Episode 10: The finish line

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Rene looked out the window. It’s raining. And whenever it rains, it will bring Rene back to the incident.

It has been 2 years since the incident but everything seems to be fresh in her mind like it was just yesterday.

“Well, I followed you back to know where you live and met your housemate Ruby. And… you can’t blame me; I like your smile…”

Those were the exact words coming from Rain, the exact words coming from Keywell, an alien.


Rene still couldn’t accept their existence although she had made eye contact, spoke, held hands, hugged… kissed… one. It was all still seems to be not real and just a dream.

Ruby had moved to another state, “following the better prospect of future” she said. But Rene believed that Ruby had fell in love and was only following the love. Thinking back, she has lost contact with Ruby, it has been more than a year since her last call with Ruby. And Ruby seemed to have changed her number.

Well, she’d call me when she feels like to. She’s busy with her kids for all I know. Smiling Rene tried to be positive.

The launderette had since been placed with a coffee shop. Once in a while, Rene took her time to walk passed the coffee shop. She couldn’t went inside although how much she wanted to. It’s a taboo for her to feel what she had felt that night.

Rene didn’t go to the police to report what happened. Not that anyone would believe her if she tell the truth anyway. So she let it be a secret. She let it be her very own experience.

The night that Rain went away, she remembered to be wearing a little white dress. She remembered how Rain looked rather… cute; cuter than usual. She remembered holding to his warm hands. She remembered how she tried to hold her tears.

“Why can’t you stay?”
“Cause, it’s better this way”
“I’ll never forget you”
“I’ll make sure you wouldn’t”
“I’ll send you email”
“Very funny”
“Just look at the stars and if you find one that flickers, that’s me winking at you”
“Will always do”

“Ehhhemm! Miss Flack, can I have your attention from the outer space back here in the class?” the class broke into a laughter. Prof Langdon stared at her with a warning smile.

“Yes, absolutely sir” Rene apologized, embarrassed.

Across the lecture hall, Rene noticed that Brandon winked at her. Blushed, she looked away trying to focus back at her...

meteorology class.