Episode 19: The Real Sacrifice

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She opened her eyes and found herself lying on top of a cold flat granite surface. The moon was so bright, the rock glittered like a stardust. Suki tried to get up and to her surprise, her upper body, wrists and legs were tied up to the granite surface. She looked around. The granite was no more than three feet high. The breeze came so cold, she started to shiver.

"Help!!!" She shouted. She heard nothing but an echo. She struggled a little but the knots were too tight.

Then her head started spinning again. She remembered a little from the moment she met a guy named Lang at the bar. Everything after that was a complete blur. She wondered if she was being possessed the whole time when she was with him. She wondered if Duncan had anything to do with this since Lang mentioned his name before.

Surrounding her was a clear field with not a single tree. But when she lifted her head, in front of her, near her feet, stood a pole. It was of a size of a lamp post, just not as high. On top of it was an idol. The glaze from the bright moonlit made it hard for her to identify what kind of idol it was.

If she had to make a guess, the idol looked like a goat's head.


Sara stopped and reached out for Brutus' plates.

"Duncan, Marz... we have to stop. I need to make this important call. We need his help." She rubbed the plates together and a bright light appeared in front of her. Duncan and Marz looked in disbelief as the light slowly formed a human figure.

"Tyzen..." Sara greeted as Tyzen fully appeared in front of her.
"I was waiting for your call. I thought we were supposed to meet up on top of the hill." Tyzen replied.
"We need your help. Suki, a friend of ours, is in danger. We think Lang already took her there. He is using her as a bait to get Duncan to willingly sacrifice himself." She explained.

Duncan's eyes widened and asked, "What are you talking about, Sara?"

Sara looked at Duncan and said, "You know how I told you that Suki is the perfect candidate for Lang's immortalization? Well, that is partly true. Lang only needs Suki to be half way there. The other way is you."
"What?! What do you mean by 'he only needs Suki to be half way there'. I thought he wanted to kill her! And why me?" Duncan furiously asked.
"Lang can proceed to kill Suki and offers her as a sacrifice to become The Great Langkasuka. But if you're willing to sacrifice instead over the perfect sacrifice, not only Lang will become The Great Langkasuka, but Tyzen will be free... Tyzen will be a normal human being. You see, a Langkasuka can only be free or mortal if the new sacrifice is made willingly. Lang wants to be the one and only Langkasuka so he wants to free Tyzen... and Tyzen wants to be free because he wants to be with me."

Duncan shook his head. As he tried to move closer to Sara, Marz stopped him.

"You want me to die so that you and Tyzen can be together? How could you do this, Sara? How could you planned all this while Lang all this while?! How could you?!" Duncan shouted.
"I'm so sorry, Dunk... This is the only way. Only you would be willing to sacrifice over Suki."
"Oh really? I care about Suki as a friend, ok. But care about you more than as a friend. I may be willing to help Suki because I don't want her to be brutally murdered but that doesn't mean that I will sacrifice myself as her replacement! What makes you think I would do that?!" He raised his voice again.
"Because Suki is the mother of your one year old son and you will not want him to be without her mother..." Sara started sobbing.

Duncan raised his eyebrows. I have a son? Oh my God... He fell to his knees.

"But listen... the reason to why I called Tyzen is because I changed my mind, I don't want to proceed with that plan anymore... Tyzen, I'm sorry. I don't think I can do this. I don't want to live the rest of my life in guilt for taking Duncan's life. I love you, Tyzen but we have to stop this madness... you have to help us to rescue Suki from Lang!" Sara said in a choking voice.

"Sara, my love. You know that if I touch another human being, I will be vanished... I will lose my power and will be gone forever..." Tyzen said. Sara nodded as she cried uncontrollably, "I know, Tyzen... and I'm really sorry." Tyzen took a deep breath and said, "As you wish..." before slowly disappeared.

Sara closed her eyes as she continued sobbing. Deep in her heart, she was much happier to have made that choice although she had to lose the chance to be with Tyzen forever.