Episode 10: The finish line

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Rene looked out the window. It’s raining. And whenever it rains, it will bring Rene back to the incident.

It has been 2 years since the incident but everything seems to be fresh in her mind like it was just yesterday.

“Well, I followed you back to know where you live and met your housemate Ruby. And… you can’t blame me; I like your smile…”

Those were the exact words coming from Rain, the exact words coming from Keywell, an alien.


Rene still couldn’t accept their existence although she had made eye contact, spoke, held hands, hugged… kissed… one. It was all still seems to be not real and just a dream.

Ruby had moved to another state, “following the better prospect of future” she said. But Rene believed that Ruby had fell in love and was only following the love. Thinking back, she has lost contact with Ruby, it has been more than a year since her last call with Ruby. And Ruby seemed to have changed her number.

Well, she’d call me when she feels like to. She’s busy with her kids for all I know. Smiling Rene tried to be positive.

The launderette had since been placed with a coffee shop. Once in a while, Rene took her time to walk passed the coffee shop. She couldn’t went inside although how much she wanted to. It’s a taboo for her to feel what she had felt that night.

Rene didn’t go to the police to report what happened. Not that anyone would believe her if she tell the truth anyway. So she let it be a secret. She let it be her very own experience.

The night that Rain went away, she remembered to be wearing a little white dress. She remembered how Rain looked rather… cute; cuter than usual. She remembered holding to his warm hands. She remembered how she tried to hold her tears.

“Why can’t you stay?”
“Cause, it’s better this way”
“I’ll never forget you”
“I’ll make sure you wouldn’t”
“I’ll send you email”
“Very funny”
“Just look at the stars and if you find one that flickers, that’s me winking at you”
“Will always do”

“Ehhhemm! Miss Flack, can I have your attention from the outer space back here in the class?” the class broke into a laughter. Prof Langdon stared at her with a warning smile.

“Yes, absolutely sir” Rene apologized, embarrassed.

Across the lecture hall, Rene noticed that Brandon winked at her. Blushed, she looked away trying to focus back at her...

meteorology class.

Episode 9: An expected move

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Ruby just needed to carry Rene out of the launderette as Rain was in a crucial 'low-bat' condition.

The sky was clear outside, Rain noticed that, hence looked at Ruby.

"I know, Keywell. Yeah, everything is fine now... I mean, it's at least under control..." while explaining the clear blue sky to Rain, Ruby passed him the electro-static headset -- a device they use to recharge themselves under emergency condition, "Ulam has taken over the control tower, New Ulam had internal conflict and war happened among themselves..."

"So everything is back to normal now, I suppose?" Rain looked straight to Rene, hoping for the answer he wanted to hear from Ruby.

Silent ensued.

"Keywell...." Ruby seemed having difficulties to composing her answer. "It's about Rene. She knows too much now .... I mean..." Ruby looked back to Rain, sending her final sentence through her sad blue eye...

"No way! We cannot do that to her! She's innocent!"
"..but.. Keywell.. this is the only way to put everything back on track... it's.. shit I hate to say this.. it's expected...." Ruby shouted back to Rain, reminding him their bigger mission on his planet.

"..but..but... Argh!" Rain helplessly fell on his knee. Rene slept quietly beside him. Sun light piercing through the cloudy sky, Rain could see the first sun shine pouring on Rene's face. Her eyelashes shivered due to the breeze, everything was so peaceful and calm, but not inside Rain's mind.

Can she handle that? Rain was not sure. Ruby was right, it's an expected move for Ulam to do this at outsiders who know anything about Ulam.. but... Rene is only 19..

"So how are you going to tell her?" asked Rain.
"No.. the question should be, how are YOU going to tell her.. Keywell, I shouldn't reveal myslef in front of her, remember? I need to get lost before Rene awakes.." Ruby tried to clear up the situation. She is another Ulam messenger who was sent to the Earth earlier than Rain, and three of them were linked together by fate. But Ruby shouldn't reveal any further about Ulam to Rene.

