Episode 19: The Real Sacrifice

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She opened her eyes and found herself lying on top of a cold flat granite surface. The moon was so bright, the rock glittered like a stardust. Suki tried to get up and to her surprise, her upper body, wrists and legs were tied up to the granite surface. She looked around. The granite was no more than three feet high. The breeze came so cold, she started to shiver.

"Help!!!" She shouted. She heard nothing but an echo. She struggled a little but the knots were too tight.

Then her head started spinning again. She remembered a little from the moment she met a guy named Lang at the bar. Everything after that was a complete blur. She wondered if she was being possessed the whole time when she was with him. She wondered if Duncan had anything to do with this since Lang mentioned his name before.

Surrounding her was a clear field with not a single tree. But when she lifted her head, in front of her, near her feet, stood a pole. It was of a size of a lamp post, just not as high. On top of it was an idol. The glaze from the bright moonlit made it hard for her to identify what kind of idol it was.

If she had to make a guess, the idol looked like a goat's head.


Sara stopped and reached out for Brutus' plates.

"Duncan, Marz... we have to stop. I need to make this important call. We need his help." She rubbed the plates together and a bright light appeared in front of her. Duncan and Marz looked in disbelief as the light slowly formed a human figure.

"Tyzen..." Sara greeted as Tyzen fully appeared in front of her.
"I was waiting for your call. I thought we were supposed to meet up on top of the hill." Tyzen replied.
"We need your help. Suki, a friend of ours, is in danger. We think Lang already took her there. He is using her as a bait to get Duncan to willingly sacrifice himself." She explained.

Duncan's eyes widened and asked, "What are you talking about, Sara?"

Sara looked at Duncan and said, "You know how I told you that Suki is the perfect candidate for Lang's immortalization? Well, that is partly true. Lang only needs Suki to be half way there. The other way is you."
"What?! What do you mean by 'he only needs Suki to be half way there'. I thought he wanted to kill her! And why me?" Duncan furiously asked.
"Lang can proceed to kill Suki and offers her as a sacrifice to become The Great Langkasuka. But if you're willing to sacrifice instead over the perfect sacrifice, not only Lang will become The Great Langkasuka, but Tyzen will be free... Tyzen will be a normal human being. You see, a Langkasuka can only be free or mortal if the new sacrifice is made willingly. Lang wants to be the one and only Langkasuka so he wants to free Tyzen... and Tyzen wants to be free because he wants to be with me."

Duncan shook his head. As he tried to move closer to Sara, Marz stopped him.

"You want me to die so that you and Tyzen can be together? How could you do this, Sara? How could you planned all this while Lang all this while?! How could you?!" Duncan shouted.
"I'm so sorry, Dunk... This is the only way. Only you would be willing to sacrifice over Suki."
"Oh really? I care about Suki as a friend, ok. But care about you more than as a friend. I may be willing to help Suki because I don't want her to be brutally murdered but that doesn't mean that I will sacrifice myself as her replacement! What makes you think I would do that?!" He raised his voice again.
"Because Suki is the mother of your one year old son and you will not want him to be without her mother..." Sara started sobbing.

Duncan raised his eyebrows. I have a son? Oh my God... He fell to his knees.

"But listen... the reason to why I called Tyzen is because I changed my mind, I don't want to proceed with that plan anymore... Tyzen, I'm sorry. I don't think I can do this. I don't want to live the rest of my life in guilt for taking Duncan's life. I love you, Tyzen but we have to stop this madness... you have to help us to rescue Suki from Lang!" Sara said in a choking voice.

"Sara, my love. You know that if I touch another human being, I will be vanished... I will lose my power and will be gone forever..." Tyzen said. Sara nodded as she cried uncontrollably, "I know, Tyzen... and I'm really sorry." Tyzen took a deep breath and said, "As you wish..." before slowly disappeared.

Sara closed her eyes as she continued sobbing. Deep in her heart, she was much happier to have made that choice although she had to lose the chance to be with Tyzen forever.

Episode 18: Far away

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"Why Ulam is called Ulam?"

Tyzen sat up and looked at Sara, gave her a light kiss on her lips. Sara looks so beautiful under the starry night.

Tyzen hold Sara closer to him, "Sara my love.. 'Ulam' means 'far away' in our ancient language..."

"Far away?"
"..yes.. far away... like the ancient time was far away from the present; like the present is far away from the future..."


"THAT'S really FAAAR AWAY~~ Sara, " Marz started to rumble, waking Sara up from all her memories with Tyzen, "are we there yet?"

"..erm... almost.." Sara wasn't paying attention. She started to bring Duncan and Marz went around the bushes 1 hour before, when she started to feel hesitate about her plan with Lang.

"Here's the plan -- I know you want to be with Tyzen; and that's bring both of us to have a same purpose -- so you get Duncan to ULAM, and I'll bring Suki there. Duncan is the offering to reach the purpose, but he needs to agree to sacrifice 'willingly', at least we have to make him to, that's why we need Suki as a bait. How's that?" Lang approached Sara the night when she called Tyzen out using Brutus' plates.

