Episode 19: The End

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It was like a dream. And the irony was, my dream never felt like one.

I was holding Amy’s hands the whole time at the funeral. My mind kept on playing back on how things had happened since the past few days. Everything was so fast-forwarded, except that there was no button to control any of it from happening.

Myself, Amy, Nina, Mike, Kamal and Rafee were at the funeral. It was done that evening and Rafee had made some calls informing of Prof Z’s passing to his friends back in Terengganu. Prof Z didn’t have any family but good friends around. In a way, I thought it made things much easier than if he had any family members.

And about Hakimi… I wonder if it was really fate that we didn’t get to meet each other. It was like having a friend back from the past, but losing it again.

Amy asked me again if I really wanted to stay long in Malaysia. I didn’t answer her right away. It had only been two days and I would like to give it at least a few more days to think about whether or not to stay.

I initially planned to stay for at least a couple of months, renting a room perhaps, do some traveling and a bit of research in Terengganu. Maybe picking up where Prof.Z left off, I don’t know.

But I was not too sure about that plan since Nina and Mike decided to return to Penang while Rafee said, ‘I will be out of reach for a while’.


The man next to me has just finished reading the news paper.

“Do you mind if I read that, Sir?” I asked. Shaking his head, he said ‘No, no. I’m done.’

I picked it up and the front page read: Malaysian survivor returns home.

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian survivor who was thought dead in the London conference disaster two weeks ago returned safely to his hometown last night. Hakimi M. Hashim, 28, a Penang-born Malaysian who lived in Sussex for the past ten years was reunited with his family in Gelugor in an emotional turn of what was initially thought going to be a funeral gathering for the family.

Earlier this month, three attendees were feared dead when they were missing after a water tank holding a manta ray broke at a marine biology conference in London.

“I know this guy!” I reacted.
“You do? Is he your friend?” The man asked.
“He was. I mean, he is. This is unbelievable.”
“What are you going to do?” He asked.
“I don’t know. I guess I need to decide after we reach London.” I answered, looking at the time. Ten hours more to go…

I have decided to contact Hakimi once I get myself settled. I need to find his new contact since he no longer has his old phone and we didn’t have each other’s email. Before going on my connecting flight from London to Edinburgh, I texted Amy, who was back more than a week ago: Pick me up at 10am. I am bored and dying to have coffees with you!

“That’s crazy…” was Amy’s first reaction after I told her about the news that I read. We were having coffee in our favourite coffee place in Old Town, Edinburgh
“I wonder why they said he was dead before.” She asked. I shook my head.
“It’s a shame I don’t get to meet him still,” I said. Amy’s phone beeped for an incoming text message. She reached the phone to read it and started making a call.

“Yelloooo, hey! I’m having a coffee at Elephant House with Maya, why don’t you come here instead? Yup… no problem… see ya in a bit!” And she hung up.
“Who’s that?” I asked.
“I forgot to tell you. The other day Linda came by to pass me your books and a CD to the presentation she made. She came with this Malaysian guy. After a quick chat, I found out that he used to stay near our place in Penang. How freaking coincidental is that? Later he claimed that he has a vague ‘memory’ about me but there’s a possibility that he might know you instead after I mentioned your name. Chicky!” Amy exclaimed.
“Wow. That’s odd, you seem to bump into everyone that I know from the past,” I teased.
“I know. So we’ve been hanging out these past few days and I told him that you’ll be around some time this week if he’s free for a meet up and turns out that he’s free today.”

“Another weird thing is, remember the book that you gave me for my birthday? I have been reading those for weeks and marked it with this metal marker that I got from Malaysia years ago. Turns out he has the same marker that was given to him by his late brother, although he claimed to have lost it recently. What a shame… He also told me that the brother said ‘yello’ like I do. Wicked, eh?”
“Haha… What’s his name again?” I asked.
“Abu. Do you know any Abu?”
“Do I know any Abu? Of course! I was just mentioning about him to Rafee the other day… wow. This is really, really odd.”
“Why don’t I know him?” Amy asked.
“Because he was in my primary school with me for a while before he moved away and hadn’t start school yet. He and I were friends for two years, I think, I can’t remember. Gosh…”
“Was he cute back then?” Amy asked again.
“Haha. I don’t know. Is he cute now?” I asked back.
“You’ll have to wait and see.”