"Argh.... Rain ..... argh..." Rene started to move her body while trying to grab anything she could remember about what had happened. Seeing that, Ruby showed Rain a signal and quickly ran away from both Rene and Rain.

"Rain... what happened?" Rene grabbed Rain's arm once she recovered, "Mrs Hagger! Mrs Hagger was holding you! Rain are you ok?"

"Cool cool, Rene.. everything is fine now.."
"..but.. but... argh my head is killing me!" Rene tapped her back head, trying to recall something else. "I... I thought I heard Ruby's voice.."

"No... she wasn't here.." Rain never expected Rene would have heard Ruby. He tried to cover while thinking about how to tell Rene about their next plan.

"Who wasn't here, Rain?"
"Ruby of course, Ruby your housemate. She wan't here, I mean maybe it was only Mrs Hagger... .and hey look Rene, you can talk now! Everything is fine now! Haha.." Rain started to mumble.

Silent ensued. Rain realized that he might have talked too much, and he also realized, that Rene is brilliant enough to pick out his mouth-faulting.

And she did.
"How the hell do you know Ruby in the first place, Rain?" She asked.

Episode 8: An Unexpected Turn

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As much as Rene wanted to shout, she thought about it calmly, knowing that she need not to say it out loud. Quickly, Rain dragged Rene to the back room.


The lights went out. Rain thought it would be safer this way.

“HAHAHHA Do you actually think you can run away with little Ms Rene??” Mrs Hagger's evil voice seems to echo in the launderette.

I know the way out. Quietly, Rene led Rain to the back door.

“There’s nothing you can do Keywell. So you tried to inform the Ulam about the New Ulam project?” Mrs Hagger reckoned, almost screaming her lungs out.

“You wont succeed” She added.

Through the darkness Rene and Rain was being careful not to knock on anything. They moved slowly and quietly. At the same time, they could listen to Mrs Hagger’s confident pace.

“Fuck. She must have locked the whole shop”, Said Rain trying to be calm.

Hey are you alright? Rene thought Rain’s voice was faint and it was as if he’s talking so far away from her. She looked around the dark shop with all her might and struggling to feel the floor to find something that could be use to open the door.

Oh shit. Can’t YOU use your psychic power or something? Rene desperately needed help and Rain was the only hope she got.

Ah, of course. Rene took the hairpin off her hair and started to work on the door knob.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Where are youuuuuuu, you two cute little mice?” Mrs Hagger voice was getting creepier and closer. Rene could have sworn for once she felt that Mrs Hagger was actually besides her.


The door snapped open.

ALRIGHT! Rene thought in relief with a hint of hope mixed with fear. But when Rene turned to grab Rain’s hand,

Rain was not there.

No way. Looking up Rene saw Mrs Hagger held the weakening Rain in her arm. All of a sudden she thought that she didn’t recognize Mrs Hagger at all.

She looked almost evil.

“Hmmm... run… mmm… Rene…” Rene could see how Rain was struggling, panting.

How could I??? LET HIM GO!!! Thinking that Mrs Hagger could read her mind like Rain, she insisted.

“It won’t… work… hmm… just… go.” Rain sounded weaker than earlier.

“Ah I see, telepathic. How cute. Yes RUN RENE. Let’s see if she can…” Mrs Hagger grinned.

Rene tried to move her legs, but it was as if they were cemented into the floor. And suddenly she felt a strong sting in her brain.

AAAAAaaargh. Rene thought that her brain is going to burst! Mrs Hagger was trying to penetrate to her mind.

“STOP! Stop. She.. has.. nothing to do… with this. JUST TAKE ME!” Rain trying to sound as strong as he could.

“Ah I see. Trying to be a hero Keywell? Let’s see if you can do anything about… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrghhh!!”

A strong bright light suddenly approaching and went straight to Mrs Hagger’s head. Rain was released, Rene fell on the floor, fainted.