Calling out Tyzen wasn't a good idea at all. Sara thought she's got Tyzen over but she's not. She was totally defeated by Tyzen's reappearance in front of her, and her weakness was witnessed by Lang, a man who always knows the perfect timing to use someone's weak points as an opportunity.

Today is the day -- the 16th day of summer in Ulam, the day when the full moon is the fullest, the day when Lang will receive his immortality, the day Sara will be with her Tyzen, forever and ever -- but Sara wasn't so sure about that, but she knew Tyzen will suport her decision.

-- In fact, this is what Tyzen wanted, this is why Tyzen released Lang from the Forest of Sin. "Because I love you Sara, and I miss you so much, and Lang is the only way could help me to have you -- we'll be in Ulam, we'll not separate from each other, in Ulam.." This was what came out from Tyzen's mouth that night, the night that Sara for the first time saw Tyzen in tears, the night that Sara realized both of them are so much inseparable...

Sara stopped. The hidden path lay on their left was the one would lead them to the sacred place. Sara could choose to keep on deviating from the path as what she did for the past 1 hour. Her hand inside her pocket reached the Brutus' plates. She had made up her mind.

"Turn left. We almost there." She instructed.


"Hey.. you are so beautiful.. It's just too bad you're the chosen one..." Almost whispered, Lang smiled at his sleeping beauty in his arm. Suki fell asleep soundly after the long deep kiss with Lang. Obviously the poison on his lips was effective.

Not bad. Lang tasted his own lips. The poison has a flavor that couldn't be defined. He found this poison in The Forest of Sin. He was caged there by the Ulam locals after he came down from the mountain, because they believed the new Langkasuka could only be officialized with the declaration of the old one. Without that, The Forest of Sin would be the place for the potential new Langkasuka, to spend his remaining time, until his destiny released him.

The local believes, The Forest of Sin is the place of condemnation. All bad intentions will be revealed and will be punished -- regardless of whether the bad things have been done, or not.

Lang just shouldn't have showed off his new power to the locals. He spent his most humiliated days in the Forest of Sin, and he cursed so much and swore to destroy the Forest of Sin, and the whole Ulam, one day, when he became the Langkasuka.

Lang lifted Suki up, and started to move toward the sacred place. The full moon was rising from the horizon.


"But I still don't understand, Dunk," trying hardly to make way out of the think bushes, Marz raised his question, "..you said the reign of a Langkasuka is.. erm.. what.. 5 generations? Then that's not immortality, right?"

"...ye--ah.. in a way.. I don't know... but nobody really wants to be immortal, right? Try imagine if you are immortal but not your loved ones. How torturing it could be to see them dying one after one, leaving you day after day...." Duncan tried to not sound sentimental, "..it's gonna be lonely, man.."

"... you're right bro... what's the whole world mean to you if you don't have that someone you love?" Marz clearly fell into his blues to think of his own loneliness.

Sara was listening to their conversation, quietly, until the last sentence came out from Marz, she was stunned.

What's the whole world mean to you if you don't have that someone you love?
She started to see a point that she'd never thought of before... The face of Tyzen started to flash in her mind.. Her heart started to pump vigorously, she felt harder to breath.. All what she heard from Tyzen before, bore another meaning now--

-- "Because I love you Sara, and I miss you so much, and Lang is the only way could help me to have you -- we'll be in Ulam, we'll not separate from each other, in Ulam.." -- "Ulam' means 'far away' in our ancient language.. far away... like the ancient time was far away from the present; like the present is far away from the future..."


Now she understood. Both her legs became weak, she fell on her knee... "no way.." she murmured..

All these while, she thought she's helping Tyzen to be mortal, so that they can finally be together, like a normal human..; All these while, Lang thought he's on his way to be immortal... All these while, Sara and Lang thought they were executing a plan that planned by Lang....

..It was all wrong..

It was Tyzen's plan, all these while..

The full moon rose. Sara, Duncan and Marz could see the silhouette of the sacred place, ahead of them, in the deep deep jungle..

Episode 17: Twisted Affair

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Truly, her reputation doesn’t precede her. Suki smiled at the clear blue sky, the crystal-like water and the warm breeze that slapped her face gently. Between her fingers were another set of whom she Simply feel in love with, Lang’s.

Both of them arrived at Ulam exactly the day after they crazily jump into something that both of them didn’t expect. Well, atleast, maybe not for Suki.

“Hey what are you smiling about? What do you think of this place?” Lang asked Suki as he noticed her smile was even rosier than usual.

“Hmmmm, sigh. Simply amazing.” You Are simply amazing. Added Suki in silent.

“Come, let’s have a quick change, I wanna show you something.” Winking, Lang grabbed Suki’s hand and make way into a resort.