‘Wait and see’ it is then.

“Do you know how long Abu will be in Edinburgh for?” I asked.
“He told me but I can’t remember. Why don’t you ask him later? I’m sure you guys have a lot to catch up on.”
“He should be here in ten minutes.”

Ten minutes. I sipped my latte and looked outside the window. It was grey as a depressing winter should be until a few seconds later, when the white flakes started falling down from the sky. I tapped Amy’s shoulder, asking her to look outside. She turned to look at the falling snow and we both smiled.

Yes, I did wonder if Abu was still as cute. And I hoped for an enough time for us to do a hell lot of catching up. Oh this is the longest ten minutes ever! Can I have my forward button please?


Episode 18: Truth

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Dear Rafee,

So that's your real name huh? Rafee...

Weird. I did not know my biological brother's name, until just now.

Funny. I did not know that you're my biological brother, until just now.

EERIE. I did not know that... you're still alive, until just now....

Abah told me everything, EVERYTHING he read from your diary before you left us, and EVERYTHING he knows about your 'death' -- Thank to Pak Zainol's confession to him on the day abah discovered your diary...

..so, I suppose you're reading this email, right? -- Oh no maybe you are not, in fact you did not read ALL my mails send to your mailbox -- even though I suspect you cleared your mailbox once in a while -- but at least you did not read my mails regarding my plan of escaping with Melur...

.. because if you've read it, you would've warned Hakimi, and Hakimi would not get what he got right now in the hospital.. oh yeah FYI, Hakimi's NOT DEAD, I mean if you are KIND enough to concern. What you heard about Hakimi's death is only rumor they spread out, in order to pronounce the 'death sentence' on THE project, so that the investors would have no say at all.

-- Oh BTW, it was until just now too, I know all about THE project... and your 'high level' involvement in the project..

I mean, well.. it's.. ops.. it WAS an impressive project. An impressive way to make HUGE money, PERHAPS. But too bad, I guess you failed just simply because Melur is on my side. And in fact, I discovered what you all were trying to hunt for, and you might be in GREAT disappointment if you know what's really about the 'ulam melur'... -- OOOOH YEAH OF COURSE I know 'ulam melur'! It is now sitting quietly beside me.

"... I might need Melur's help in my quest of looking for the 'ulam', the 2nd thing that mum left to me, after the star-like sea shells, the bintang....." -- Quote from your diary, remember? And Rafee (sorry I feel disgusted to call you angah...), that quote made me laugh! -- ARE YOU SURE MUM LEFT YOU THAT STAR-LIKE THINGY?? Or were you just being dramatic?

The star-like sea shells, according to Melur, were something that she picked up from sea bottom just because you wanted her to pick up something like a star.. . That's it. Period. You added your own sentimental value on a rubbish, she just couldn't help out.

"Mari ikut akak, mencari bintang timur; mari lawan ombak, mencari ulam melur"-- I know you and Pak Zainol were so devoted to the hidden treasure beneath the lines of this clue, and Melur knows the best about the answer -- and she actually brought me the 'ulam melur' from deep sea, finally.

It's not any precious treasures dropped out from a sunken pirate's ship, it's a seaweed, yeah, S-E-A-W-E-E-D. Disappointed? Melur said it's more common in South China Sea region, she could hardly find a small one from North Sea region. The seaweed is in a shape like a manta ray, big leaf with tiny fur on the surface, and it glows with the colors of rainbow when I brought it out of the ocean..

Oh yeah it sparkles too, those tiny fur, they sparkles like stars in the sky.. yeah, bintang, you're right. And that's it, except it sparkles and shines like jewelry, I don't think that it'll bring you any wealth -- I mean, you can't claim that this IS a NEW discovery from the mysterious sea and show it to the world by charging them expensive entrance fees, the truth is, Mr Rafee, this seaweed, already had a scientific name, something like Caulerpa prolifera.. -- If you're aware enough, the existence of this magical seaweed was presented by someone called Linda, in the conference that me and Melur just ruined.

