Episode 5: Killings

Posted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010 by Jannah in Labels:

Why me? Why do I have to be the One?

Why can’t I be the bad guy? The one who trades his soul to the devil for glory on Earth. The evil incarnate capable of death and destruction.

Because your father didn’t teach you to be evil Welf. Men with cute names like Welf are suppose to be the hero. The savior of mankind. The bearer of hope.

Yada da did a.

And now I’m stuck with a child, trailing my every move. I tried the old diversion trick but apparently this kid has hound’s blood or something because she showed up in front of me as I was about to sit down and have a quiet rest under this tree.

Kella, that’s your name right?

Yes, I believe so. My father calls me by that name. But I remember being called Freya by someone. I think it was my mother.

Hah. Fancy that. So Kella, or Freya, whichever name you choose to be called, I am about to be on this journey of self discovery and you being here with me will only cramped my style. Plus I might get questions by the authorities here on the count of you being a minor and I’m not a relative of yours. So why not you be a darling and go home to your tribe at this very instance huh?

Look here mister. I need to find my mother. End of story.

So here we are walking down the road when suddenly…


Release my daughter you twisted sick man!!!


The Kuun’s leader, Kella, Freya, whoever she is, father, in front of me, in the flesh. The man who has the bronze plate 'Ula needed to appease the great O’om into revealing the prophecy.

The prophecy needed to save MY tribe.


Now you wait here old man. I never did ask your daughter to come along on my journey of self discovery (do I have to repeat saying this, sounds so Gleeish) for she was the one following me.

Hah! It’s a trap you see. I allowed my daughter to leave the Kuuns so that she would leave tracks for US to follow. Hahahahahaha.

Daddy how could you! You used me!

Shut up Kella! This is none of your business. Now come here to me. Father needs to bleed this Welf man dry!


No I won't!


So there I was minding my own killings. Bleeding the Kuuns dry. Sword swishing and gutting them clean, when Kella, or Freya, whatever her name be, jumps right in front of me to stop her father from delivering a fatal blow on my head.

I cradled her in my arms as I feel her final breath comes out. No teardrops falling on my face (hey I barely knew the kid anyway) when I heard her final whisper,

You do know you're the One right?


Back to square one again.