Episode 10: The Punisher

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Are you really reading this?

Yes, I am.

You’ll be under my control, soon.

No, I’m not. I’ll be the one who holds the power. I’ll be the one who controls you.

That’s what you think. You won’t have the power without me.

And both of us won’t have the power if we don’t have that golden spoon.

So, what are you waiting for? It has been three days since he left. It is time.


We need to get to them before the full Moon. Get going.


Now, who’s controlling who?

Curse you!


“The traitor is near. I can almost smell him,” his voice was sharp. Authoritative.

Egle has been leading his cavalry of twenty men looking for Welf. They have been following the rail track, knowing that it will bring them to the settlement of the Kunns. The place they thought Welf would be.

“Remember men. We can only see the Kunn under the shadow of the moonlight... Don’t let your guard down.”

“But if we see them, what should we do? It’s not like we can kill them... nor can they kill us”

Yes, the legend has it that a Kunn can only be killed by another Kunn. And Kunn can never kill an Omah.

But legends are legends because they don’t tell the whole story. The truth is either twisted or half of it is hidden as to make the story more interesting or more mystical or more heroic. or more jutaria (wtf?).

“The Kunns may alert the traitor of our arrival. We must capture them before they do.”

“How do we catch a ghost?” Ghostbusters?

“Bleed your hands. Our blood-stained flesh can touch them. We can capture them. My whips can tie them in place.”

“Do we have to bleed our hands? And how would your whip contained them?”



“That’s your answer. Any other question? And stop whining!”

And so, twenty one men bled themselves.


It is a sacred tool.

It has been passed down to him by his father along with the responsibility to make sure his clansmen fall in line. It is not a pleasant job.

He has endured the pain caused by it when he was growing up. It has bruised him, leaving scars as reminders of his responsibility. It has toughened him, leaving no soft spot, even for a friend.

At least, that’s what he thought until two nights ago.

He was unsure which one was more painful – whipping his best friend, or the knowledge of his best friend becoming a traitor.

But it was his responsibility. He must put the survival of his clan before anything else.

He must punish the sinners.

Treason is the worst sin.


That was brilliant.

What was?

Convincing the punisher that the guardian’s son was a traitor.

Had to. Part of the plan. But I never thought the guardian’s son would have lost the spoon.

I told you to get it from him earlier.

Not that I tried. I was too busy trying to get to you. And hiding you was not easy!

But you hid me well. How many did you killed? Ten? Twenty? Your best friend?

Shut up. We’re almost there.


It is near.

“Who? Wait? Who was that?”

It’s me.

“Where are you? Show yourself!”

I’m in your pocket.

“Whoa? What?”

Yes. You can hear me. It is time. It is near. No. They are near!

“Who? Who are they?”


Kella and Keisha were too lost in their emotions to notice.

p/s: Tengok list empat episod akan datang, takde pun nama aku... nampak macam nak suruh aku tulis final episod je. Boss, if you're reading this, I'm not writing the final episode. :p