feeling remorse “And how can you be so sure about that? We’ll never know if we don’t try. And if it doesn’t work out, we’ll try again and again and again. There are many beautiful Samoan women with malu like you waiting out there to be sacrificed my dear..and you know how many have sat at the same spot as you..hoping their sacrifice will bring out Stellis and obviously failed.This has been going on and on for years…centuries in fact. And if tonight we fail..we’ll have other nights..and other..until we have our Goddess of Darkness.”

“You are crazy..the agency..these unknown mad for power people…” Elle was angrier than ever. “How many innocent lives have suffered for this?? This is not about living your life for the tribe..for their beliefs..for Audris. This is madness..to gain power..to summon darkness.What good does it give to any of us??”

“Quit it. What difference does it make? Audris or Stellis? In the end we kill people. Just to satisfy our desire. What makes you, me, our tribe and this f***ing Japs different? We are all the same. So I might as well join the other side if you know what I mean. At least I do get something out of this sacrificial shit. You people die..I get the money..they still believe Stellis is out there somewhere and this will never stop until they get what they want.” Raoul was about to walk away when Elle stopped him on his track.

“Don’t you bullshit me about doing this for money Raoul.I know you believe it as much as I do or as our tribe does.You’ve seen Audris.You said it yourself.And you know what happens if they release Stellis. None of us will survive,” Elle said.

Raoul gave her words a thought..just for a few seconds and continued to walk away not turning his back. Knowing that was his last time he was going to see Elle..alive.

“Raoul!” Elle screamed to him. “Raoul!Get me out of here..please..don’t leave me here.Please..” Elle sobbed…cried as she never cried before. No, she thought. All my life, I never cared about sacrificing myself for my tribe for I always had Audris in me..but now..Stellis. What have I done….


“We are close by. You hear those chanting?” Zip was leading the way in the midst of the jungle.

“No!We’re too late!They’ve started the ritual.We will not get there in time,” Prof Z was agitated.
“We don’t know that yet Prof Z. Quick.Move fast and we’ll make it,” urged Kingkong.

They moved as fast as the track will allow them. Hoping that they could make it in time…minutes felt like hours. And as they got nearer, the chanting grew louder and they stopped at their tracks when they saw the bonfire. There was a clearing in the middle of the jungle.Obviously made for the ritual. A stone about 3 metres high was placed in the center. There were about 20 people making a circle around the stone..chanting with black robes and masks on their faces. Men or women..they were unrecognizable.The fire they saw was burning on the ground around the stone and it was growing higher and higher. And on top of the stone itself, Elle sitting with her hands and feet bounded. She was screaming. It looked like she was screaming but as the chanting grew louder, it swallowed any sound she was making.

“Elle, no!”Prof Z rushed towards the ritual ground without thinking.

Zip and Kingkong tried to stop him but they did not expect him to rush out like that. They maintained their position hiding away from the group of people. It was too late for them to stop Prof Z. If they try to run after him, they will expose themselves too.

The chantings suddenly stop. Elle’s scream now was heard. She saw Prof Z running towards her. “Grandpa!” it was the first time she had ever called him that.

“Elle!” Prof Z was unaware that the group had stopped their chanting and now building a human chain between Prof Z and Elle.

“ No!”Prof Z cried. He stopped. Seeing that it was impossible for him to penetrate them. And at that moment he took out his Glock from his jacket and pointed his gun at the human chain that stood in front of him.

Then there was a sound of gunshot. The people in masks stayed intact at their position. No movements.No sounds. No screams. And at that moment, Prof Z fell on to the ground holding his sstomache. Blood stained the shirt he was wearing. His face was contorted with pain.

“NO!!” Elle screamed after witnessing her grandfather being shot. The heat from the fire was starting to intensify but at that point she felt nothing. She was numb.

Kingkong wanted to run to Prof Z’s aid but Zip stopped him. “You don’t want to do that kong.You’ll get shot too.”

Kingkong stayed put. They were searching for the source of gunshot.

Suddenly Raoul emerged from the group. Taking off his own mask and revealed himself. A gun was on his hand. “I’m sorry Prof Z.You shouldn’t have come at all.”

“You….don’t..do..this..you will kill us all!” Prof Z tried his best to mutter those few words. His pain was excruciating. He knew he had lost a lot of blood.He felt cold.

Raoul ignored Prof Z’s word and turned to face the masked group.”Proceed and do not stop.Get Stellis out of her!”

Prof Z was now helpless.Waiting for death.He was too late.He looked at Elle. Elle was sobbing. Prof Z smiled weakly. At least…she recognized me as her grandfather, and that is all I can ask for, he thought to himself. He was still clutching at his gunshot wound.Blood trickled to the ground. He was cold…so cold. And at last, Prof Z took his last breath…

Zip and Kingkong stared, bewildered.

“How can we fight 20 against 2?”Zip asked Kingkong who was still shocked at what he just saw.

“Huh, I don’t know.Hey Zip, with Prof Z dead, we will never know who are parents are..right?” Kingkong was frustrated. All this while he thought…

“I guess so. But hey, we have a larger problem now.Elle and Raoul and this Stellis thingy. How are we going to stop it??” Zip asked again hoping Kingkong will start realizing how deep they are into the whole situation now.

“I don’t know man. And you know what? At this point, I don’t give a shit.I don’t believe in thi s Stellis crap and neither should you.It’s all bogus man. Just another reason for people to kill someone.All I want to do right now is to kill that son of a bitch Raoul. For all I care..f*** Elle and Stellis!” Kingkong was now unable to constrain his emotion.

“Ok.Whatever.I want to Elle out of here and you want Raoul. We now go our separate ways.You get Raoul.I get Elle.”Zip held his hand out to Kingkong. “This may be the last time we see each other.After all this shit end, I don’t even know if I want to see you anymore.”

Kingkong took Zip’s hand and shook it. “Me too.So, good luck!”

And they went they separate ways thinking of how they could get their hands on Elle and Raoul and stop the ritual altogether.

Episode 15: Failure

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"I HAVE FAILED!" Profesor Z suddenly shouted, startling everyone.

argh... I failed

"...so does Sayuti," someone whispered out of nowhere.

(the end)

p/s: Sori boss, sorry guys...