“oh my God! I notice that something is wrong… and I tried to… are you guys OK???”

“Yeah… Mrs Hagger I mean Hagnex170… use the anti-static fiber to neutralize all my power. I can’t hardly… breathe now”

“Let’s get out of here to somewhere safe first”

“Hey… thanks… Ruby”

Episode 7: Speechless

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"I understand how you feel.." Rain took a deep breath, then a long sigh.. A thunderclap from far was heard, but sounded like somebody's moaning, "I know it's hard to convince you," Rain continued, ".. I know it's hard to convince you with all these .... erm... "


"Yeah.. crap.. if you think so..." Rain sighed again, "..buy let me tell you what really happened.. ok?"

Rene adjusted her sitting position, crossed her leg and fold her arms in front of her chest -- an obvious defensive gesture that says "try me".

"It was my fault. I missed my schedule and when I needed to call them, my rain coats were with you.."

What a mouthful... Rene just couldn't hold her patience anymore. I even do not understand the very 1st sentence of your explanation, how am I going to be convinced?

Sighs. Long sighs, from both Rain and Rene. Rain's was filled with helplessness, Rene's was filled with sarcasm.

"OK.. the raincoats, let me explain the rain coats first. " Rain tried to compose his explanation into a very simplified version, "...it's our shield, I need to put them on every time I call ULAM, but not you human beings..."

Try harder Rain... if those rain coats are so important, why bother sending them to clean up here?

"Because they need to be electro-statically charged. Tumble drying them in your spin machine is the only way we found in this area to load electro-static charges...."

Rene did not have any comment. Rain's right about tumble dry and electro-static charges. She knew very well how those laundry made her hair stands when taking out from spin machine. But, so?

"So that we have enough electro static charges to send our message to ULAM -- the electro static charges are our power source, it is what we rely on to survive living on this planet. Especially when New ULAM is coming, we need more charges to standby fighting against them..."

Haha, now you sound like Star-Wars, mister. Rene still insisted that these were nothing to o with her.

"... And now they are coming, look at the horrible storm outside! It has been raining non-stop since.... wait a moment." Rain suddenly realized something. "Since when the rain stopped?" Rain looked straight to Rene, while reaching his messenger bag and ferreting in in.

It's a rain coat.

Rene was shocked she saw a Rain took out a rain coat and flipping it, checking something on the raincoat, and then his face turned pale, and fell down sitting on the floor out of a sudden.

Rene looked at Rain. A thunderclap from far, again, which sounded like moaning. What happened Rain?

"The coats.. the coats are not charged... they were not, they've never been charged..." Rain mumbled, "DID you handle my laundry all this while?" He starred straight to Rene, eye was about to pop out.

I did. I put them in the washing machine, but I don't handle spin machine...

"Then who does?"
Mrs. Hagger..
"Mrs. Hagger?" Rain paused for less than 1 seconds before he suddenly got to Rene and hold her shoulder, "Rene, I need you to tell me this, how well do you know Mrs Hagger?" Almost whispering, but Rene could feel Rain's shivering.

Rene was frightened. Not... not that well... I started to work here when Mrs Hagger first opened up this launderette.. it was about 2 months ago.... I ... I...

"Oh my God!..... Rene," Rain hold Rene's hand,"..run.."

"I guess my strategy just worked to open up the ONLY launderette in this little town for you, don't you think so, Rain?" Rene and Rain grasped while turning toward the silhouette at the entrance of the launderette.

".... Or shall I call you Keywell970?" When a lighting flashed on the silhouette, the saw the lady.

It was Mrs Hagger.

Episode 6: Silenced.

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"Hey!! Hey!! Rene!! RENE!!"

Rene woke up with a grasp. Panting. Cold sweat running down her face.

What the hell happened?

“What is going on? You were found lying on the street!”

Is this a hospital?

