Episode 1: Where the shadows fade..

Posted: Thursday, April 1, 2010 by SpidEy d'lEfty in Labels:

... they did not free me... I ran away.

I sneaked out, and ran away...


The train was grumbling somewhere in the distance. The moon was so bright, ensuring the silhouette of everything that tried to hide under the curtain of darkness, revealed.

But the moon light did not reveal him.

Welf had been hiding in this abandoned train station for 3 nights, waiting for tonight, the night with the big bright moon.

"....Rise up, O-mother.. by thy lights glowing, thy sons meet where the shadows fade..." He repeated the ancient song, a song that every boys in the tribe were taught to remember by heart. Welf'd never had any idea about the meaning of the song then, but now he could feel his heart's pumping fast when seeing the big bright moon raising in front of him...

....Thy sons meet where the shadows fade -- Tonight is the night. Welf whispered to himself. A late night train approaching. The rumble piercing the silence of the darkness. The silhouette of the train turn bigger and bigger, like a monster making every shadows shiver...


"... they did not free me... I ran away. ..I sneaked out.. and---" -- and almost immediately the burning whip slashed his body, again.

"Let me make my points clear, Welf.." Egle grabbed Welf's hair and looked straight into his tired eye,

"... first, I really don't care how you got out from there, what I care is that little piece of bronze plate called 'Ula.. and that's why we sent you there, and I'm not sure you still remember..."

Egle walked towards the crowd, holding the control towards the attention from his tribe, continued,

"... second, the hope of our tribe, the faith, the legacy, the golden spoon -- the La'am, is the key to unveil the prophecy of our old men.... and my father gave it to you because he trusted you... " Egle turned to Welf, "... but now it's obvious -- you were captured by the Kunns and you traded your freedom with our precious La'am...."

Egle's raised up his voice to make his statement firm and solid, enough to trigger the crowd's emotion.
"No!!" Welf protested, ".. I did not trade that!!" Welf shouted out his last strength to get the crowd to listen, "The La'am was still with me when I sneaked out... it was a trap!! There's no such thing called 'Ula --- Aaaaaaaaarrgghhhhh!! " A slash on his back, and the burning pain flushed up and out of a sudden Welf felt dizzy and weak...

He looked around and struggled for the final chance of staying awaken, the last thing he saw was the gibbous moon above the crowd...

Gibbous moon... Thy sons meet where the shadows fade... -- Welf knew he'd had figured out something already... but his body and his consciousness just went off.

Welf collapsed.