-- My point here is, you can't even use it to generate any side income, I mean IF you manage to find one without Melur's help. And yes sir, 'Ulam Melur' has miraculous healing power, it's certainly good for medical purposes, but hey dude, listen carefully --

---- I'm letting Melur off to her own freedom. She might be still in the North Sea, or maybe somewhere around Pacific Ocean by the time you're reading this mail, and the only 'Ulam Melur' discovered in the world is now in my hand, and I'm on my way meeting Ms Linda and her team in a research center in Edinburgh. And I think that would be the end of your dream, huh?

Don't blame me to be cruel on you, after all the lies you showed to us -- Me, abah, Melur and Raja.

Good luck and good bye, forever.


Episode 17:Towards the end..

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Abu, yes I know him. He’s my brother. And Maya, thank you for reminding me why you too look so familiar to me. If only I could say these words out loud. If only..

Our conversation was put on halt when my phone rang. I looked at the number. It’s from UK. Hakimi perhaps..but.. I gestured to Maya pointing out that I have to take that phone call and she nodded. I stood up and walked away so that no one could hear our conversation.


“It’s Bill.”

Oh, ok. Bill, one of our ‘project’s’ team member. But how did he get my number? Only Hakimi knew this line. Did something happened to him?

“Ok. But how did you get this number? Did something happened?” My heart was beating fast. Please, don’t tell me the plan went wrong. Please..

“Something DID happen. That’s why I call. I found this phone in Hakimi’s room. And your number was on it. Shit, man. We’re in deep shit. Hakimi’s gone man..gone.” Bill went berserk. There was panic, frustration and depressed all mixed up in his voice.

“What do you mean gone? Did he fled or..”

“He’s dead man!DEAD! Something happened during the conference..” and Bill told me everything. From the escape to the accident.

I was numb. I couldn’t respond. How was I supposed to react? Sad? Happy?
Yes, Abu! We did it! You did it!

Although it didn’t turn out perfect and Hakimi had been a victim of our plan, we did it! We never expect anything bad to happen. But..if a sacrifice had to be made, what done is done. It’ll be worse if Hakimi’s alive, I thought. It’ll be bad for us. I knew about his plans. How I was going to be disposed…along with Abu.

“Hey, Raf, you hear me or not? I have to call Prof Z and tell him of our situation. The project’s a disaster. We lost everything. And our mastermind, Prof Z, he should know how to handle this.” Bill said and hung up. He didn’t give me any chance to respond.

I steadied myself. I started to feel the adrenaline rush. Oh, so close. We are so close than ever Abu. You’ve done your part and now it’s my turn.

I composed myself and walked back towards Maya. Prof Z was still in his room. I’m sure he’ll be getting a call by now. I was surprised to see tears in Maya’s eyes. She was gripping her phone in her hand.

“What is it?” I asked, not sure if I should be involved with any of her personal problems.

“It’s Hakimi. They said an accident occurred during the conference. Lots of people were hurt. And Hakimi, he..he’s dead!” Maya obviously tried to control herself from crying.

“I didn’t know you knew him. In fact I just received the same call. Prof Z’s going to devastated. This project of ours, I’m sure it will be affected. Badly.” I said. It’s hard to try consoling a woman. Let alone someone you just met. I felt bad. I’m sure it’s not because Hakimi’s gone now. But those tears..

“I don’t exactly know like really know him. It’s just that it’s been a long time since we’ve last met and we were supposed to meet up tomorrow. I guess, the fact that he’s someone I knew although not close and that this meeting that would’ve take place if he’s still here. It feels weird you know. To lose someone like that. I dunno. With everything that’s happening to me right now, it’s like everything’s falling apart somehow..” Maya sighed. Wiping the tears from her cheeks.

She’s strong, I thought. Although I had no idea what was going on with her life right now, it’s just that I feel that she’s a strong person. I’m sorry Maya. For making you lose someone. But in the end, I guess I’m actually doing you a favor. Hakimi is bad news. To us, to you, to everyone. I mean..was. Past tense.

Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and saw Nina and Mike running towards me and Maya.

“Rafee!” Mike called and stopped at his track when he located me. “ It’s Prof Z. We were in his room discussing about our project. And then he received a call. All I know he looked shocked and the next thing we knew he was on the floor, fell from his wheelchair!” he was talking as fast as he could.

“Yeah, and we tried calling him a few times. He was unconscious. And when I tried checking his pulse…oh God! There was none. I think he had a heart attack!” Nina continued, panting a little.