“You seemed to be struggling just now; I had to wake you up. Are okay? Here, drink some water”

It’s ALL a fucking dream?? But it seems to be so fucking real! Thought Rene. She angrily took the cup from Ruby’s hand.

“You said something about ULAM…”

ULAM.. shit. As if the word brought all her senses back to her, Rene gets out of the sick bed and looking for her handphone.

Where is it dammit??

“Hey where are you going? You supposed to be warded… atleast until… Rene, listen to me!” begged Ruby but Rene is already out of the room.

I’m gonna get that son of a bitch. Rene was walking fast; almost running to… she didn’t know where.

But it COULD be real. I mean, alien always have this telepathic way of communicating. IF he is one, he surely can penetrate into my dream. And without a doubt he surely can know that I WAS at the 76 street. ANNNDDD now there’s there no mistake of how he got my number!

Rene kept on walking. She’s too busy in her thoughts that she didn’t realize where her feet took her. Not that she care.

But it doesn’t make any sense at all. What is Rain trying to tell me! New Ulam, weather delivery, strange lab with huge window and now aliens?? HAHAHAHAHA comon!!! As she laughed by herself, Rene noticed few heads turned to her.

WHAT? What are you looking at? Do I look crazy to you?! Mind your own shit!


A car missed Rene by an inch. Only then, Rene realized that her feet brought her to the launderette.

Fuck you, drunkard. Rene couldn’t seem to calm herself. She’s so angry, tired, confused and blank with no idea of what was going on. Everything seems to be a little too much for her to digest at one time.

And of all places… why do I go here in the first place? Although her heart and mind didn’t agree with her actions, she still pushed the launderette door to come in.

Kling, kling!

Hmm? Eh? Where is Mrs Hagger. She should be here. It’s only 8:30pm. And why issit darn quiet in here? Rene wondered around the launderette trying to find her employer, trying to find if everything is fine. Rene found it weird that Mrs Hagger left the place unattended.

Suddenly the lights went off.

Oh crap! What now?! Finding her way out of the launderette, she bumped herself on the counter and fell over a chair.

“Who’s there?!” a voice from the back room shouted.

Unable to get up quickly, she was caught. Then the light went back on.

“Oh it was you.” Rain appeared from the back.

At this point of time, Rene couldn’t believe her eyes. She lost of words to say.

Now what?? He MADE me come here? With is freaky alien superpower?? Rene whispered to herself.

Hey we really need to talk. Rene was not sure if that tone is serious enough to make Rain realized how bad the situation Rain had put her in.

“Come let me help you up.” Rain helped Rene to the waiting seats beside the coffee maker.

Oh, there you go, trying pretending to give me sweets before the poison. And where is Mrs Hagger? Is she really okay?? Darn I feel dizzy. With a thank you nod, Rene tucked her hair behind her ears as Rain passed her a fresh brewed coffee with aspirin.

“Mrs Hagger was out. She was pissed off before she got out - getting a pizza. And she asked me before she left to fix the light bulb.” Rain explained.

The launderette appears to be quieter than usual. The two of them sat opposite to each other. Awkwardness seems like a heavy fume filling the air. Only the smell of brewed Brazilian coffee able to ease the atmosphere.

Wait. HOW did he know I’d do with a couple of aspirin for my headache?? Rene puzzled.

No way.

“Everything is possible nowadays.” Rain’s tone was soft, trying to calm Rene for her astonishment.

“Aak… hmm… aa” Rene cleared her throat trying to say something. Grasping in disbelief!

“Hey it’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. You need to rest.” comfort Rain.

“Ehheemm… aakk erm ai…” Rene tried again. But this time, she knew it.

She lost her voice.

You’ve gotta be kidding me!!! You took away my voice?!! Rene stood up. Pushing away the cup of coffee Rain made her.

“Listen, I need to know if you won’t tell it to anyone. I mean ANYONE. Did you get me?? I will surely return it to you when I know, I can really trust you.” Rain hold both of Rene arms, trying to both calming her and to ensure that Rene understood everything that he said.