Oh my…


“You know what? Thank God, this place is Always worth the journey. Always worth it even with the worst flight ever!!” Said Marz sarcastically, rolling his eyes to Duncan.

“Hey it’s last minute, and that’s all we have.” Explained Duncan while helping Sara with her luggage.

“Let’s go, let’s just check in somewhere and… Sara, you can help to lead us to the sacred place? Sara?”
“Uh oh, okay..”
“Hey you ok? You seem quiet… If it’s about…”
“You bet it’s about the flight! I even smell like sardines now…” Marz cut in.
“Cut it off guys. It’s getting late, come on.” Sara broke the argument, hoping it will give her some peace of mind.

The one thing she’s desperately need now.


Am I doing the right thing? Won’t it be too selfish? I do want to be with him. But does someone really need to die? Duncan is my best friend…

“Sara! Are you done? I need to use the bathroom now.” Marz banged on the bathroom door.
“Yea, just a minute!” Startled, Sara quickly finished her shower.

Is Lang being serious?


“Alright, here we are! Now, look at these...” Lang pointed to Suki a wall of stones of different colors.

No way Sara’s going to chicken out of the plan. He was lost in his thoughts looking at Suki wondering around the place, amazed by the colourful stones, not knowing what was really happening.

She loves Tyzen, she wants him to be mortal. And I need Duncan’s blood, well to be immortal. Hahaha how ironic!

“Hey, you said something?” asked Suki as she thought she heard laughter.
“Ah no, just some wishful thinking I have on you.” Lang smiled.

You Are to make my wish come true. Let’s pray that Duncan would buy this.


“Sara, are you sure this is ONLY the second time you went here? You seemed to know this place pretty well” Duncan was impressed with Sara memory.

“Seems like someone has been making out more frequent than we thought.” Teased Marz while three of them making their way in the forest to the sacred place. But Sara did not respond to the joke; her mind was occupied with the thoughts of her own.

What’s wrong with Sara? And why do I feel everything is too easy… TOO easy for my liking... Thought Duncan, sensing something fishy is going on.

Episode 16: We're Going To Ulam

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Marz, being the level headed person he was, said “No worries, I got contacts in the immigration, so we can settle our visas ASAP. The only problem now is securing tickets to Ulam. As you guys know, now is the peak season of Ulam. Hopefully there’ll be empty seats for today’s flight there. Dunk, you better bring Sara home to pack. I don’t think she can fly to Ulam with just what she’s wearing now. After all, there’s someone in Ulam that she wants to dress up for…”

Duncan only shook his head in disbelieve. He couldn’t believe that in emergency times like this Sara could still think about clothes, shoes and accessories. “Women...” he mumbled under his breath, before he realized something.

“Wait, are you telling me that I have to drive Sara home to pack and drive AGAIN to here to take the flight to Ulam? Are you crazy?! We don’t have the time! If Lang and Suki had eloped this morning from New York, that means they are reaching Ulam now! Sara, just wear whatever you have. It’s not like you don’t have extra clothes at his house, right?”

“And another thing, what this shit about visas and all? We can just visit Ulam! It’s not under any country’s law; we’re not even bound to have legal identification papers there! So just buy the damn tickets, okay?!”

Episode 15: How Sara Met Tyzen

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“We met in a dream. Somehow I stumbled into his dream when we were in Ulam. In his dreams, I always saw him with families, and friends. He’s always laughing. And then, suddenly he was left all alone. Always like that, the dream will start happy and ended sadly. I was like looking through a glass, until one day, I had the courage to break it. That’s how I knew Tyzen. Through a dream...” Sara smiled, remembering the first time she met him.

“A dream? Are you telling me that you fell in love with the guy that you met in your dreams?” Marz shook his head in disbelieve.

“I know it’s not the usual way, but all my dreams of him are so vivid, it’s hard to believe that it’s not real. Until the day when the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was his face. Then the dreams weren’t as real as they were before.”

“Guys, Lang had already flown Suki to Ulam. We had to hurry! Enough reminiscing already Sara!” said Duncan after he hung up.

“Oh no! Tickets, we have to book flight tickets now! And packing and immigrations and visas…oh! Will we be able to catch him in time?” Sara had started panicking...

Episode 14: The List

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N0 1: Get a hot chick for the altar of sacrifice.


No 2: Obtain the highest order of existence from the high priestess of ULAM.

On the way.


So Lang found himself in bed with Suki. Mission accomplished. Now all he had to do was convinced the obviously smitten Suki to follow him to a romantic getaway on a magical island filled with amazing adventures waiting to be discovered.

That was easy. All he had to say was, "Baby, I own a mansion on that island, the biggest one so far, built on top of a scenic hill overlooking the ocean. We'll take my private plane and the trip is less than a few snuggles away."

Suki, teary eyed (finally all these years of starving myself to death to attract wealthy gazzilionaires paid off) leaped into Lang' s waiting arms and smooches him into a close coma.

