Episode 3: Weather like this

Posted: Thursday, June 5, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:

"Oh my God... " Mrs Hagger was shocked when soaked Rene hit the door.. "I thought it's another laundry who needs to be urgently sent in to a spin-dryer.."

"Yeah, tumble me dry please.." Rene's mind was on the '76 Street West End Avenue' while she responded to her boss. 76 Street? What will happen over there? And who the hell is the lady's voice from the unknown number? ..And Rain...

Oh, Rain.
"Oh, Rene." Mrs Hagger suddenly chipped into her wondering process, "there was a customer looking for you just now.. erm.. pale, skinny, pretty much a malnutrition type.."

"So he took his laundry?" "Yeah, and he left you a note as well -- over there," Mrs Hagger pointed to a note stuck on washing machine number 2 by a magnet. Rene put down her stuff and reached the note.

"I can't call you in weather like this, they are listening.
Sorry I don't expect this to come too.
I hope I'm not too late to warn you.
Sorry to get you involved.
Don't listen to them.
I need to rush.

Huh? Don't listen to them? Weather like this?

A thunderclap followed after a flash of lightning.

"Who cares to get out in weather like this? How can I ask a pizza delivery for lunch in weather like this? Hmmm... it supposed to be hot and clear in June, right? Hmmm.. " mumbled Mrs Hagger while pressing a blue shirt of a customer.

Yeah, it's supposed to be sunny and clear, like the days before... before she made the strange call.
"Mrs Hagger... did you just say 'delivery'?" Rene started to feel some connections..

"Yeah, 1-800-... argh, I can't recall the number... why?"

"No.. erm.. nothing..." Rene responded with her flashy eye, because deep inside her heart, there's a big 'what if' hanging on...

What if.... what if I've just ordered a 'weather delivery'?

Rene's heart was beating real hard. She could feel her blood pulsing through her veins. Her lips slit to a mysterious smile -- weather delivery, what a cool stuff!

She reread Rain's message. Though there were still some unknowns about it, but she could pretty much get Rain's message.

Don't listen to them? Huh! How could you stop a hungry wolf to hunt for more?

"Mrs Hagger," Rene just couldn't hold her excitement, "Can I leave early today? I need to go to 76th Street.."

"No problem, what's in there?"

"A date, I guess." Rene's spirit of adventurous started to burn now, "I'm meeting people from delivery center over there.."

"Pizza delivery center?" Mrs Hagger finished pressing the blue shirt, "Oh very funny."

No Mrs Hagger, not pizza delivery center. It's WEATHER DELIVERY CENTER.