Is THIS guy... thing.. or whatever THINKS that he CANNOT trust me?? I'm THE ONE who can NEVER trust him!! Rene was thinking to herself knowing that it'd still be known to Rain, no matter how.

Feeling helpless, Rene just stared at Rain cluelessly.

Episode 5: Faltering Mistake

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Ulam? Whatever.

Rene switched back to calling mode in her phone while keeping her pace constant enough to not cause her fatigued. The rain outside was still going on, never showed any slight signs of stopping. 88-555-2-6, Rene redialed the number.

Rene was in the midst of sorting out all the chaos in her mind when the number got connected, as usual.

"Location marked. Status confirmed. You're already there. 3 days earlier? Good."Hung up.

That's it?

The call did not help at all in solving all these mysteries, obviously. Rene sighed, out of her exhaustion of trying to see through all these. She felt like she was now a mouse that was chased after by something she had no idea at all, a mouse that was running for almost no reason.

She started to slow down her pace, turned to the building that she had run out from. Fuck you. She cursed, and then shouted the same word loudly, again and again. "I don't know WHAT are you, I don't know WHAT are all these about, but you know what? I DON'T CARE!!" followed by another 3 times of cursing which started with F.

Rene turned around and she saw Rain, the god-damn pale pig that she would first beat him up before asking him to reveal all about this god-damn stupid game.

"Why are you here? Oh my God you shouldn't be here! Oh no... Didn't you read my message in the launderette?"Rain seemed clueless about her appearance, which really pissed Rene off.

"YOU!" Rene started to move forward to Rain. She would definitely crumple him up once she reached him, "Tell me all about this SHIT before I kill you!"

"Hold... hold! Rene, I told you not to listen to them.. I....I'm sorry to get you involved... Rene.. cool! cool! Calm down!.. I..I...LOOK! I can't call you... that's why I had to leave you the notes.... I really wished I could explain it thoroughly to you... but not on paper... Rene! Calm down! Calm down!" Rain was stepping back while trying to calm Rene down, by the end or his explanation, he saw Rene slowed down and eventually frozen at the point she stood.

A thunderclap roared. The storm seemed getting stronger. Both Rain and Rene were now soaked wet, in the middle of the abandoned 76th Street.

The sudden change of Rene made Rain wondered. He stepped forward, closer to Rene.

"Rene?" almost whispered, "...you OK?"

Rene looked at Rain and mumbled, "... so you're saying you can't call me? so you're saying.... I shouldn't get ANY calls from you?"

Rain nodded. "Well if I don't call you, why will you get my call at the first place?" Rain tried to make the statement clear as everything was in his control, until he figured out what JUST happened to Rene...

"Wait.. Rene," Rain looked back to Rene cautiously, hoping what's in his mind was not real, "did you......."

Rene nodded. Rain's face turned pale. Shit.

"I thought that was you!" Rene tried to explain, realizing she had done one big mistake, which she didn't know what kind of consequences would ensue.

"What did he say?"
"He made me dialed the number again... and I just did..."

A flash of lightning, flashing on Rain's pale face. That made him looked like a white creatures with human figure, not a human being.

".. and then the one answering the call said something about confirming location and status... Rain, what is this? Tell me! Rain!"

Rain took a deep breath when another thunderclap sounded. He could feel his fright, smearing upward from the ground he stood on.

"They are coming."
"They invaded the system, and claimed themselves as New Ulam.."
"Ulam is a system managing weather in each planet of the universe. I was sent to Earth as messenger.."
"I didn't realized the invasion when I asked you to call the number -- the number is a signal sent to the center, it's our way of reporting.."
".... and what happened?"
"When you called, you've just revealed ourselves to them.."
"Yeah, planet Earth."

Silent ensued. Rene wished she could accept Rain's explanation, but it seemed so illogic. On the other hand she felt Rain's seriousness was really ... impressive....