Lang: Whoa there princess. All in good times.

Suki: Of course my love. I'm yours like that Mraz song no?

Lang: You bet!


Duncan, Sara and Marz (no, not Jason Mraz, Mars Bar, MarZ) rushed out to the airport. They already confirmed Suki's whereabouts by calling her mother aka talent modelling agent who happens to be at the bar where Lang picked Suki up, (Lang almost took the mother home by mistake, at 40, she had Suki when she was barely 16 years old, Suki's mom was still a knock out classic beauty).

Suki's Mom: Duncan? I remember you! You broke Suki's heart a year ago. Suki still talks about you once in a while. How you've been?

Duncan: Baaaa (feeling sheepish, he did broke Suki's heart, and sending her for a job in New York was beyond cold) Mommy, I need to talk to Suki. Is she with you?

Duncan always call all his exes mothers Mommy. He thinks its cute. The mothers feel flattered.

Suki's Mom: But darling, I thought you knew. Lang used your name when he came up to us last night. I was out partying with the girls, we just had a show you see, Suki needed her tequila shots, and this amazing hunk came up to us and said your name. He took Suki's home.

Duncan: So Suki's still in New York? Whose home Mommy? Suki's apartment? Le Hotel?

Suki's Mom: Well. Suki left me a message on my cell this morning. Apparently she has eloped!

Duncan: The f!@#$%?

Suki's Mom: Now young man, there's no need to use such language with me. Suki said Lang is bringing her to a mystical island called...for the life of me I can't remember the name. Starts with a "U" I think.

Duncan: Ulam???

Episode 13: Last night...

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Was amazing.

The way he held me like a lover, our body connected with no room for apart. The flow, the rhythm... it was perfect. It’s been awhile since I felt this way; this sense of belonging. Not since...

I dunno how I got here, in this bed, in the first place. Must be those piercing hypnotizing eyes.

And now I’m smiling to myself, looking all silly. Dammit!

Look at him; lovely messy hair, those yummy kissable lips and those eyes. How can I say no to this delicate face?


Oh... please don’t wake up just yet... please... I still wanna watch you.

Suki went lost in her thoughts. Staring at the stranger she only met last night. The one that made her heart flutter again. The one that made her feel, almost alive again.

“Hmmm.. hey. Good morning Lover.” Lang smiled.

“Hey yourself.” Suki lips reached out to meet the stranger’s lips.


Episode 12: The explanation

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“We met Lang two years ago in Ulam. He was a stone collector. Sara and I were friends with him immediately because he was such a cool dude. Plus, we thought he was a normal tourist like we were… that he might need some company to have fun with. Of course we had fun until…” Duncan cleared his throat.

“…until the locals tipped us about some beautiful and precious stones on top of the mountain. But they warned us about a spirit that guards the peak. Lang was intrigued. Sara and I were not so sure. Lang was so excited about it because one of the locals told us that something magical happens on top of the mountain every five generations. Some sort of power transition that occurs between the reigning Langkasuka and the next one. He was excited about seeing what could happen if he climbed up there since none of the people who did that came back alive…

We had some disagreement and Lang went alone. Sara and I left ULAM and never heard from Lang again. However, I have a feeling that he must have met The Great Langkasuka and become one himself…”

“What is ‘Langkasuka’?” Marz asked with a big frown on his face.

“Langkasuka is a title that carries the power to dominate the world. It is being passed to one person and last for five generations. Within that period, a Langkasuka is immortal and although he can’t control human, he has powers to almost everything, even generating a tsunami!” Duncan explained.

“That’s impossible. That’s like being a God!” Marz exclaimed.

“Except that he’s not. A Langkasuka can be any ordinary person but with a Langkasuka destiny in them. Once his reign is over, he will lose his power... slowly to the other person until that new person find a perfect sacrifice….”

“I still don’t get it… If Lang is the current Langkasuka, who was the previous one? And why did Lang have to hurt me? Why did he hurt Sara?” Marz continued asking.

“No one hurt me. That was Tyzen who came in aid. He was the previous Langkasuka or The Great Langkasuka as most people referred him as. He is now slowly losing his power.” Sara explained.

“What?! So you’re saying that this Tyzen guy came to your rescue when Lang appeared? Why did Lang appear in front of you whereas he was just here with me before I collapsed?”

“A Langkasuka can be anywhere in a matter of seconds. That’s one of his power. He must have an agenda putting you unconscious too. Do you remember anything he said before you passed out?” Duncan asked. Marc thought for a while.

“He was asking about a copy of a book…” Marc scratched his head, thinking.

“What book?”

“The copy of your black book. The one that has info about Suki. I have the copy for my own interest, I’m sorry. I don’t think the book is what he really wanted though…” said Marz.

“No!!!!! Why did you do that?! Lang will try to find Suki! That book has her address and everything! He must not find Suki!” Duncan responded furiously.

“Huh? What does Suki has to do with this?” Marz continued to be puzzled.

