Episode 8: F*ck!!!!

Posted: Monday, April 21, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:

Dear Angah,

I'm sending this mail from InterContinental Hotel, London, U.K.

Yes. No kidding. I attended the conference. I followed the bastard after all. You wouldn't know how strong my reluctance and hatred is since the day he met me in pulau until today.

..but Angah, I had no choice. I just had to come with him -- not because of his research topics, not because he came and begged me -- it's because of our pets Melur and Raja, and because of Pak Zainol.

Pak Zainol couldn't attend the conference with Hakimi at the very last minute of time, that's why Hakimi desperately came to me -- because Pak Zainol 'nominated' me as his replacement.

I know. I know. I should put all these in a proper sequence. I know you're confused, same to me when all these were revealed. Angah, as you may have already managed to see this, Pak Zainol is so much involved in Hakimi's research program!

The day Hakimi came to our pulau, obviously he went to Pak Zainol before they came to me, three of them, Hakimi that bastard, Pak Zainol on his wheel chair, and abah.

They explained what's the research program about, thoroughly; when Pak Zainol apologized to me for not telling me the truth all these while, I looked to abah. Abah was quiet. I saw the flash of frustrated and disappointed in his eyes. I know he only knew it few days, or maybe few weeks earlier than me, that Pak Zainol, or more 'glamorously' known as Prof Z in Hakimi's research team, had sold Raja and Melur for their research program.

.... I understand how you feel at this moment. I mean if you were there, you would have already broken Hakimi's neck! .. but are you sure is Hakimi the one to be blamed on? I'm not. I hate to think that our beloved Pak Zainol had done something so much painful to us. But at the moment of time I was so much confused.

Pak Zainol regretted, he apologized, and he begged me for doing this for him -- go to the conference, join Hakimi, and help him to help Raja and Melur --

........ .......

Angah, that's why I'm here. Waiting for Subuh. Today I'll attend Hakimi's bullshit presentation, and then meeting some experts of his team. I don't give a damn about what kind of event to attend or what kind of expert to meet.

My whole heart and mind is all on Raja and Melur, and also the last sentence that came out from Pak Zainol's mouth before I struck him on his head with my chair and bumped Hakimi with my furious body...

Everything was totally out of control on the night. Abah needed to pull me out of the little hut. I couldn't remember what really happened but I still can recall the blood on Pak Zainol's face, and also the last sentence he said:

".... I can't bear the guilt anymore for putting Raja and Melur under that suffering condition, they are dying..."