"So is this going to be the end of the world?" Rene tried to posed a tone that didn't sound insulting.
Carefully, after a few seconds of pondering, Rain opened his mouth,


"MUAHAHAHAHAHaHahahahhahahahaahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rene just couldn't hold anymore, she burst into HUGE laugh.

Episode 4: Fluky Mistake

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“Meet us at 76 street West End Avenue, three days from today at 11pm. Sharp.”

The unknown lady voice of the unknown number seems to haunt Rene as she continues wondering what the connection between the odd number and weather is.

The voice sounded familiar, but… She is on her way to 76 Street. Thinking that she still has 3 days before the meeting, she’d check out the “delivery” place first.

The streets are getting darker and quieter as she goes on. She seems to be walking away from the crowd, away from the noisy background. Taking off her iPod she needs to listen to her surrounding…

for caution.

What is this place?

“Is someone ther?” Her reluctant voice echoed within the empty street. For once she felt like someone is following her, watching her.

I swear to God, I heard someone. Okay this might not be the smartest move. Thought Rene, but still she went on the dark street trying to figure out what kinda place it is.

Rene went into an aged building which stood proudly opposite her. The place is evidently abandon with rats wondering every here and there.

Eeuww. This does look like an old research center or lab or something.


“Who’s there??!” grasped Rene.

What the hell is wrong with me getting all jumpy like this! It’s prolly just rats. Note Rene to herself, hoping to calm her senses. She went upstairs of the building and found herself stood in amazed in fronna huge window looking out to the city.


Tijb, tijb, tijb.

Isn’t that the sounds of footsteps? Rene heard something, but she wouldn’t dare to look back.

Tijb, tijb, tijb, TIJB.

Wet footsteps? The sound gets closer and closer. And Rene can’t move. Seems that all her legs muscle just die. She felt like her feet were glued to the floor. Or it’s more like she wouldn’t dare to move a muscle.

Tijb, tijb, tijb, TIJB, TIJB. The sound gets louder and louder.

Then, dead silence. The sound seems to stop on its own.

OKAY think. Think! Oh… the reflection! Rene tried to catch a figure from whatever that making such noise behind her from the reflection of the old window. And from there she saw…

Rene let out a lil squeal as her handphone rings.

“Hello” Rain answered.

Rene glanced again at the window to check if the figure is still there…

but it’s gone. Dammit.

“Hello, helloooo, I can’t hear you, speak up!” Rene went closer to the window, trying to get a better reception for the conversation.

“Hellooo did you get my message?” Rain asked.
“Are you ther? Yes, I did get your message. Hey what’s going on? Hello??”
“Hey you are breaking up. Your voice is not clear. Hello?? Where are you??”
“Yes, yes, I can hear you now. What’s up?!”
“Listen I need you to call the number again. Can you hear me?”
“Yes I can. But didn’t you say to forget about it?”
“I know but something came up, and I need your help again. The number is 8855526.”
“Come again, you’re breaking up too!”

Rain hung up.


Something’s broken. By this time, Rene thought it’s only wise to leave the place. She quickly went downstairs and out of the building. She’s running to get out of the street and at the same time, trying to dial the odd number again.

Dammit, why doesn’t this number connect?? Is Rain making fun of me??

Rene stopped for a breather when she reached the crowded street again. She checked out her handphone to see if she dialed the correct number.

Oh my God.

No wonder the number didn’t get connected. Instead of dialing it, Rene was mistaken to type the number for texting.

88-555-2-6 spelled ULAM.

So no, Rain is not making a fool out of her.

Episode 3: Weather like this

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"Oh my God... " Mrs Hagger was shocked when soaked Rene hit the door.. "I thought it's another laundry who needs to be urgently sent in to a spin-dryer.."