“Suki is the perfect candidate to be sacrificed, that one last step before Lang could be immortal for another five generations! I need to call Suki!” Duncan stormed out of the room. Marz looked at Sara.

“This is pretty messed up…” Sara whispered.

“Can I ask you one question, Sara?” Marz asked. She nodded.

“How do you know Tyzen?”

Episode 11: Lang the Langkasuka & Tyzen the Langkasuka

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The vertical cliff and the rocky path of the mountain made Lang realized that, climbing up such a mountain was not any easier than climbing up Mt. K2, but came to Lang's surprise, he handled it easily, way, way too easily as if he was taking a stroll in his garden.

It was the energy from the mountain, Lang understood. He felt the energy boosting inside him, as well as 'the calling', flashing inside him.

'The calling', that came from the peak of the mountain.

Lang didn't take long to reach that, and he didn't need to wait long as well, to reveal where 'the calling' from.

It was from a man. A man with diamond-shaped face, wide shoulder. He seemed strong, but lonely.

He was Tyzen The Langkasuka.

"Who are you? How did you get here?" Tyzen didn't expect any visitor. This was a secret place that only he and Sara knew, a secret garden that kept his love to Sara, that hold his promises to Sara...

"I.....I......" Likewise, Lang was shocked to see Tyzen.. "I... I heard you...."

".. you heard me? How?"
"I don't know.... it was.... a lonely feeling... like .. longing..." Lang recalled 'the calling' he received..
...Longing.. how true... Tyzen sighed, he looked far, hoping to see Sara in his sight..

"Oh.. erm.. I'm leaving anyway..." Lang scratched his head and smiled, "..sorry to disturb.... I'm here for my field study.... oh by the way, my name is Lang, Langkasuka.."

Langkasuka? Tyzen frowned, "wait," he turned to Lang, "did you just say Langkasuka? You are a Langkasuka?"

"I'm 'a' Langkasuka? Erm.. I am Langkasuka.. I mean, that's my name.." Lang started to get confused.
"Langkasuka is your name?" Tyzen, too, was confused, ".. How come?"
"How come how?" asked Lang, trying to clarify what's really Tyzen's question.
".. 'Langkasuka' in Ulam, is a title... never a name.."
"Hmm... OK.." Lang didn't find any interesting point to continue the discussion, ".. I need to go.."
"Wait!" Tyzen stopped Lang, paused, and said something that was really out of any sense for Lang.

Something that changed their destinies.

"You are born with the title of The Great Messenger of Ulam, and I think you should hold the destiny of The Great Messenger..." Tyzen said it word by word, but Lang could feel his relief, and he wondered why..

Tyzen sighed, proceeded, "..being The Great Messenger of Ulam you are soon to hold the whole world.. soon enough, just wait for the message..." Lang frown, Tyzen proceeded after a long deep breath, almost chanting:

"I now pass my title to you, as your name is already the honour;
I now pass my destiny to you, as your will is already the future.."

Nothing significance happened right after the chants. There should at least storm or thunder. Chuckled Lang in his heart. What is this crazy man in front of me?

Tyzen sighed again, but this time with relief. He smiled to Lang, "..I thank you, I'm free now.. The message shall come, but be patience.. good luck, and good bye.."

The moment Tyzen turned around, Lang was holding hard to not laugh out loud.. at one point he was still afraid of this weird man he met in the middle of this rocky path.. but .. What da hell was that? Lang just couldn't hold anymore, he bursted into big, big, big laugh..

"WAhAHAhAHAHHAhhahahAHhahA!!!!! That was the BEST LOUSY JOKE I've ever seen!!! WAhhHAHAHHhhahahAHHAA!!! What was that? Harry POOrter?!!" Lang was already kneeing on the ground and started rolling. Tyzen stopped and looked at him. "Or LORD OF THE RING??" Lang continued teasing Tyzen, mimicked the way Tyzen chanting, "I now pass the title to you... as your name is already an honour~~ WaahhahAHAHAHa"

Tyzen was still looking at Lang acting sillily.

"...and .. and ... ehem.. I now pass my destiny to you, as your WILL is already your future... my will? My will? Brother, my will is to conquer the world!! CONQUER THE WORLD..." Lang jumped up as he said "Conquer the world", trying to tell Tyzen that how non-sense Tyzen was.

But.. something shut Lang's mouth up suddenly.

Lang was floating in the air.

"What da..." Lang was shocked to realize this, he looked at Tyzen.

Tyzen was still looking at him, without any face expression, "I told you, you got my title, you got my power.."

"..power....? Ouch!" Lang suddenly fell down, from his 'floating' state, "Aduh~~"

".. Good luck, my friend. Good bye.." Tyzen turned away and left.

"Wait.. !! Wait!!.. Who are you?" Out of so many question marks he had, Lang chose the simplest one..

