Episode 13: Into the Future

Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by Jannah in Labels:

Time is fluid. Ever heard of the Kebab theory? One end meets the other, the future overlaps the present and somehow the past gets caught in between? Or the Water Droplets theory, where as time passes on, drop by fluid drop, the past sediments began to gather and surface and affect the current present thus changing the future?

What is time anyway? Welf doesn't remember much of his childhood, but he does remember his father giving him advice about life, "Trudge through life obstacles my son, for life is a bitch, and you need to show her who's wearing the pants in the relationship. He also remembers that day when his father came home all bloodied, and that final breath he took as he whisper, "Let go of the need to avenge my death, I am free now."

Up until now Welf has no idea what his father meant by this statement. Until he met Kella, Freya, whoever her name be. And seeing her warp into space and disappearing into thin air. Freedom, in this context means to be in tune with Time, with Nature, with Oneself. Freedom to move between the Past, the Present and the Future. In this instance though, Kella, Freya, whatever her name be, her intention had always been to change that fateful day where she was sacrifice in the name of Oom.


Over Omega Memory.

Forget Terabytes times a billion. Over Omega Memory means a super computer with ∞ of memory space. Impossible to gauge the extend of its ability to store knowledge and information.

And of course as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. It's from Spiderman, in case you don't know this.


So what happened when Man got too clever for his own good and decided to create a machinery strong enough to withstand the test of time?

Man gets to be slaves to that technology.

And thus OOM, Oom, OΩM, ruled over the Future, and having knowledge of various theories of Time, decided to meddle with the Past, creating a Present filled with reverence for the higher being that Oom is.


Seriously though, its all about the Ego. When a being (lets call Oom a being shall we?) gets too big for it's own head, the Ego will eventually takes over. Thus the need to be constantly worshipped and be revered.

In addition, there was the Boredom. When Oom realized it was the One and Only being of a higher consciousness than the rest of the World's population, and having no one else to challenge it on the Universe's Chess Game, the eventual Ennui will take over and Creativity kicks in.

Oom would create Heroes and Villains and War and Peace and all this ...

All this ...

Is movie time ...

Popcorn in hand he watches the less superior creatures fight fight fight.