Episode 16: We're Going To Ulam

Posted: Thursday, September 25, 2008 by kakkumei in Labels:

Marz, being the level headed person he was, said “No worries, I got contacts in the immigration, so we can settle our visas ASAP. The only problem now is securing tickets to Ulam. As you guys know, now is the peak season of Ulam. Hopefully there’ll be empty seats for today’s flight there. Dunk, you better bring Sara home to pack. I don’t think she can fly to Ulam with just what she’s wearing now. After all, there’s someone in Ulam that she wants to dress up for…”

Duncan only shook his head in disbelieve. He couldn’t believe that in emergency times like this Sara could still think about clothes, shoes and accessories. “Women...” he mumbled under his breath, before he realized something.

“Wait, are you telling me that I have to drive Sara home to pack and drive AGAIN to here to take the flight to Ulam? Are you crazy?! We don’t have the time! If Lang and Suki had eloped this morning from New York, that means they are reaching Ulam now! Sara, just wear whatever you have. It’s not like you don’t have extra clothes at his house, right?”

“And another thing, what this shit about visas and all? We can just visit Ulam! It’s not under any country’s law; we’re not even bound to have legal identification papers there! So just buy the damn tickets, okay?!”