"Tyzen The Langkasuka.. I mean, I was..." Tyzen disappeared into the black forest of the mountain, leaving Lang behind, stunned and speechless.

The dusk fell, darkness approaching..

ps..sorry guys.. not procrastinating.. I'm stuck in the world with no-internet-connection for few days.. argh!

Episode 10: The Return of the Amazing Lang

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So everyone been giving him so much heat lately. All he ever wanted to do was make the world a better place. It would be easier for Earth to accept one leader to bring together humanity under one ideology and school of thought.

It's simple.

Respect nature.

The idea behind this is an incident that happened during one of his yearly trips to the Island of Ulam.


Langkasuka, Lang for short among close friends, has a hobby. He likes to collect stones of different colors and shapes. This obsession has brought him into Ulam, noted to be having the best collection of natural mineral formation known to mankind.

The local folks weren't exaggerating when they boast to him the majestic mountains containing layers of semi precious stones intertwined with bleak granite boulders. Lang looked up close as he climbed his way on to the top of the highest peak. The energy he could generate from these mountains...

Episode 9: Realize

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“I called him out, Dunk! Accidentally!” Sara sobbed.

“Called who out?”

“Tyzen, I called Tyzen out! Then somehow I was drawn into the spirit world…and saw him… I saw Lang…”

She continued to cry. Big tears fell down her eyes and dampened Duncan’s black t-shirt. It broke Duncan’s heart to see her that way, but what she said just now barely making any sense to him.

Tyzen? Who the hell is Tyzen? And what Lang had to do with Tyzen? Damn, this is getting too complicated… first it was Marz and Lang. Now Tyzen and Lang, then next who? Jimmy Kimmel and Lang? Oh, God forbid!


The realization hit Duncan like a blow. He had to find Marz, fast. If Lang is still the same person he knew, then his modus operandi should be the same. Which means, big trouble for Marz. Really big trouble.

"Sara, Sara, we had to get to Marz, now. Can you walk?"

She nodded. Duncan helped her to her feet, and together they walked towards Dunk’s car. Brutus was left whining, so Sara mouthed her sorry at the dog. After they were inside the car, with all the sit belt properly strapped over their body, Duncan started the engine and rushed through the night…

Episode 8: Flash!

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Sara winced as she tried to fight the light that was blinding her. Slowly, she opened her eyes. In front of her stood Lang who was looking straight into her eyes. The ice-cold blue eyes of him pierced right through her, right into her mind as if he was reading her, like a book.

“You know I got something you want.” Said Lang with his eyes gawking at her, steel cold.

“Lang? I don’t understand...” Sara asked Lang, looking for clues.

Only at this time, Sara felt that the stare was not for her. The gaze was for someone or even something beyond her spot. Like a tiger hunting for its prey from afar.

“You know you want to be with her... forever.”

“Her? What are you...”

“YES! I want to be with her! But you can’t ever fool me Lang! After what you did... I will never trust you!!”

Sara spun around to find Tyzen at the other end. Like trapped in a different time zone, both of them couldn’t see her as much as she could only listen and watch them.

“Ohohoho... I don’t think you have a choice. Well, you MIGHT have, but you know I got the best deal. FREE ME TYZEN.” Lang continued.

“Why should I Lang? Do you actually think I am that crazy?”

“Crazy enough. Because I know... I know how to make you mortal.”

“Oh my god... NOOOOOOOO!!!” Screamed Sara in disbelief.

“Sara!! Sara! SARA!!!” Sara heard her name was being called from far.

Suddenly, it all went dark and she could feel her body was shaken. It was Duncan, trying to wake her up.

“Dunk!” Sara came back to her senses, hugging Duncan in despair, crying her heart out.

“What happened? You were lying on the floor, then screaming and now crying... hushhh. It’s ok now. Hush...”

“I call him... I call him out Dunk!” said Sara trying to catch her breath.

“Huh?” Duncan stared at her.

Episode 7: He's back

Posted: Sunday, September 7, 2008 by -f-l-o- in Labels:

Duncan took the key and started the car engine. Sara needs to be confronted. She needs to know that I was not joking about Lang. She should have known better, she was there when everything happened! Lang almost ruined our lives.

The distance from his place to Sara's is only a fifteen minutes drive. But tonight, however, it seemed like one of the longest drives he ever had to make. While driving, Duncan tried to reach Marz again but failed.

One his final attempt, Marz picked it up.

"What the hell happened to your phone, man! I've been trying to reach you!" Duncan yelled furiously.
"Whoa, easy! I had just turned it on. It's only 5 in the morning, dude. Chill." Marz responded. He sipped his drink.
"Why did you suddenly logged out? Was that Lang? Was that him online, using your computer? What is he doing at your place?" Duncan asked.
"He wanted to use the PC, man. What's with your tone? Is anything wrong?" Marz asked back.
"Everything! Everything about him is wrong. Look, Marz. You need to get out of there now. I'm on my way to Sara's. Let's meet up somewhere..."


