Episode 9: An expected move

Posted: Friday, June 20, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:

Ruby just needed to carry Rene out of the launderette as Rain was in a crucial 'low-bat' condition.

The sky was clear outside, Rain noticed that, hence looked at Ruby.

"I know, Keywell. Yeah, everything is fine now... I mean, it's at least under control..." while explaining the clear blue sky to Rain, Ruby passed him the electro-static headset -- a device they use to recharge themselves under emergency condition, "Ulam has taken over the control tower, New Ulam had internal conflict and war happened among themselves..."

"So everything is back to normal now, I suppose?" Rain looked straight to Rene, hoping for the answer he wanted to hear from Ruby.

Silent ensued.

"Keywell...." Ruby seemed having difficulties to composing her answer. "It's about Rene. She knows too much now .... I mean..." Ruby looked back to Rain, sending her final sentence through her sad blue eye...

"No way! We cannot do that to her! She's innocent!"
"..but.. Keywell.. this is the only way to put everything back on track... it's.. shit I hate to say this.. it's expected...." Ruby shouted back to Rain, reminding him their bigger mission on his planet.

"..but..but... Argh!" Rain helplessly fell on his knee. Rene slept quietly beside him. Sun light piercing through the cloudy sky, Rain could see the first sun shine pouring on Rene's face. Her eyelashes shivered due to the breeze, everything was so peaceful and calm, but not inside Rain's mind.

Can she handle that? Rain was not sure. Ruby was right, it's an expected move for Ulam to do this at outsiders who know anything about Ulam.. but... Rene is only 19..

"So how are you going to tell her?" asked Rain.
"No.. the question should be, how are YOU going to tell her.. Keywell, I shouldn't reveal myslef in front of her, remember? I need to get lost before Rene awakes.." Ruby tried to clear up the situation. She is another Ulam messenger who was sent to the Earth earlier than Rain, and three of them were linked together by fate. But Ruby shouldn't reveal any further about Ulam to Rene.

"Argh.... Rain ..... argh..." Rene started to move her body while trying to grab anything she could remember about what had happened. Seeing that, Ruby showed Rain a signal and quickly ran away from both Rene and Rain.

"Rain... what happened?" Rene grabbed Rain's arm once she recovered, "Mrs Hagger! Mrs Hagger was holding you! Rain are you ok?"

"Cool cool, Rene.. everything is fine now.."
"..but.. but... argh my head is killing me!" Rene tapped her back head, trying to recall something else. "I... I thought I heard Ruby's voice.."

"No... she wasn't here.." Rain never expected Rene would have heard Ruby. He tried to cover while thinking about how to tell Rene about their next plan.

"Who wasn't here, Rain?"
"Ruby of course, Ruby your housemate. She wan't here, I mean maybe it was only Mrs Hagger... .and hey look Rene, you can talk now! Everything is fine now! Haha.." Rain started to mumble.

Silent ensued. Rain realized that he might have talked too much, and he also realized, that Rene is brilliant enough to pick out his mouth-faulting.

And she did.
"How the hell do you know Ruby in the first place, Rain?" She asked.