Episode 9: Realize

Posted: Thursday, September 11, 2008 by kakkumei in Labels:

“I called him out, Dunk! Accidentally!” Sara sobbed.

“Called who out?”

“Tyzen, I called Tyzen out! Then somehow I was drawn into the spirit world…and saw him… I saw Lang…”

She continued to cry. Big tears fell down her eyes and dampened Duncan’s black t-shirt. It broke Duncan’s heart to see her that way, but what she said just now barely making any sense to him.

Tyzen? Who the hell is Tyzen? And what Lang had to do with Tyzen? Damn, this is getting too complicated… first it was Marz and Lang. Now Tyzen and Lang, then next who? Jimmy Kimmel and Lang? Oh, God forbid!


The realization hit Duncan like a blow. He had to find Marz, fast. If Lang is still the same person he knew, then his modus operandi should be the same. Which means, big trouble for Marz. Really big trouble.

"Sara, Sara, we had to get to Marz, now. Can you walk?"

She nodded. Duncan helped her to her feet, and together they walked towards Dunk’s car. Brutus was left whining, so Sara mouthed her sorry at the dog. After they were inside the car, with all the sit belt properly strapped over their body, Duncan started the engine and rushed through the night…