Episode 7: Speechless

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"I understand how you feel.." Rain took a deep breath, then a long sigh.. A thunderclap from far was heard, but sounded like somebody's moaning, "I know it's hard to convince you," Rain continued, ".. I know it's hard to convince you with all these .... erm... "


"Yeah.. crap.. if you think so..." Rain sighed again, "..buy let me tell you what really happened.. ok?"

Rene adjusted her sitting position, crossed her leg and fold her arms in front of her chest -- an obvious defensive gesture that says "try me".

"It was my fault. I missed my schedule and when I needed to call them, my rain coats were with you.."

What a mouthful... Rene just couldn't hold her patience anymore. I even do not understand the very 1st sentence of your explanation, how am I going to be convinced?

Sighs. Long sighs, from both Rain and Rene. Rain's was filled with helplessness, Rene's was filled with sarcasm.

"OK.. the raincoats, let me explain the rain coats first. " Rain tried to compose his explanation into a very simplified version, "...it's our shield, I need to put them on every time I call ULAM, but not you human beings..."

Try harder Rain... if those rain coats are so important, why bother sending them to clean up here?

"Because they need to be electro-statically charged. Tumble drying them in your spin machine is the only way we found in this area to load electro-static charges...."

Rene did not have any comment. Rain's right about tumble dry and electro-static charges. She knew very well how those laundry made her hair stands when taking out from spin machine. But, so?

"So that we have enough electro static charges to send our message to ULAM -- the electro static charges are our power source, it is what we rely on to survive living on this planet. Especially when New ULAM is coming, we need more charges to standby fighting against them..."

Haha, now you sound like Star-Wars, mister. Rene still insisted that these were nothing to o with her.

"... And now they are coming, look at the horrible storm outside! It has been raining non-stop since.... wait a moment." Rain suddenly realized something. "Since when the rain stopped?" Rain looked straight to Rene, while reaching his messenger bag and ferreting in in.

It's a rain coat.

Rene was shocked she saw a Rain took out a rain coat and flipping it, checking something on the raincoat, and then his face turned pale, and fell down sitting on the floor out of a sudden.

Rene looked at Rain. A thunderclap from far, again, which sounded like moaning. What happened Rain?

"The coats.. the coats are not charged... they were not, they've never been charged..." Rain mumbled, "DID you handle my laundry all this while?" He starred straight to Rene, eye was about to pop out.

I did. I put them in the washing machine, but I don't handle spin machine...

"Then who does?"
Mrs. Hagger..
"Mrs. Hagger?" Rain paused for less than 1 seconds before he suddenly got to Rene and hold her shoulder, "Rene, I need you to tell me this, how well do you know Mrs Hagger?" Almost whispering, but Rene could feel Rain's shivering.

Rene was frightened. Not... not that well... I started to work here when Mrs Hagger first opened up this launderette.. it was about 2 months ago.... I ... I...

"Oh my God!..... Rene," Rain hold Rene's hand,"..run.."

"I guess my strategy just worked to open up the ONLY launderette in this little town for you, don't you think so, Rain?" Rene and Rain grasped while turning toward the silhouette at the entrance of the launderette.

".... Or shall I call you Keywell970?" When a lighting flashed on the silhouette, the saw the lady.

It was Mrs Hagger.