Episode 7: He's back

Posted: Sunday, September 7, 2008 by -f-l-o- in Labels:

Duncan took the key and started the car engine. Sara needs to be confronted. She needs to know that I was not joking about Lang. She should have known better, she was there when everything happened! Lang almost ruined our lives.

The distance from his place to Sara's is only a fifteen minutes drive. But tonight, however, it seemed like one of the longest drives he ever had to make. While driving, Duncan tried to reach Marz again but failed.

One his final attempt, Marz picked it up.

"What the hell happened to your phone, man! I've been trying to reach you!" Duncan yelled furiously.
"Whoa, easy! I had just turned it on. It's only 5 in the morning, dude. Chill." Marz responded. He sipped his drink.
"Why did you suddenly logged out? Was that Lang? Was that him online, using your computer? What is he doing at your place?" Duncan asked.
"He wanted to use the PC, man. What's with your tone? Is anything wrong?" Marz asked back.
"Everything! Everything about him is wrong. Look, Marz. You need to get out of there now. I'm on my way to Sara's. Let's meet up somewhere..."


"Marz? Hello, you're there?" The line was dead. "F*ck!"

When he reached Sara's front gate, he saw her body laying motionless on the floor. Duncan ran towards towards her while Brutus was looking at his owner helplessly, licking her face so she would get up.


"Stupid phone..." Marz murmured. The battery was dead again. It had been giving him the same problem in the past where the battery would be dead even after being fully charged. Time to get a new one.

He wondered why Duncan sounded so serious about Lang. Why do I need to get out of here? He looked at Lang who was still in front of the computer.

"How's the drink, Marz?" Lang turned to ask.
"Er... good. Is this yours? I just took it..."
"No, no. It's for you." Lang replied.

Marz continued sipping his drink before collapsing. He lied on the kitchen floor, unconscious.