“ He’s dead?!” I asked, startled and shocked. I heard a soft gasp behind me where Maya stood.

“Uncle Zainol’s dead?” she asked, her voice came out. Almost whispering.

“I..we think so. I..I need to call the ambulance though. I’ll report to the hotel,” Nina ran past us towards the lobby, looking for any hotel staff available.

“Rafee, how about the project then?” Mike closed on to me while consciously staring at Maya making sure she couldn’t listen to us. “ I just heard about Hakimi. And then Prof Z. We are the only one left. It’s your call now.” Mike lowered his voice. I could practically feel his breath on my face. We were too close for comfort.

I took a step back and said, “We abort. There’s no point continuing it now. Melur’s gone. Hakimi and Prof Z’s dead. We need to dispose all our documentation. And you know what to do after that’s done. We never met. I don’t know you. So does the whole team, whoever that’s left.”

Mike nodded and headed back to where he came from..Prof Z’s room.

It’s going on as planned. But not this way. Too many deaths. Too much sacrifices. It had been a disaster from the start. It always have been.

I was supposed to dispose all of the project’s files but now, it’s pretty much done for me. All I can do now is wait. Wait for the end to come and start a new life.
“Maya,” I turned, calling Maya. She was now sobbing. Any strength that was left in her was now gone.

I walked towards Maya, sat down beside her and put my arms around her. For comfort. For all the losses. I’m sorry, Maya..

Episode 16: Deja vu

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We sat across each other at the lobby. I tried not to stare at him so I looked at his reflection on the wall mirror instead.

I have seen him somewhere, but where? And when?

I checked my mobile phone. No new messages. I have been sending Hakimi a few text messages, asking about his preparation for the presentation and its progress but have yet to hear any reply from him.

“Where are the rest, by the way?” Rafee asked.
“Oh, I forgot. They will be slightly late because they’re from lunch. I came straight from the hotel.” I told him.
“Ah… How’s the stay so far?”
“Great. I just reached yesterday’s evening so haven’t done much.”
“I see.”

I don’t think I’ve seen him anywhere. I think he just looks like someone I knew from...

“I might want to go up north to check the places out,” I said.
“Oh yeah? Where to?”
“I don’t know. Maybe Langkawi.” I replied.
“Why don’t you go to Penang instead. It has beaches too, if that’s what you’re up for,” he suggested.

So he sounds like he knows Penang well.

“Yea, I am into beaches. What else do you recommend?” I continued asking, trying to see where the question might lead me to.
“Shopping. People. Everything. Food especially. Do you like Malaysian food?” He asked.
“I love laksa” I replied.
“Cool! Then you should try Mami’s Laksa Penang in Ferringhi. It’s the most authentic laksa in the whole wide world, take it from me. A secret place that not many people know of but starting to get a bit of publicity now…”
“Hmmm. You been there lots?” I asked.
“Used to.”

Used to.

“Sorry, Rafee. I couldn’t help it but I was thinking about who you are reminding me of since just now.”
“Oh? Managed to crack the memory box?” He asked.
“Haha. A little bit.” I laughed.
“So who is it? Any celebrity? Brad Pitt perhaps?” He joked. I shook my head and smiled.
“You remind me of this childhood friend of mine. My first childhood friend as the matter fact. The two of you almost have the same eyes,” I paused before continuing, “I actually started my childhood years in Penang for your information. And that place you were talking about is my grandmother’s place. Sorry I sort of playing it a little bit there. Small world, eh?”

His eyes widened.

“Oh… yeah, yeah. It will be a much smaller world if I happen know the name of this childhood friend of yours…”
“Oh! It was…Abu. I never heard from him since he moved away, I think in Primary 3 or something. I can’t even remember his full name! Haha. Do you know any Abu?” I asked.

Rafee shook his head.

Episode 15: FATE

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THE DAY. I’ll show the whole world and define the word MIRACLE. Communication with animals was something beyond human capabilities. Some may have claimed success but nothing as compared to what we have found. SSW..as tacky as it sounds, this new finding will obviously create an uproar within the scientific community. I could already smell the success this will bring plus the fame and glory.
I know I have Angah to thank for the project. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be here. But once this is revealed, there is no need for him anymore. Just the team..and me. Just a little longer, and he is disposable. Just like Raja….

