Episode 1: 3 days delay

Posted: Tuesday, June 3, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:

"I'm not sure whether you realize this, you are wet every time you come here..."

"..maybe because I'm rain." He smiled.

Yeah, just because you're rain. Rene stirred her latte, recalling the first conversation happened between her and Rain, while waiting for another day of disappointment to fill in.

It was the 3rd day Rene waited for Rain. And It was the first time Rene waited for a customer to come here and pick up his laundry. Well it was apparently abnormal because those who come to a launderette are responsible for picking up their own laundry, nobody cares to pick up for them.

Nobody cares to wait for them to come to pick up their own laundry.

The washing machines behind the counter were rumbling, so was Rene's state of mind.

"Things r alwayz like tis my dear, u got nothing when u anticipated, and it comes so naturally to u when u don't expect. Oh yeah BTW, I thought he's just ANOTHER customer of your launderette, why r u w8ing for him? Is he cute? *wink wink*" SMS reply from Ruby after Rene sent out her complaints to her roommate.

No, he's not. He's pale, and wet. Rene smirked at Ruby's SMS. You're right Ruby, not worth a wait at all.

Rene turned to a washing machine behind her which was just stopped spinning before her phone rang. Unknown number.


"What did the weather forecast say this morning?" it was Rain.

"It said, if rain doesn't come, storm will certainly ensue.."Rene tried to put up an emotionless tone.

"No seriously, please. What did the weather forecast say this morning?"

"I'm not sure... last night's version was mentioning another clear sunny day.. Hey, How did you get my number by the way?"

"..... sunny day?" Rain was obviously ignorant of her question, he was mumbling something about some system was out of control before he cleared his throat and said, "Hey can you do me a favor?"


"Go and get my jeans from my laundry, I think there's a piece of paper inside the pocket, and there's a number written on it, dial the number for me... OK got to go, I'll see you later after you've dialed it." Hung up.

There's a jean in Rain's laundry -- she certainly knows very well which laundry belonged to Rain, it was the one with at least 5 rain coats every time he sent in his laundry. And the paper she found from the jeans' pocket was severely crumpled. Rene had to make some effort before she could eventually unfold it and read the numbers on it.


It's not a normal number that you can dial. But that's not the main issue, because Rene was going to dial it anyway. The main issue here was, then what? Before she started to wonder what will actually happened, she received response from the other side of the line.

"You're late. 3 days late. We need to catch up the schedule now. Bye." Hung up.

Whada hell? Rene was stunned at the moment. So this number can actually call to somebody out there? And what was that? 8855526?

The sunny clear sky started to get dark. Rene could hear thunder roared from far. Wind started to bluster, rain started to pour.