"Yeah, tumble me dry please.." Rene's mind was on the '76 Street West End Avenue' while she responded to her boss. 76 Street? What will happen over there? And who the hell is the lady's voice from the unknown number? ..And Rain...

Oh, Rain.
"Oh, Rene." Mrs Hagger suddenly chipped into her wondering process, "there was a customer looking for you just now.. erm.. pale, skinny, pretty much a malnutrition type.."

"So he took his laundry?" "Yeah, and he left you a note as well -- over there," Mrs Hagger pointed to a note stuck on washing machine number 2 by a magnet. Rene put down her stuff and reached the note.

"I can't call you in weather like this, they are listening.
Sorry I don't expect this to come too.
I hope I'm not too late to warn you.
Sorry to get you involved.
Don't listen to them.
I need to rush.

Huh? Don't listen to them? Weather like this?

A thunderclap followed after a flash of lightning.

"Who cares to get out in weather like this? How can I ask a pizza delivery for lunch in weather like this? Hmmm... it supposed to be hot and clear in June, right? Hmmm.. " mumbled Mrs Hagger while pressing a blue shirt of a customer.

Yeah, it's supposed to be sunny and clear, like the days before... before she made the strange call.
"Mrs Hagger... did you just say 'delivery'?" Rene started to feel some connections..

"Yeah, 1-800-... argh, I can't recall the number... why?"

"No.. erm.. nothing..." Rene responded with her flashy eye, because deep inside her heart, there's a big 'what if' hanging on...

What if.... what if I've just ordered a 'weather delivery'?

Rene's heart was beating real hard. She could feel her blood pulsing through her veins. Her lips slit to a mysterious smile -- weather delivery, what a cool stuff!

She reread Rain's message. Though there were still some unknowns about it, but she could pretty much get Rain's message.

Don't listen to them? Huh! How could you stop a hungry wolf to hunt for more?

"Mrs Hagger," Rene just couldn't hold her excitement, "Can I leave early today? I need to go to 76th Street.."

"No problem, what's in there?"

"A date, I guess." Rene's spirit of adventurous started to burn now, "I'm meeting people from delivery center over there.."

"Pizza delivery center?" Mrs Hagger finished pressing the blue shirt, "Oh very funny."

No Mrs Hagger, not pizza delivery center. It's WEATHER DELIVERY CENTER.

Episode 2: 3 Days later.

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“Wake up!! WAKE UP!!”
“I’ve been waiting a long time”
“For this moment to come”
“I’m destined for anything at all…”
“Dumbstruck calling me stupid”
“Good luck you gonna need… Pik”

Ah damn...

As much as Rain likes THAT song to wake him up every morning, it sure is a torment sometimes.

Sigh. What time issit now? Ah crap I’m late!!

Rain takes a quick shower, put on his favorite black t-shirt and peeking out the window.

Great. It supposed to be clear, sunny day today.

Grabbing his raincoat his own his way to…


“OUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCHHHHHH!! Are you out of your freaking mind??” Rene screams her lungs out when Ruby pull both of her ears trying to wake her up.

“I tried to wake you up for the seventh time! And you are gonna be late for your train to work, up! UP!”

Bitch. Scowling, Rene drags her ass to shower.

When she was out of shower, Ruby was already at the door making her way out. Glancing at the table, there was breakfast with a note.

“YOUR Rain might as well pick up his laundry today! Goodluck! *Wink*”

CUTE bitch. Smiling, Rene has her breakfast while peeking out the window.

Oh darn, it’s raining. Rene doesn’t know why she’s smiling although she knows that she’s gonna be late...

and soaked wet.


“Kling… Klingg!!”

Rain steps inside the launderette.

Where is she??

“Err.. excuse me, I’m here to pick up my laundry, ID 88556, please.”

Mrs Hagger, owner of the shop turns around to face her customer.

“Sure. Wait please.”

“Do you mind me asking where is the girl… erm… this tall… who always had lotsa bangles… and…”

“You mean Rene?”

“Yes, yes. She is not working today?”

