Episode 6: Legend has it

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Once upon a time, legend has it, there were Kuun and Omah, two tribes that were given the responsibility to safe guard the land.

The safe-guarding task was split into 2 time frames according to the moon phases:

The Kuuns will be responsible towards the land starting from a new moon to waxing crescent to first quarter moon to waxing gibbous moon to full moon;

meanwhile the Omah will take over the task from the Kuuns, continuing safe guard the wealth and the richness of the land, from full moon to waning gibbous moon to last quarter moon to waning crescent to the rise of new moon.

The Kuuns was given the 'Ula, a bronze plate. Omah was given La'am, a golden spoon. The two items that hold the secret of the land, which only the future can tell...


Welf escaped from the battle, carrying Kella's body.

The little body was light -- weightless, in a way. But Welf did not have much time to figure out. He needed to run, away from the Kuuns...

... away from Kuuns so that he would have ample time to look at Kella's condition -- he still believe Kella shouldn't die just like that.. what have I done? what have I done?

The night was clear. The Gibbous moon started to wane into her next phase. According to the ancient story, the phases from full moon to the next new moon, was the period of time where the Omah tribe rules the land...


Legend has it, even in the song, the tribes sang it:

"Rise up, O-mother.. by thy lights glowing, thy sons meet where the shadows fade..."

Both Kuuns and Omah are the sons of the moon.. and it's when the full moon rises, the hand-over of the land from Kuuns to Omah, would be held in a ritual under the big, bright full moon.

In the solemn ceremony, both 'Ula and La'am will be merged, presented in front of the great O'om, under the witness of everyone from Kuuns and Omah, the vision of the next half lunation will be revealed, and the elders from both tribe will discuss if the vision unraveled signs of disasters..

..but ..

the biggest problem was.. the song only tells the time when Kuuns should hand the land over to Omah..

... when should be the time where Omah hand the land over to the Kuuns? Of course it supposed to be the next rise of new moon...

..but legend never has it..


Making sure the Kuuns did not come after him, Welf hided himself in a dark cold cave somewhere in the jungle.

He put down Kella's body, covered her with his jacket, and started to set up fire using the dry woods he found around.

When the tiny spark started to burn into flames and into fire and into warmth and into light, somebody tapped Welf's shoulder.

It's Kella.


The land has to be safeguarded, because it belongs to the moon.

The ancient folks held firmly to the faith, until the faith loosened and drowned into the sea of greed towards power, the concept of 'safe-guarding' became 'ruling';

and two brothers, tow sons of the Moon, became enemies.

Realizing the devastating consequences, the elders of both tribe held the first Council of Elders, and decided to hide 'Ula and La'am and only the most powerful elders in each tribe knew where the items were hidden.

Since the break-up of two brother tribes, war ensued, throughout thousands of years. The Omah claimed that the land is handed over to them by the Kuuns, and according to what legend said, The Omah does not have to return it to the Kuuns.

.. and the Kuuns claimed their right towards the land, at the same time questioning about the Omah's ability to own the land..

...because safe-guarding or ruling or owning the land, the tribe needs to be able to present in two worlds..


"Kella...??!!!" Welf was obviously shocked, "I thought you were.. dead..?.. I mean.. are you alrigh?"

Silence. Kella was only starring at him.

"Kell...?" Welf waved his hand in front of Kella's eye, but Kella did not blink.

".... no wonder......" the first words came out from Kella's mouth after her.. erm.. death..
"..no wonder...... " Kella looked at Welf, "no wonder some of my tribe people did not respond to my question all these while....."
"I thought they didn't want to respond just because they were trying to avoid my question about my mum..... .... "
".. and now I understand..." Kella looked at her palms, ".. they did not even see me...."
"..... Do you see me? Welf?" Kella turned to Welf.
"I...I ... I... aye.. yeah.. I saw you.. I mean I see you... " now Welf was panic.
"..but why?" Kella seemed confused, "..but why some of my tribe people can see me and some cannot, and why you can see me?"
"OK Kella you freaked me out! Stop it!" Welf recomposed himself, "..tell me what's going on! You were dead, killed by your own father!!"

"No.. "Kella looked straight to Welf, "I'm a Kuuns. I won't die, the legend has --- " then she paused.


Again, the legend has it, and the song sang it.. :

"Rise up, O-mother.. by thy lights glowing, thy sons meet where the shadows fade..."

--- where the shadows fade --- because only in the spot where the shadows of human-being fade, their eye can make contact to the creature from another world -- the ghost, or more precisely, in this case,

The Kuuns.

Troughout thousands years, or more, the Kuuns and Omah the human-being, live together on the land, but in different worlds. The only time when they can see each other, is when the full moon rises, where the moonlit spreads so evenly and no shadows would be seen, not even the shadow of the earth.

..and there are half-Kuuns, live as a messenger among the Kuuns, to carry the message to the Omah. Half-Kuuns can only see Kuuns under certain circumstances, like being granted permission by the Kuuns,

..or the permission was forced to be granted...


"Kella..?" seeing Kella frozen suddenly made Welf panic again, "... the legend has -- -- what?"

"Welf," Kella reacted, "we've got three puzzles to solve but I think I knew the 1st answer..."


"Puzzle number 1, why can you -- being a human-being -- see me when it is not full moon?" Kella looked up and saw the almost-last quarter moon, "So you're the ONE! Affirmative!"

"The One?" Welf was puzzled.

"puzzle number 2," Kella put her hand behind and walked like an old wiser, "the legend has it... a Kuuns will only die when he's killed by another Kuun.... now you see the point?"

"...er..... so that's why you are not dead because --- OMG!!!! ---- "

Kella nodded, with a serious tone, "... my father, the current Kuuns' leader, Hubba," Kella took a deep breath..

".... is not a Kuuns!" Welf continued her sentence with an upcoming question in his head, "...but.... how could he see all of the Kuuns?"

"..That's the third puzzle....." Kella sat down beside the fire, "..which I don't know the answer at all...."

silence ensued, with a deepest fear of unknown smeared into the bottom of their heart.