Episode 13: Last night...

Posted: Monday, September 22, 2008 by RS. in Labels:

Was amazing.

The way he held me like a lover, our body connected with no room for apart. The flow, the rhythm... it was perfect. It’s been awhile since I felt this way; this sense of belonging. Not since...

I dunno how I got here, in this bed, in the first place. Must be those piercing hypnotizing eyes.

And now I’m smiling to myself, looking all silly. Dammit!

Look at him; lovely messy hair, those yummy kissable lips and those eyes. How can I say no to this delicate face?


Oh... please don’t wake up just yet... please... I still wanna watch you.

Suki went lost in her thoughts. Staring at the stranger she only met last night. The one that made her heart flutter again. The one that made her feel, almost alive again.

“Hmmm.. hey. Good morning Lover.” Lang smiled.

“Hey yourself.” Suki lips reached out to meet the stranger’s lips.