Dammit, is she alright?? I shouldn’t have made her dial...

“She usually in and she hadn’t told me if she wants to call it off today. Perhaps the rain is delaying her.”

“Ah well, thanks.”


Goddammit. What did I do today to experience one hour delay of train?? Sigh. Rene is running as her attempt to not to get wet and to not to be late.

But failed. Miserably.

Hey, that guy look familiar… is that Rain? RAIN??? OMG! But by the time Rene trying to catch up, Rain had gone. In the midst of the crowd. In the midst of the rain.

Bummer. And he supposed to call me yesterday to explain the odd number.

Rene had been up all night yesterday trying to crack the mystery. The Nancy-Drew instinct in her suggests that she should dig into the matter and try to call back again the number. But the more-sensible instinct in her suggests that she should just tell Rain about everything.

If it’s important why would he wanted ME to dial it? I mean, is he THAT mean to involve a stranger in his "dangerous" matter? But wait. What if the "dangerous" matter has something to do with me?? And how the hell he got my number??

“Aaaa!” Rene startled as her phone rings. The unknown number.

“Meet us at 76 street West End Avenue, three days from today at 11pm. Sharp.”

The voice hung up.

Oh my God, what is going on?!


Only then, Rene realizes she had hit the launderette door.

Episode 1: 3 days delay

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"I'm not sure whether you realize this, you are wet every time you come here..."

"..maybe because I'm rain." He smiled.

Yeah, just because you're rain. Rene stirred her latte, recalling the first conversation happened between her and Rain, while waiting for another day of disappointment to fill in.

It was the 3rd day Rene waited for Rain. And It was the first time Rene waited for a customer to come here and pick up his laundry. Well it was apparently abnormal because those who come to a launderette are responsible for picking up their own laundry, nobody cares to pick up for them.

Nobody cares to wait for them to come to pick up their own laundry.

The washing machines behind the counter were rumbling, so was Rene's state of mind.

"Things r alwayz like tis my dear, u got nothing when u anticipated, and it comes so naturally to u when u don't expect. Oh yeah BTW, I thought he's just ANOTHER customer of your launderette, why r u w8ing for him? Is he cute? *wink wink*" SMS reply from Ruby after Rene sent out her complaints to her roommate.

No, he's not. He's pale, and wet. Rene smirked at Ruby's SMS. You're right Ruby, not worth a wait at all.

Rene turned to a washing machine behind her which was just stopped spinning before her phone rang. Unknown number.


"What did the weather forecast say this morning?" it was Rain.

"It said, if rain doesn't come, storm will certainly ensue.."Rene tried to put up an emotionless tone.

"No seriously, please. What did the weather forecast say this morning?"

"I'm not sure... last night's version was mentioning another clear sunny day.. Hey, How did you get my number by the way?"

"..... sunny day?" Rain was obviously ignorant of her question, he was mumbling something about some system was out of control before he cleared his throat and said, "Hey can you do me a favor?"


"Go and get my jeans from my laundry, I think there's a piece of paper inside the pocket, and there's a number written on it, dial the number for me... OK got to go, I'll see you later after you've dialed it." Hung up.

There's a jean in Rain's laundry -- she certainly knows very well which laundry belonged to Rain, it was the one with at least 5 rain coats every time he sent in his laundry. And the paper she found from the jeans' pocket was severely crumpled. Rene had to make some effort before she could eventually unfold it and read the numbers on it.


It's not a normal number that you can dial. But that's not the main issue, because Rene was going to dial it anyway. The main issue here was, then what? Before she started to wonder what will actually happened, she received response from the other side of the line.

"You're late. 3 days late. We need to catch up the schedule now. Bye." Hung up.

Whada hell? Rene was stunned at the moment. So this number can actually call to somebody out there? And what was that? 8855526?

The sunny clear sky started to get dark. Rene could hear thunder roared from far. Wind started to bluster, rain started to pour.