Episode 12: Oom

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"Meow!!" the little cat jumped off from her body when she suddenly sat up.

She was sweating. Her heart was pumping fast.

The same dream again. But this time she's dead, stabbing her own heart with a knife given by a lady who she doesn't know. The whole scene is like an ending of her weird dream since three days ago, but it was also hinting something about herself.

Outside the window, there's a big bright moon.

She looked at the digital clock beside her bed. 0100hr. 27 April, 2017.

Argh.. she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down -- it's just a dream, it's just a dream -- "BEEP!!" a harsh buzzer pierced through the silence of the midnight, gave he ra great shock.

It was her phone. One text message had just dropped in:

"Hppy b'day to u, Hppy b'day to u, Hppy b'day to Kella, Hppy b'day to u!! Love you always, even you grow older now!! XOXO"


The last time Omah and Kuuns, the sons of the moon, gathered under her big calm moonlit in peace, was like few hundreds years ago.. and It was also the last time when the last prophecy was revealed.

.. and it was always the last time Oom was summoned.

The last prophecy depicted exactly what happened few hundreds years after that -- a scene of brothers killing each others; a scene of blood and greed, of tears and fear; a scene of her sons loosing faith to her guidance; a scene of betrayal; a scene of the holy moonlit stained by the dead..

... and after revealing the shocking prophecy, Oom, for her very first time, fell into silence when one of the elder from the council asked for the solution.

For a while, up to the wait that enough to make those ordinary people loose their patience and started to make low frequency noises, Oom opened her mouth and said,

" ... Nih kene bawa balik semue nih... "

Of course nobody understood.


Keisha kneed down in front of the combined Ula' and La'am. She started to cast the spell....

Clouds moved towards the big moon, filtering the moonlit and the whole world appeared in blue colour. Everybody started to feel weak when the blue moonlit creeped onto each and everyone's body.

Weapons dropped, everyone except the dead, fell on their knee.

Strong wind blows but without any particular directions -- it's more like a blowing machine blows from above. Nobody dared to raise their head and try to have a peep.

Everybody kept their head down, except Welf. Hence he witnessed this tiny white old lady walking down staircases extended from 'the moon'.

-- 'White' here refers to her white hair, fair skin tone, and the white costume she was wearing --
-- Oom's here.


"Thank you my dear..." Kella replied the text messages she received, "..but it was not a good start for my big day.. the dream haunts me again... :( " sent.

"The dream tat u followed a cute guy then you got killed then the cute guy gave u CPR then u got alive? LOL!! What's so haunting?"

"The haunting part is, this time I got killed again.. I mean I poked my own chest and --- argh... crap! Today's supposed to be my birthday, not dead-day... :( " sent.

"Haha.. Chill Kel!! So what's your plan today?"

"Plan? It's 1 am my dear..." sent.

"Cool what? 1 at the middle of the night, where the shadow fades.. wink wink.."

"Haha.. yeah right. BTW hey how do you know the song in my dream, Wolfy?" sent -- and paused -- wait -- out of a sudden Kella's back was struck by chilled air.

No way -- --

She suddenly remembered the face of Welf in her dream -- minus the goat beard and the sideburn, Wolfy is Welf.


Sometime people tend to simplify things just because they have limitation in perceiving something out of their knowledge.

Like people tend to call a human-like creature a 'ghost' just because the human-like creature doesn't have the full 'specification' of a normal human being.

To be very specific, Kuuns are not ghost. They are plain human-being that exist in different dimension. Dimension of time, and space.

You don't understand? Ok let's resume calling Kuuns a group of 'ghosts'.


Once stepped on the ground from the staircases, Oom pointed to Welf and said,

"Awak bawa tak remote control?"

The world turned back to how it was before Oom arrived, except the Kuuns and Omahs, they were so frightened and kneed on and kept their head down. Nobody understood what Oom has said, except Welf.

"I don't know what's that, I don't have.." Welf answered, at the same he was confused by himself for being able to understand the weird language that come out from Oom's mouth.

"Keisha," Oom turned to the her assistant, ".. bring Kella here, we'll send her back first, before things get worse..... aduh sample-sample nih makin rosak nih..." Oom started to nag like an old lady while watching Keisha bringing Kella's body to her.

Weld heard Oom's word. He understood each of the word from her mouth but he just couldn't comprehend.

Sample? Rotting sample? Who? Kuuns? Omah? Both? Why I can understand her word? Who is she? Who am I?

Welf started to get headache.


"Wolfy?" Kella decided to call to clear things up.

"Haha.. guess you've got it -- now call me Welf, Kella." Wolfy, or Welf laughed out loud.

"... What's this? Wolf.. Welf? What's going on?"

"I brought you back, Kella. You were the first Kuuns to be brought back from the experiment. And for the fact that you bear both Kuuns and Omah's blood, you are able to keep the memory..." Welf laughed again. He seemed to be very happy about this.

"..wait wait wait.... Welf.. ... what memory? what experiment? what's the Kuuns and Omah? what all these craps are about? and stop laughing like jelly fish!!"

".. jelly fish? hahahaha!! -- alright alright.. let's meet up, shall we? I'll explain everything to you, my dear."