Few more seconds…

I hear my name called out..I’m ready…

“Without further adue, I would like to present Mr Hakimi from Malaysia and his project on “Silent Sound Wave”. Let’s give him a big applause!”

The sound of applause was like music to my ears. By the time I reached the stage, with a grand introduction, the huge maroon velvet cover behind me was pulled up revealing huge aquarium. I heard the audience started to gasp in awe. In the tank, Melur was swimming freely although I did notice the slight show of weakness and in the diving suit, Abu. In his hand was the star like sea shell. The secret of the ocean. The key to the whole project. I’ll get rid of him once this is over, I thought. making a mental note in my head.

I was just about to make my presentation when I heard a crack. It sounded like thunder. I searched for the source and to my surprise, the inner side of the tank that was connected to a passage that leads to the open sea had cracked. I was trying to absorb the situation when I saw that brat Abu was whispering something to Melur. I was distracted. Not because that the tank was about to break or my project will be a disater. But what was happening in the tank. Abu was not using the star shell to talk to Melur. No. He was whispering. Actually whispering. And what was stranger was that Melur was actually responding. It was as if she understood every word and started nodding to Abu. Melur then started hitting the other side of the tank. That was the abnormality of it. What was going on? Is this just a trick that my eyes were playing or what I was witnessing was something beyond explanation?

Then I heard gasps and screams. The tank exploded. Because of the pressure, shards of glass were flying all over the place. Since I was the nearest to the tank, I felt its impact. I felt large pieces of it slashing my face, my body, and liters of water start to spill out. Like the wave of the sea, the water pressure hit me off my feet and I wanted to scream but was drowned by the capacity of the water that had hit me.

I was struggling for my life. The conference room started to flood. Audience were scattered, running for their lives. I could see some, like me were swept by the current. Struggling not to drown. My lungs started to feel heavy.

No! Why me! Not now! Please God! Save me!


I was about to pack my bag when I saw her. She looked familiar. Too familiar.

“Excuse me, do you happen to know Professor Zainol?” she asked.

I was still staring at her when she popped the question and blushed slightly after realizing I was practically gawking. “ I’m sorry. I thought I’ve known you from somewhere. Have we met?”

“Mmm, I don’t think so. I’m not from here. Probably in another life?” she joked.

“Oh, my mistake. What was your question again? Prof Zainol? Oh yeah. He’ll be down in a minute. You are..wait. it’s Amy right?” I asked remembering that Prof Z had mentioned about a couple of girls who will be meeting him today.

“It’s Maya. Amy’s my sister. So I guess Prof Z told you we were coming.”

“In fact he did and he send me to wait for you guys." I stood up and offered a hand shake."I’m Rafee. Nice to meet you.”

Maya smiled and shook my hands. Suddenly the shaking halted and an expression of curiosity was displayed on her face.

“Since you did mentioned it earlier, you do look kind of familiar to me now,” Maya stated. Her hands still in mine.

I smiled. Thinking that if we did meet before, she wouldn’t have been able to recognize me. No one will. Not even Abu.

In the course of 4 years after I disappeared from this face of the earth, I’ve became a new person. For the sake of the knowledge I knew, I had to leave everything that I once owned. My family, my identity. Even my appearance. I had to go under the knife for a face job so that no one would be able to recognize me. Only a handful of them knew. The team, Hakimi..Prof Z.

“It’s just that..” Maya continued,"oh well, there’s just something about your eyes. You remind me of someone but I just can’t grab who.” She let go of my hand, realizing that the handshake took a bit too long. I noticed her blush.

“Maybe in another life,” I joked trying to make her at ease. Maybe, maybe we did meet, I thought to myself. Because if there’s only one thing I cannot change, it is my eyes. Nobody can change that. Not the eyes....

Episode 14: Escape

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Dear Angah,

This time tomorrow Hakimi will be presenting his paper on the conference. His research team is expecting a turnout of more than 2000 audience for his paper. Yeah, you should know the topic of the paper I guess, "The recognizable behavior of Manta-Ray towards the attribute of SSW " -- yeah, I agree, it's very pretend-to-be-sophisticated, like his own personality.

-- and I don't give it a damn. I've surveyed the lab area and it's no way for me to move Melur out of this highly-secured zone, but tell you what, the conference hall is my good news.

