Episode 6: Silenced.

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"Hey!! Hey!! Rene!! RENE!!"

Rene woke up with a grasp. Panting. Cold sweat running down her face.

What the hell happened?

“What is going on? You were found lying on the street!”

Is this a hospital?

“You seemed to be struggling just now; I had to wake you up. Are okay? Here, drink some water”

It’s ALL a fucking dream?? But it seems to be so fucking real! Thought Rene. She angrily took the cup from Ruby’s hand.

“You said something about ULAM…”

ULAM.. shit. As if the word brought all her senses back to her, Rene gets out of the sick bed and looking for her handphone.

Where is it dammit??

“Hey where are you going? You supposed to be warded… atleast until… Rene, listen to me!” begged Ruby but Rene is already out of the room.

I’m gonna get that son of a bitch. Rene was walking fast; almost running to… she didn’t know where.

But it COULD be real. I mean, alien always have this telepathic way of communicating. IF he is one, he surely can penetrate into my dream. And without a doubt he surely can know that I WAS at the 76 street. ANNNDDD now there’s there no mistake of how he got my number!

Rene kept on walking. She’s too busy in her thoughts that she didn’t realize where her feet took her. Not that she care.

But it doesn’t make any sense at all. What is Rain trying to tell me! New Ulam, weather delivery, strange lab with huge window and now aliens?? HAHAHAHAHA comon!!! As she laughed by herself, Rene noticed few heads turned to her.

WHAT? What are you looking at? Do I look crazy to you?! Mind your own shit!


A car missed Rene by an inch. Only then, Rene realized that her feet brought her to the launderette.

Fuck you, drunkard. Rene couldn’t seem to calm herself. She’s so angry, tired, confused and blank with no idea of what was going on. Everything seems to be a little too much for her to digest at one time.

And of all places… why do I go here in the first place? Although her heart and mind didn’t agree with her actions, she still pushed the launderette door to come in.

Kling, kling!

Hmm? Eh? Where is Mrs Hagger. She should be here. It’s only 8:30pm. And why issit darn quiet in here? Rene wondered around the launderette trying to find her employer, trying to find if everything is fine. Rene found it weird that Mrs Hagger left the place unattended.

Suddenly the lights went off.

Oh crap! What now?! Finding her way out of the launderette, she bumped herself on the counter and fell over a chair.

“Who’s there?!” a voice from the back room shouted.

Unable to get up quickly, she was caught. Then the light went back on.

“Oh it was you.” Rain appeared from the back.

At this point of time, Rene couldn’t believe her eyes. She lost of words to say.

Now what?? He MADE me come here? With is freaky alien superpower?? Rene whispered to herself.

Hey we really need to talk. Rene was not sure if that tone is serious enough to make Rain realized how bad the situation Rain had put her in.

“Come let me help you up.” Rain helped Rene to the waiting seats beside the coffee maker.

Oh, there you go, trying pretending to give me sweets before the poison. And where is Mrs Hagger? Is she really okay?? Darn I feel dizzy. With a thank you nod, Rene tucked her hair behind her ears as Rain passed her a fresh brewed coffee with aspirin.

“Mrs Hagger was out. She was pissed off before she got out - getting a pizza. And she asked me before she left to fix the light bulb.” Rain explained.

The launderette appears to be quieter than usual. The two of them sat opposite to each other. Awkwardness seems like a heavy fume filling the air. Only the smell of brewed Brazilian coffee able to ease the atmosphere.

Wait. HOW did he know I’d do with a couple of aspirin for my headache?? Rene puzzled.

No way.

“Everything is possible nowadays.” Rain’s tone was soft, trying to calm Rene for her astonishment.

“Aak… hmm… aa” Rene cleared her throat trying to say something. Grasping in disbelief!

“Hey it’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. You need to rest.” comfort Rain.

“Ehheemm… aakk erm ai…” Rene tried again. But this time, she knew it.

She lost her voice.

You’ve gotta be kidding me!!! You took away my voice?!! Rene stood up. Pushing away the cup of coffee Rain made her.

“Listen, I need to know if you won’t tell it to anyone. I mean ANYONE. Did you get me?? I will surely return it to you when I know, I can really trust you.” Rain hold both of Rene arms, trying to both calming her and to ensure that Rene understood everything that he said.

Is THIS guy... thing.. or whatever THINKS that he CANNOT trust me?? I'm THE ONE who can NEVER trust him!! Rene was thinking to herself knowing that it'd still be known to Rain, no matter how.

Feeling helpless, Rene just stared at Rain cluelessly.