Episode 4: Fluky Mistake

Posted: Saturday, June 7, 2008 by RS. in Labels:

“Meet us at 76 street West End Avenue, three days from today at 11pm. Sharp.”

The unknown lady voice of the unknown number seems to haunt Rene as she continues wondering what the connection between the odd number and weather is.

The voice sounded familiar, but… She is on her way to 76 Street. Thinking that she still has 3 days before the meeting, she’d check out the “delivery” place first.

The streets are getting darker and quieter as she goes on. She seems to be walking away from the crowd, away from the noisy background. Taking off her iPod she needs to listen to her surrounding…

for caution.

What is this place?

“Is someone ther?” Her reluctant voice echoed within the empty street. For once she felt like someone is following her, watching her.

I swear to God, I heard someone. Okay this might not be the smartest move. Thought Rene, but still she went on the dark street trying to figure out what kinda place it is.

Rene went into an aged building which stood proudly opposite her. The place is evidently abandon with rats wondering every here and there.

Eeuww. This does look like an old research center or lab or something.


“Who’s there??!” grasped Rene.

What the hell is wrong with me getting all jumpy like this! It’s prolly just rats. Note Rene to herself, hoping to calm her senses. She went upstairs of the building and found herself stood in amazed in fronna huge window looking out to the city.


Tijb, tijb, tijb.

Isn’t that the sounds of footsteps? Rene heard something, but she wouldn’t dare to look back.

Tijb, tijb, tijb, TIJB.

Wet footsteps? The sound gets closer and closer. And Rene can’t move. Seems that all her legs muscle just die. She felt like her feet were glued to the floor. Or it’s more like she wouldn’t dare to move a muscle.

Tijb, tijb, tijb, TIJB, TIJB. The sound gets louder and louder.

Then, dead silence. The sound seems to stop on its own.

OKAY think. Think! Oh… the reflection! Rene tried to catch a figure from whatever that making such noise behind her from the reflection of the old window. And from there she saw…

Rene let out a lil squeal as her handphone rings.

“Hello” Rain answered.

Rene glanced again at the window to check if the figure is still there…

but it’s gone. Dammit.

“Hello, helloooo, I can’t hear you, speak up!” Rene went closer to the window, trying to get a better reception for the conversation.

“Hellooo did you get my message?” Rain asked.
“Are you ther? Yes, I did get your message. Hey what’s going on? Hello??”
“Hey you are breaking up. Your voice is not clear. Hello?? Where are you??”
“Yes, yes, I can hear you now. What’s up?!”
“Listen I need you to call the number again. Can you hear me?”
“Yes I can. But didn’t you say to forget about it?”
“I know but something came up, and I need your help again. The number is 8855526.”
“Come again, you’re breaking up too!”

Rain hung up.


Something’s broken. By this time, Rene thought it’s only wise to leave the place. She quickly went downstairs and out of the building. She’s running to get out of the street and at the same time, trying to dial the odd number again.

Dammit, why doesn’t this number connect?? Is Rain making fun of me??

Rene stopped for a breather when she reached the crowded street again. She checked out her handphone to see if she dialed the correct number.

Oh my God.

No wonder the number didn’t get connected. Instead of dialing it, Rene was mistaken to type the number for texting.

88-555-2-6 spelled ULAM.

So no, Rain is not making a fool out of her.