"Marz? Hello, you're there?" The line was dead. "F*ck!"

When he reached Sara's front gate, he saw her body laying motionless on the floor. Duncan ran towards towards her while Brutus was looking at his owner helplessly, licking her face so she would get up.


"Stupid phone..." Marz murmured. The battery was dead again. It had been giving him the same problem in the past where the battery would be dead even after being fully charged. Time to get a new one.

He wondered why Duncan sounded so serious about Lang. Why do I need to get out of here? He looked at Lang who was still in front of the computer.

"How's the drink, Marz?" Lang turned to ask.
"Er... good. Is this yours? I just took it..."
"No, no. It's for you." Lang replied.

Marz continued sipping his drink before collapsing. He lied on the kitchen floor, unconscious.

Episode 6: Love, Ulam

Posted: Saturday, September 6, 2008 by SpidEy d'lEfty in Labels:

Something not quite right...

Thought Sara to herself while approaching Brutus. Brutus' double dog tags were hitting each other as Brutus was hopping and barking to see Sara came to him with his feast bowl.

Should I or should I not.... contact him...?

Sara pushed the bowl towards Brutus. Her eye was still locking at Brutus' dog tags. The dog tags were two steel plates with the word 'BRUTUS' carved on one and the word 'ULAM' carved on another.

Brutus was feasting on his early breakfast. Sara reached the tags and felt the carvings. Brutus -- Ulam...

"It means 'Love, Ulam' .. .. it's like at the end of every --- "
"-- love letter..." Sara continued his sentence, looking up to his gentle eye. He sealed her lips with a deep kiss. She melted, heartbroken, as that was the last kiss they had, before dawn.

"WOAWF!!" A loud bark. Brutus woke her up from all the memories she had during her stay in Ulam. Her hand was still holding the plates he gave, now the dog plates of Brutus.

She looked at Brutus, made up her mind, "Let's call him up...". Brutus nodded as if he understood and agreed to her decision.

She knew what to do with the plates. "Just a tiny scratch on each other.." Sara repeated what he used to teach her in Ulam, put both plates together and pushed and sheared against each other..

"~~Scratch!" It's the only sound they heard before the two tags automatically dropped off from Brutus' necklace and started to spin and shine. Brutus was freaked out and hided into Sara's arm..

The lights of 7 colours emitted from the tags started to form a figure -- a human figure. Sara could feel her heart beating. The figure was now clearer and clearer, the diamond-shaped face, the gentle eye, the wide shoulder, the strong arms.... Sara was in tears but she knew that she needed to stay strong, at least pretended to.

"Sara.... my love.."

There's already a real human in front of her. "..Finaly you call me..." his deep voice was so sad, but now full of released, "... do you know how much I miss you?"

"No! Stop! please.." Sara stopped him from crumbling her last defending fortress, although she's getting weaker and weaker now..

"I just want to clarify 1 thing, then you please leave..." Sara took a deep breath and recomposed her emotion.

"Sara my love..."
"Don't! Please... please... Just do me a favor, don't ruin my life..."
" *sigh*.. Ok..."
"... Why is Lang here? He's supposed to be caged in the Forest of Sin -- Did you release him?"

He looked at Sara. Sara was still beautiful as before, and she got a little bit plumper now. She's the woman that he loves, with all-hearted..

"Yes I did."
"..but.. Why? Why Tyzen, why?"

Tyzen. He smiled. A name that only would be called by his mother, and Sara. How many years already since the last time he heard people calling this name? He just couldn't recall. He only remembered how disgusted he felt everytime people call him The Great Langkasuka. He hates the word 'The Great', he hates the calling 'Langkasuka', as he hates his 'destiny' to be the next world conquerer.

"I don't care about world domination, I only care the star you want me to bring down to you.." once under the starry night, Sara was in his arm and he could feel the only world for him was right at that time, under that starry night..

Tyzen looked back to Sara, "because..."

Episode 5: World Domination

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The idea is simple. Grab the girl. Present her to the altar of sacrifice in Ulam. Then world domination is one step away.

Lang didn't expect the locals of Ulam, (Ulamites? Ulamers?) to be so bloody picky. Specifics is their middle name it seems. Must be a girl with a name beginning with an S. Must be tall, regal model like.

Thank God Sara's short and slightly plump. Never call a girl fat if you still have aspirations to live your life till old age.

Now where was he, the Great Langkasuka, world dictator wannabe, suppose to find a hot tall model like girl with a name that starts with an S? Hey Duncan has an ex named Suki doesn't he? She's tall enough. Half Japanese to boot.

"Hey Marz, you still have a copy of Duncan's black book?"

"Suki moved to New York dude. Ford Model Management signed her up. It's all Duncan's idea. Rather than dump the girl he got her a job overseas.''

"Okay. Now what?"

Episode 4: From the Other Side

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“Oy Lang! What was that for? I was chatting, dammit!” Marz snatched back the keyboard that Lang had taken forcefully from him.

