Episode 17: Twisted Affair

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Truly, her reputation doesn’t precede her. Suki smiled at the clear blue sky, the crystal-like water and the warm breeze that slapped her face gently. Between her fingers were another set of whom she Simply feel in love with, Lang’s.

Both of them arrived at Ulam exactly the day after they crazily jump into something that both of them didn’t expect. Well, atleast, maybe not for Suki.

“Hey what are you smiling about? What do you think of this place?” Lang asked Suki as he noticed her smile was even rosier than usual.

“Hmmmm, sigh. Simply amazing.” You Are simply amazing. Added Suki in silent.

“Come, let’s have a quick change, I wanna show you something.” Winking, Lang grabbed Suki’s hand and make way into a resort.

Oh my…


“You know what? Thank God, this place is Always worth the journey. Always worth it even with the worst flight ever!!” Said Marz sarcastically, rolling his eyes to Duncan.

“Hey it’s last minute, and that’s all we have.” Explained Duncan while helping Sara with her luggage.

“Let’s go, let’s just check in somewhere and… Sara, you can help to lead us to the sacred place? Sara?”
“Uh oh, okay..”
“Hey you ok? You seem quiet… If it’s about…”
“You bet it’s about the flight! I even smell like sardines now…” Marz cut in.
“Cut it off guys. It’s getting late, come on.” Sara broke the argument, hoping it will give her some peace of mind.

The one thing she’s desperately need now.


Am I doing the right thing? Won’t it be too selfish? I do want to be with him. But does someone really need to die? Duncan is my best friend…

“Sara! Are you done? I need to use the bathroom now.” Marz banged on the bathroom door.
“Yea, just a minute!” Startled, Sara quickly finished her shower.

Is Lang being serious?


“Alright, here we are! Now, look at these...” Lang pointed to Suki a wall of stones of different colors.

No way Sara’s going to chicken out of the plan. He was lost in his thoughts looking at Suki wondering around the place, amazed by the colourful stones, not knowing what was really happening.

She loves Tyzen, she wants him to be mortal. And I need Duncan’s blood, well to be immortal. Hahaha how ironic!

“Hey, you said something?” asked Suki as she thought she heard laughter.
“Ah no, just some wishful thinking I have on you.” Lang smiled.

You Are to make my wish come true. Let’s pray that Duncan would buy this.


“Sara, are you sure this is ONLY the second time you went here? You seemed to know this place pretty well” Duncan was impressed with Sara memory.

“Seems like someone has been making out more frequent than we thought.” Teased Marz while three of them making their way in the forest to the sacred place. But Sara did not respond to the joke; her mind was occupied with the thoughts of her own.

What’s wrong with Sara? And why do I feel everything is too easy… TOO easy for my liking... Thought Duncan, sensing something fishy is going on.