Episode 5: World Domination

Posted: Friday, September 5, 2008 by Jannah in Labels:

The idea is simple. Grab the girl. Present her to the altar of sacrifice in Ulam. Then world domination is one step away.

Lang didn't expect the locals of Ulam, (Ulamites? Ulamers?) to be so bloody picky. Specifics is their middle name it seems. Must be a girl with a name beginning with an S. Must be tall, regal model like.

Thank God Sara's short and slightly plump. Never call a girl fat if you still have aspirations to live your life till old age.

Now where was he, the Great Langkasuka, world dictator wannabe, suppose to find a hot tall model like girl with a name that starts with an S? Hey Duncan has an ex named Suki doesn't he? She's tall enough. Half Japanese to boot.

"Hey Marz, you still have a copy of Duncan's black book?"

"Suki moved to New York dude. Ford Model Management signed her up. It's all Duncan's idea. Rather than dump the girl he got her a job overseas.''

"Okay. Now what?"