Episode 6: Love, Ulam

Posted: Saturday, September 6, 2008 by SpidEy d'lEfty in Labels:

Something not quite right...

Thought Sara to herself while approaching Brutus. Brutus' double dog tags were hitting each other as Brutus was hopping and barking to see Sara came to him with his feast bowl.

Should I or should I not.... contact him...?

Sara pushed the bowl towards Brutus. Her eye was still locking at Brutus' dog tags. The dog tags were two steel plates with the word 'BRUTUS' carved on one and the word 'ULAM' carved on another.

Brutus was feasting on his early breakfast. Sara reached the tags and felt the carvings. Brutus -- Ulam...

"It means 'Love, Ulam' .. .. it's like at the end of every --- "
"-- love letter..." Sara continued his sentence, looking up to his gentle eye. He sealed her lips with a deep kiss. She melted, heartbroken, as that was the last kiss they had, before dawn.

"WOAWF!!" A loud bark. Brutus woke her up from all the memories she had during her stay in Ulam. Her hand was still holding the plates he gave, now the dog plates of Brutus.

She looked at Brutus, made up her mind, "Let's call him up...". Brutus nodded as if he understood and agreed to her decision.

She knew what to do with the plates. "Just a tiny scratch on each other.." Sara repeated what he used to teach her in Ulam, put both plates together and pushed and sheared against each other..

"~~Scratch!" It's the only sound they heard before the two tags automatically dropped off from Brutus' necklace and started to spin and shine. Brutus was freaked out and hided into Sara's arm..

The lights of 7 colours emitted from the tags started to form a figure -- a human figure. Sara could feel her heart beating. The figure was now clearer and clearer, the diamond-shaped face, the gentle eye, the wide shoulder, the strong arms.... Sara was in tears but she knew that she needed to stay strong, at least pretended to.

"Sara.... my love.."

There's already a real human in front of her. "..Finaly you call me..." his deep voice was so sad, but now full of released, "... do you know how much I miss you?"

"No! Stop! please.." Sara stopped him from crumbling her last defending fortress, although she's getting weaker and weaker now..

"I just want to clarify 1 thing, then you please leave..." Sara took a deep breath and recomposed her emotion.

"Sara my love..."
"Don't! Please... please... Just do me a favor, don't ruin my life..."
" *sigh*.. Ok..."
"... Why is Lang here? He's supposed to be caged in the Forest of Sin -- Did you release him?"

He looked at Sara. Sara was still beautiful as before, and she got a little bit plumper now. She's the woman that he loves, with all-hearted..

"Yes I did."
"..but.. Why? Why Tyzen, why?"

Tyzen. He smiled. A name that only would be called by his mother, and Sara. How many years already since the last time he heard people calling this name? He just couldn't recall. He only remembered how disgusted he felt everytime people call him The Great Langkasuka. He hates the word 'The Great', he hates the calling 'Langkasuka', as he hates his 'destiny' to be the next world conquerer.

"I don't care about world domination, I only care the star you want me to bring down to you.." once under the starry night, Sara was in his arm and he could feel the only world for him was right at that time, under that starry night..

Tyzen looked back to Sara, "because..."