Episode 8: An Unexpected Turn

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As much as Rene wanted to shout, she thought about it calmly, knowing that she need not to say it out loud. Quickly, Rain dragged Rene to the back room.


The lights went out. Rain thought it would be safer this way.

“HAHAHHA Do you actually think you can run away with little Ms Rene??” Mrs Hagger's evil voice seems to echo in the launderette.

I know the way out. Quietly, Rene led Rain to the back door.

“There’s nothing you can do Keywell. So you tried to inform the Ulam about the New Ulam project?” Mrs Hagger reckoned, almost screaming her lungs out.

“You wont succeed” She added.

Through the darkness Rene and Rain was being careful not to knock on anything. They moved slowly and quietly. At the same time, they could listen to Mrs Hagger’s confident pace.

“Fuck. She must have locked the whole shop”, Said Rain trying to be calm.

Hey are you alright? Rene thought Rain’s voice was faint and it was as if he’s talking so far away from her. She looked around the dark shop with all her might and struggling to feel the floor to find something that could be use to open the door.

Oh shit. Can’t YOU use your psychic power or something? Rene desperately needed help and Rain was the only hope she got.

Ah, of course. Rene took the hairpin off her hair and started to work on the door knob.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Where are youuuuuuu, you two cute little mice?” Mrs Hagger voice was getting creepier and closer. Rene could have sworn for once she felt that Mrs Hagger was actually besides her.


The door snapped open.

ALRIGHT! Rene thought in relief with a hint of hope mixed with fear. But when Rene turned to grab Rain’s hand,

Rain was not there.

No way. Looking up Rene saw Mrs Hagger held the weakening Rain in her arm. All of a sudden she thought that she didn’t recognize Mrs Hagger at all.

She looked almost evil.

“Hmmm... run… mmm… Rene…” Rene could see how Rain was struggling, panting.

How could I??? LET HIM GO!!! Thinking that Mrs Hagger could read her mind like Rain, she insisted.

“It won’t… work… hmm… just… go.” Rain sounded weaker than earlier.

“Ah I see, telepathic. How cute. Yes RUN RENE. Let’s see if she can…” Mrs Hagger grinned.

Rene tried to move her legs, but it was as if they were cemented into the floor. And suddenly she felt a strong sting in her brain.

AAAAAaaargh. Rene thought that her brain is going to burst! Mrs Hagger was trying to penetrate to her mind.

“STOP! Stop. She.. has.. nothing to do… with this. JUST TAKE ME!” Rain trying to sound as strong as he could.

“Ah I see. Trying to be a hero Keywell? Let’s see if you can do anything about… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrghhh!!”

A strong bright light suddenly approaching and went straight to Mrs Hagger’s head. Rain was released, Rene fell on the floor, fainted.

“oh my God! I notice that something is wrong… and I tried to… are you guys OK???”

“Yeah… Mrs Hagger I mean Hagnex170… use the anti-static fiber to neutralize all my power. I can’t hardly… breathe now”

“Let’s get out of here to somewhere safe first”

“Hey… thanks… Ruby”