Episode 11: Lang the Langkasuka & Tyzen the Langkasuka

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The vertical cliff and the rocky path of the mountain made Lang realized that, climbing up such a mountain was not any easier than climbing up Mt. K2, but came to Lang's surprise, he handled it easily, way, way too easily as if he was taking a stroll in his garden.

It was the energy from the mountain, Lang understood. He felt the energy boosting inside him, as well as 'the calling', flashing inside him.

'The calling', that came from the peak of the mountain.

Lang didn't take long to reach that, and he didn't need to wait long as well, to reveal where 'the calling' from.

It was from a man. A man with diamond-shaped face, wide shoulder. He seemed strong, but lonely.

He was Tyzen The Langkasuka.

"Who are you? How did you get here?" Tyzen didn't expect any visitor. This was a secret place that only he and Sara knew, a secret garden that kept his love to Sara, that hold his promises to Sara...

"I.....I......" Likewise, Lang was shocked to see Tyzen.. "I... I heard you...."

".. you heard me? How?"
"I don't know.... it was.... a lonely feeling... like .. longing..." Lang recalled 'the calling' he received..
...Longing.. how true... Tyzen sighed, he looked far, hoping to see Sara in his sight..

"Oh.. erm.. I'm leaving anyway..." Lang scratched his head and smiled, "..sorry to disturb.... I'm here for my field study.... oh by the way, my name is Lang, Langkasuka.."

Langkasuka? Tyzen frowned, "wait," he turned to Lang, "did you just say Langkasuka? You are a Langkasuka?"

"I'm 'a' Langkasuka? Erm.. I am Langkasuka.. I mean, that's my name.." Lang started to get confused.
"Langkasuka is your name?" Tyzen, too, was confused, ".. How come?"
"How come how?" asked Lang, trying to clarify what's really Tyzen's question.
".. 'Langkasuka' in Ulam, is a title... never a name.."
"Hmm... OK.." Lang didn't find any interesting point to continue the discussion, ".. I need to go.."
"Wait!" Tyzen stopped Lang, paused, and said something that was really out of any sense for Lang.

Something that changed their destinies.

"You are born with the title of The Great Messenger of Ulam, and I think you should hold the destiny of The Great Messenger..." Tyzen said it word by word, but Lang could feel his relief, and he wondered why..

Tyzen sighed, proceeded, "..being The Great Messenger of Ulam you are soon to hold the whole world.. soon enough, just wait for the message..." Lang frown, Tyzen proceeded after a long deep breath, almost chanting:

"I now pass my title to you, as your name is already the honour;
I now pass my destiny to you, as your will is already the future.."

Nothing significance happened right after the chants. There should at least storm or thunder. Chuckled Lang in his heart. What is this crazy man in front of me?

Tyzen sighed again, but this time with relief. He smiled to Lang, "..I thank you, I'm free now.. The message shall come, but be patience.. good luck, and good bye.."

The moment Tyzen turned around, Lang was holding hard to not laugh out loud.. at one point he was still afraid of this weird man he met in the middle of this rocky path.. but .. What da hell was that? Lang just couldn't hold anymore, he bursted into big, big, big laugh..

"WAhAHAhAHAHHAhhahahAHhahA!!!!! That was the BEST LOUSY JOKE I've ever seen!!! WAhhHAHAHHhhahahAHHAA!!! What was that? Harry POOrter?!!" Lang was already kneeing on the ground and started rolling. Tyzen stopped and looked at him. "Or LORD OF THE RING??" Lang continued teasing Tyzen, mimicked the way Tyzen chanting, "I now pass the title to you... as your name is already an honour~~ WaahhahAHAHAHa"

Tyzen was still looking at Lang acting sillily.

"...and .. and ... ehem.. I now pass my destiny to you, as your WILL is already your future... my will? My will? Brother, my will is to conquer the world!! CONQUER THE WORLD..." Lang jumped up as he said "Conquer the world", trying to tell Tyzen that how non-sense Tyzen was.

But.. something shut Lang's mouth up suddenly.

Lang was floating in the air.

"What da..." Lang was shocked to realize this, he looked at Tyzen.

Tyzen was still looking at him, without any face expression, "I told you, you got my title, you got my power.."

"..power....? Ouch!" Lang suddenly fell down, from his 'floating' state, "Aduh~~"

".. Good luck, my friend. Good bye.." Tyzen turned away and left.

"Wait.. !! Wait!!.. Who are you?" Out of so many question marks he had, Lang chose the simplest one..

"Tyzen The Langkasuka.. I mean, I was..." Tyzen disappeared into the black forest of the mountain, leaving Lang behind, stunned and speechless.

The dusk fell, darkness approaching..

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