The aquarium of the conference hall is actually an infrastructure that connects to the open sea behind the convention center, in order to supply sea water into the huge aquarium that they set up for the purposes of this conference. This time tomorrow, Melur will be transported to the aquarium of the conference hall. Hakimi needs me to be with Melur during his presentation, in order to show the audience on how his theory of 'SSW' works --

-- yup! I almost laughed when I first heard of 'SSW'. What the hell is SSW? Well, it's 'Silent Sound Wave'. That's how they name my 'special whistle' of communicating with Raja and Melur. What those moron don't know is, there's no such thing as 'special whistle'...

... we can 'talk' to Raja and Melur, it's simply because we can.

Whatever. Let's proceed with my plan.

I'll be diving with Melur in the aquarium during Hakimi's presentation, and don't worry my dearest brother, certainly I'll sabotage his show. He just need to be taught not to be over-confidence. And after that, Melur and I just need to find the conduit to get out to the open sea.

I've studied the conduits network of the building, no worry on it. The only thing that worries me is the condition of Melur. She is getting weaker and weaker. I know she misses Raja. She told me last night.

..but she promised me that she'll work with me to get out of here.

Angah, wish us luck. I'll send you my next email telling you our great escape!

Your brother,
ps.. I think I'm nervous now because I'm feeling hesitate to hit the 'send' button to send out this email to you. BTW, I wonder why is your mailbox never full after so many mails I've sent into it? Don't tell me you have all the luxurious to check emails and spring-clean your mailbox up there. Man, you're truly haunting! ;p

Episode 13: Plan B

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“Plan B instead. We’re not going to Terengganu. Uncle Zainol is here in KL, he was here to send some friends to the airport a couple of days ago I think,” Amy declared while we were walking to the airport car park. “Nina and Mike really need to meet up with him so we decided to cancel the trip down to the east coast and stay in Shangrila in KL. You’ll share the room with Nina and I. Kamal and Mike are staying together.” I replied with an uncertain ‘oh’.

“Have you figured how long you’re staying for?” Amy asked.
“Two weeks, maybe more. I don’t know. I haven’t got any return ticket.” I replied.
“Well if you plan to stay, you stay. I can’t and would have to go back home this Friday,” she said. I gave no response.

Kamal was driving and we shared stories in the car but no one mentioned about James, which was good. Half way through the car journey to KL city, I received a text from Hakimi: We were both in Britain all this while & never knew it. But when we do now, here we are in two different places once again, perhaps passing by each other’s plane in the sky? What a shame!

“I managed to keep track of Hakimi,” I told Amy.
“Have you?”
“Yeah but he’s back in London.”
“This is so funny,” she reacted before telling Kamal the whole story of her meeting Hakimi on the plane.

“So what do you plan to do now?” She asked.
“I have no idea, Amy.”
“Maybe you can help out with the research that Nina and Mike is working on. They’re seeking assistance from Uncle Zainol too, it should be interesting. You guys’ work are the same thing, right?” Kamal suggested.
“Hey, that sounds like a very good idea. Yeah, give it a go, Maya.” Amy supported.

They’re right. It was a good idea. I guess I just need to offer my help to Nina and Mike and see if they are ready for my amateur advice. A chance to work with Uncle Zainol or Prof Z, who would want to say ‘no’ to that? This is a great Plan B.

Episode 12: Trust

Posted: Friday, May 9, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:


I was adopted by Abah when I was 2, I guess. By the time, Along was 11 and you were 6, and I always wondered why was everybody called both of you 'Along' and 'Angah' as if you two never had your own names since being adopted by Abah.

The year you sank into the deep blue sea, gone with the rough wave and left us only your surfboard, the whole island was in deep misery. Everybody on the island lost their closest best friend, Abah lost his favourite son, the resort lost an inspiring surfer, and I lost my Angah.

Then I realized that Along is always the respectable big brother in the island and you, someone who's always the closest friend to everybody, like the 2nd big brother in a family, an Angah to everybody.

...but.., what happened to our brotherhood when all the betrayal was revealed? I still remember the last words you told me before you surfed yourself into the rough sea, and disappeared amongst the waves.

