Episode 2: Incredibulous

Posted: Tuesday, September 2, 2008 by -f-l-o- in Labels:

A cold sweat ran through his forehead before he wiped it off.

“This can’t be,” almost in an uncertain voice, he told himself out and loud. His eyes wandered around the laptop screen, as if searching for an explanation that only in that wee hour, the person on the other end could answer.

Dun_cAn: Old pal? I wont put it like tat.
M4r2: Oh yeah? Why not? I thought we had an incredibulous time in Ulam.
Dun_cAn: What are you doing at Marz’s place btw?
M4r2: Whoa. A friend can’t visit another friend?
Dun_cAn: Since when r u friend with Marz?
M4r2: Hahahahahahahahahaha. Was, bro. Was.

M4r2 has signed out. (01/09/2008 04:45)

What the…? Duncan picked up his mobile phone and starting dialing Marz’s number. Marz’s mobile was off as it was for the past month.

“Shite,” he cursed. He dialed another number. After a few tones, a sleepy voice answered.

“Hey, babe. Sorry to wake you up. I think we have an emergency.”
“Wha…? What time is it now? What’s going on, Duncan…”
“It’s about Lang. I think he’s back.”






“Sara! You there?!”
“I’m here.” She answered.
“I was getting off my bed…” She explained. He released a nervous sigh.

After telling her about his online conversation with ‘Lang’, Sara asked, “Do you think it’s really him?”

“Yup. It's him. Because nobody plays word like he does. He said ‘incredibulous’.”