Episode 8: Flash!

Posted: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 by RS. in Labels:

Sara winced as she tried to fight the light that was blinding her. Slowly, she opened her eyes. In front of her stood Lang who was looking straight into her eyes. The ice-cold blue eyes of him pierced right through her, right into her mind as if he was reading her, like a book.

“You know I got something you want.” Said Lang with his eyes gawking at her, steel cold.

“Lang? I don’t understand...” Sara asked Lang, looking for clues.

Only at this time, Sara felt that the stare was not for her. The gaze was for someone or even something beyond her spot. Like a tiger hunting for its prey from afar.

“You know you want to be with her... forever.”

“Her? What are you...”

“YES! I want to be with her! But you can’t ever fool me Lang! After what you did... I will never trust you!!”

Sara spun around to find Tyzen at the other end. Like trapped in a different time zone, both of them couldn’t see her as much as she could only listen and watch them.

“Ohohoho... I don’t think you have a choice. Well, you MIGHT have, but you know I got the best deal. FREE ME TYZEN.” Lang continued.

“Why should I Lang? Do you actually think I am that crazy?”

“Crazy enough. Because I know... I know how to make you mortal.”

“Oh my god... NOOOOOOOO!!!” Screamed Sara in disbelief.

“Sara!! Sara! SARA!!!” Sara heard her name was being called from far.

Suddenly, it all went dark and she could feel her body was shaken. It was Duncan, trying to wake her up.

“Dunk!” Sara came back to her senses, hugging Duncan in despair, crying her heart out.

“What happened? You were lying on the floor, then screaming and now crying... hushhh. It’s ok now. Hush...”

“I call him... I call him out Dunk!” said Sara trying to catch her breath.

“Huh?” Duncan stared at her.