Episode 2: 3 Days later.

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“Wake up!! WAKE UP!!”
“I’ve been waiting a long time”
“For this moment to come”
“I’m destined for anything at all…”
“Dumbstruck calling me stupid”
“Good luck you gonna need… Pik”

Ah damn...

As much as Rain likes THAT song to wake him up every morning, it sure is a torment sometimes.

Sigh. What time issit now? Ah crap I’m late!!

Rain takes a quick shower, put on his favorite black t-shirt and peeking out the window.

Great. It supposed to be clear, sunny day today.

Grabbing his raincoat his own his way to…


“OUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCHHHHHH!! Are you out of your freaking mind??” Rene screams her lungs out when Ruby pull both of her ears trying to wake her up.

“I tried to wake you up for the seventh time! And you are gonna be late for your train to work, up! UP!”

Bitch. Scowling, Rene drags her ass to shower.

When she was out of shower, Ruby was already at the door making her way out. Glancing at the table, there was breakfast with a note.

“YOUR Rain might as well pick up his laundry today! Goodluck! *Wink*”

CUTE bitch. Smiling, Rene has her breakfast while peeking out the window.

Oh darn, it’s raining. Rene doesn’t know why she’s smiling although she knows that she’s gonna be late...

and soaked wet.


“Kling… Klingg!!”

Rain steps inside the launderette.

Where is she??

“Err.. excuse me, I’m here to pick up my laundry, ID 88556, please.”

Mrs Hagger, owner of the shop turns around to face her customer.

“Sure. Wait please.”

“Do you mind me asking where is the girl… erm… this tall… who always had lotsa bangles… and…”

“You mean Rene?”

“Yes, yes. She is not working today?”

Dammit, is she alright?? I shouldn’t have made her dial...

“She usually in and she hadn’t told me if she wants to call it off today. Perhaps the rain is delaying her.”

“Ah well, thanks.”


Goddammit. What did I do today to experience one hour delay of train?? Sigh. Rene is running as her attempt to not to get wet and to not to be late.

But failed. Miserably.

Hey, that guy look familiar… is that Rain? RAIN??? OMG! But by the time Rene trying to catch up, Rain had gone. In the midst of the crowd. In the midst of the rain.

Bummer. And he supposed to call me yesterday to explain the odd number.

Rene had been up all night yesterday trying to crack the mystery. The Nancy-Drew instinct in her suggests that she should dig into the matter and try to call back again the number. But the more-sensible instinct in her suggests that she should just tell Rain about everything.

If it’s important why would he wanted ME to dial it? I mean, is he THAT mean to involve a stranger in his "dangerous" matter? But wait. What if the "dangerous" matter has something to do with me?? And how the hell he got my number??

“Aaaa!” Rene startled as her phone rings. The unknown number.

“Meet us at 76 street West End Avenue, three days from today at 11pm. Sharp.”

The voice hung up.

Oh my God, what is going on?!


Only then, Rene realizes she had hit the launderette door.