You said: "Abu, remember the pantun? you just need to trust me and be bold..", with a charming smile, but it seemed rather mysterious for me, then you sang the pantun again, until the storm over-roared your voice.

You wanted me to trust you? How? Why did you do this at the 1st place?




This is such an emotional moment for me right now. I called Abah just now, after all the confusion and tiring chaos these days, I just need to call back home.

I should've called him 1st before sending out my last mail to you. I mean, if I knew it, I wouldn't send it out at all.

Yes Angah, I knew it. Even though I don't really understand it, but it's such a relieved for me to know the real intention of you involving into Hakimi's reaserch project. -- Angah, Abah found your diary.

I could feel his surprises over the phone, and his confusion when he read this line to me:

"After the day Melur brought me back the star-like sea shells from the deep sea, I know that I've figured out the way to communicate with her. Raja has the same genius for it but not as perfect as Melur does.... I might need Melur's help in my quest of looking for the 'ulam', the 2nd thing that mum left to me, after the star-like sea shells, the bintang....."

Ulam melur, bintang timur...trust, mari ikut akak; and be bold, mari lawan ombak...

Your final words, your final message to me -- to follow your mission of looking for 'the Ulam'.

I understand that you might have made a mistake to offer Raja and Melur to Hakimi, I understand that you might be too impatient and made the wrong choice.

I'll get Melur back to the ocean, I promise.


Episode 11:Lost & Found

Posted: Tuesday, May 6, 2008 by Red Ruby in Labels:

I remembered looking at the glass box. Seeing how the male manta ray struggling with its blindness. The banging, the crashing and in the end, it gave up. I expected more than that thing. It should’ve lived. The result didn’t turn out as I expected.

And then there was that Abu. Looking like a helpless monkey. I regret bringing him here. It was all because of Prof Z and his guilty conscience. And because of him, I had to drag this kid along. I told him I didn’t want to but he insisted. Shit! That old man even tried blackmailing me if I didn’t take Abu with me. What was he thinking? It’s not like these two sea creatures belong to him. It belongs to the wild. It belongs to anyone who puts a claim on them. And now it belongs to me.
And now, look at them. I have that female ray left. Melur..what’s with the name anyway. I need to make sure this experiment we’re dealing with will become a success this time round. No more failure. We’ve..I mean I have been working my ass off and now is the time.

"Mari ikut akak, mencari ulam melur; mari lawan ombak, mencari bintang timur.."

Man, this guy has guts. The codes, the secrets. Even his own brother has no idea what’s actually happening right now.

I was deep into my thoughts when I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I took it out and pressed the read button. 1 message in. All it say was “Landed.”

I had to smile. After all this time, alas. The star..My star. My bintang timur..

I dialed the number that was on the message. “Maya, you landed?”

“Yeah, I’ve landed.” Maya answered. Sweet voice. So sweet..”How are things in London, Hakimi?”

“Good. Ok..not that good actually. But hey, it’ll better if you were here instead.”

“Yeah? You’ll be back soon anyway. So a couple of days wouldn’t change that much, right?”

“I guess so. Getting a call from you was a surprise. But to actually meeting you after so long, a couple of days could wait,” I replied. Flirty, I thought. She wants me in the game, I’m in.

I was just about to get my gears up when I received and incoming call. Looking at the number, I knew it was urgent.

“Hey Maya, I have an urgent call coming in. I’ll call you later if its okay with you.

“Sure. I’ll be waiting,” Maya responded.

“Okay. Bye." I hung up and answered the incoming call.

“Hey, what’s up? You know you’re not supposed to call me on this line. What’s so urgent?” I was obviously irritated.

“Shit Hakimi! What have you done?? We’ve made a deal! You promised me you were going to take care of them. And now, Raja’s dead gooddammit!!” the voice on the phone was practically screaming at me and I had to pull the phone away from my ears.

“Shut up! You know the risks. And this is one of them. We still have Melur.” I replied. Trying really hard to control myself. I knew anger would get me nowhere.

“You swear to me now Hakimi. Melur will not be your next lab rat. She’s the KEY. Our key. Don’t you fuck this time!” The voice was calmer but the hint of detest was still visible.

“Yes, Angah. I know. And you’d better hang up coz you’ll get both of us into trouble in case someone’s tracing this line.”

And at that moment Angah hung up and I did the same.