Episode 4: 'Ula be Cursed

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Motionless. His eyes fixed on the bronze plate. Unblinking.

“Curse you!” he mumbled.

No one knew he has the ‘Ula. Those who ever saw the bronze plate in his possession, never get to see it again for the second time. Not just the ‘Ula. They will never see anything again. Ever.

He makes sure of it.

“Curse you!”


He turned his head and saw her, but she quickly turned away. Pretending to look at the street peddlers.

He walked a few more steps, stopped and turned his head again. She was still about twenty meters behind him, pretending to look at another direction.

This girl is stubborn, he thought. She has been following him from the train station. He sternly said no when she asked to tag along. He refused despite her pleading.

He remembered her secret visits while he was imprisoned by her clansmen just to talk quietly to him, asking him this and that, telling him about everything even when he just kept quiet, never talking back. Although he was somewhat thankful that she brought back the La’am, he will not allow her to follow him in his journey. It will be dangerous. She will be a burden.

Suddenly, he turned his whole body around, facing her direction. She pretended not to notice. He was looking towards her direction, but not at her. He was looking at something behind her, intensely.

His eyes widened.

At this point, she could no longer pretend and quickly turned her head to see what was Welf looking at.


She turned his head back towards him and he was no longer there.


“WHAT? You allow that traitor to run away?” Egle shouted at Bea.

Bea remained silent.

“For all we know, he might have conspired with the Kunns to destroy our clan using the ‘Ula and the La’am!” Egle continued his rage.

“No...” Bea’s voice was almost inaudible.

“No? What do you mean no? You know his resentment towards the clan since his father died. He still blames us for Pol’s death! And now he wants revenge!”

“No... he is not one who is revengeful... I know him...”

“You know him? Are you sure you know him? Then, you would have foreseen his treachery!”

Bea did not respond. His eyes seemed to wonder away into deep thoughts.

“If it’s not for your status in this clan, I would have thrown you in prison for helping the traitor!” Egle hissed, before dashing out from the chamber.

“Gather the men. We’re going traitor hunting!” he ordered.

“Curse him...” he muttered through clenched teeth.

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