“Just a sec. I want to talk to Duncan”

“Hn. Okay, but don’t freak him out or anything. He’s already shocked over the fact that I knew you. God, why he always had to be so dense?”

Grinning, Lang shook his head and turned his attention to the monitor and started typing. Marz sighed and walked towards the kitchen. He knew that despite what he said just now, Lang would try to terrorize their friend. The fridge was opened and he picked up a tin of Coke. I don’t remember buying this, but if it has no name, then it’s mine. Hehe.

His mind started to wander with every sip of drink he took. Back to one month ago, back to his trip to Ulam with Lang. Back to that place….


“There goes my good t-shirt, dammit!”

He accidentally crushed the Coke tin, and the content was splattered all over his shirt. Cursing he took it off and went off to search for a new one.

And he finally made up his mind.

For us to reach that person, Duncan is the easiest way. We would never want to hurt him, but this; this is for his own good.

From the back, he heard Lang guffawing at the screen.

Episode 3: Cocktail "punch"

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Sara was stoned. This is too much to handle... especially at 4 o'clock in the morning!

“You know what, I think u had too much mojito last night that u fricking hearin... listening... or whatever... things”

“Are you serious? I can even send you the chat log if you like, check your email now”

“No no, not now. I need... I need to... feed... the dog. See, you hear that barking? Brutus is gonna eat me if I didn’t prepare his treats”

“But... what? What barking..?? Sara!”

“Got to go!”



How could Lang be so stupid and being too upfront about the news that he “survived”??

Thought Sara to herself.

Episode 2: Incredibulous

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A cold sweat ran through his forehead before he wiped it off.

“This can’t be,” almost in an uncertain voice, he told himself out and loud. His eyes wandered around the laptop screen, as if searching for an explanation that only in that wee hour, the person on the other end could answer.

Dun_cAn: Old pal? I wont put it like tat.
M4r2: Oh yeah? Why not? I thought we had an incredibulous time in Ulam.
Dun_cAn: What are you doing at Marz’s place btw?
M4r2: Whoa. A friend can’t visit another friend?
Dun_cAn: Since when r u friend with Marz?
M4r2: Hahahahahahahahahaha. Was, bro. Was.

M4r2 has signed out. (01/09/2008 04:45)

What the…? Duncan picked up his mobile phone and starting dialing Marz’s number. Marz’s mobile was off as it was for the past month.

“Shite,” he cursed. He dialed another number. After a few tones, a sleepy voice answered.

“Hey, babe. Sorry to wake you up. I think we have an emergency.”
“Wha…? What time is it now? What’s going on, Duncan…”
“It’s about Lang. I think he’s back.”






“Sara! You there?!”
“I’m here.” She answered.
“I was getting off my bed…” She explained. He released a nervous sigh.

After telling her about his online conversation with ‘Lang’, Sara asked, “Do you think it’s really him?”

“Yup. It's him. Because nobody plays word like he does. He said ‘incredibulous’.”

Episode 1: BUZZ!!

Posted: Monday, September 1, 2008 by SpidEy d'lEfty in Labels:

Dun_cAn: BUZZ!!
Dun_cAn: Wazup?
M4r2: yo?
Dun_cAn: Where the hell hv u been? Flying back to Mars or wat?
M4r2: LOL. Been away bro..
: ..for 1 bloody month? WOW!!
M4r2: ;P
M4r2: ..and i still dun think tat s enough.
: yeah right~ holiday is always not enough, DUH!
M4r2: ;P
Dun_cAn: ..so where is it?
M4r2: ulam.
Dun_cAn: Serious shit?!?! u went there?
M4r2: U know tat place?
Dun_cAn: of course I do! And I had good time over there..Gosh I'd never had any idea that there's such a hidden place like Ulam on this planet...
M4r2: same here Dunk! if not Lang who brought me there..
Dun_cAn: LANG??!! kidding me bro? Lang?
M4r2: Yup, Lang. u know him? Cool guy huh?
Dun_cAn: He's a jerk!
M4r2: ?
Dun_cAn: That Lang - -he's a total JERK!! He doesn't belong to there!
M4r2: I dun get u, Dunk..
Dun_cAn: How did u know him? Marz u just gotta be careful with this guy..
: Marz... u there?
Dun_cAn: BUZZ!!
Dun_cAn: BUZZ!!
Dun_cAn: BUZZ!!

M4r2 has signed out. (01/90/2008 03:56)
M4r2 has singed in back.
(01/09/2009 03:57)


M4r2 has signed out. (01/90/2008 04:16)
M4r2 has singed in back.
(01/09/2009 04:27)

Dun_cAn: Hey buddy what's wrong wit ur line?
M4r2: Hey Duncan..
M4r2: long time no see... How r u doing?
Dun_cAn: ?
M4r2: guees who I am?

: I'm your old friend, pal..
M4r2: I am... Lang.