Episode 7: Silence of The Night

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She ran.

For ten years she had been running. So there’s nothing new there.

But today, today she ran because someone precious to her was endangered. She thought that if she left her to him, he would protect her, he promised her that. She shouldn’t trust him. Not after all that had happened. But she did. And she saw what a fool she had been.

So she ran.

Faster and faster, through the winds and the trees. And the skyscrapers and the towns that never sleep. She ran with all her might. Holding her treasured chest close to her heart.


“You are saying that… Hubba is not a Kuuns? How is that possible?!” He still couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“Yes, he’s not. If he is, I should be dead by now. But I’m not. I’m still alive, am I?” she poked the heart of the fire with the end of the stick, little fire sparks reflected in her eyes. Knees drawn to her chest, she continued poking.

“No, wait, wait… This is confusing as hell. Hubba is not a Kuuns but is the leader of Kuuns, you are a daughter of Kuuns that can’t be seen by the non-Kuuns and half-Kuuns, but-but here comes another question, how could you tribesmen can see each other? I mean, there’s a mix of half-Kuuns and Kuuns in there, but how did they manage to interact? Maybe that could answer the question of why your beloved daddy couldn’t kill you. And why only you, that are hidden from the half breed? Can your friends see you?”

Then she laughed. She laughed and laughed and laughed.

She laughed till her laughter scared Welf. Till her laughter is the only sound he heard, cutting through the silence of the night, ringing in his ears. Until there’s an old, ancient fear clutched his heart.

And stopped.

She turned towards him, looking at him solemnly, and smiled. Showing the whiteness of her small perfect teeth, with a pair of cold, dead eyes staring at him.

“No, I have no friends. My daddy had them and their families imprisoned in the dungeons, for the sole reason of befriending me. They cursed me every time I came for a visit. Spat in my face. Looked at me in fury and contempt. Called me the devil’s child, hell spawn. So no, I have no friends.”

“You, umm… you could just answer without doing that creepy laughter thing… you know? It creeped the hell out of me…” He gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

Kella laughed. This time her laughter was as clear as golden bell, had a nice ring to it. A laughter that told him that everything would be alright, because she’s there. She will be his sunshine.

“Haha! You’re funny, Welf!” she laughed till it hurt her stomach.

"So, umm... who's your real dad then?"


She stopped in her track, and smelled the air.

“Blood… of a brother…”