Episode 4: Sign

Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:

Dear Angah,

Gotcha! Haha! I received your sign! I received your sign!! Haha!

Look at the picture attached.. this is one of the pictures I took during my trip to KL last time. You see my name? I don't know what happened but my name was written almost EVERYWHERE, together with all the graffiti in Central Market, KL's heart of the artistry cultural.

It was so fascinating to see your name painted everywhere like you're celebrated for a very very grand reason, and you bet, I snapped lots of pictures and -- hey, how careless I could be -- I did not notice the BIG SIGN you sent to me until last night!!!

Now, looook clooooosely to the picture. What lies beside my name?

"Mencari bintang timur."

I got it, I even can see you're smiling BIG at me! Yeah!! I know, that's from you, it's you who put it there, my man!

"Mari ikut akak, mencari ulam melur; mari lawan ombak, mencari bintang timur.."

-- Hey, don't you be surprised that I still remember well your self-made pantun which you even made to become our official surfing anthem in the old days. Nobody understood what you're trying to say in that pantun, and, well, who cares? *grin* You always have this weird poetic 'sense' that spitted a mouthful of senseless paragraph but strangely they were simply deadly to girls..

.. my point here is, first you pulled my attention with all my names painted around, then you sent your ultimate sign to me! Mencari bintang timur -- gosh, you're haunting, bro! *grin*

My big name and your BIG SIGN. Snapped in Central Market, KL.

..but then, what's the sign for? You play no joke by painting my names everywhere in Central Market, right? No, please don't ask me to interpret your famous pantun, no please, I'm not as poetic as you are.

I need to run now. Abah is calling me to spring clean the dive store. It's a big sunny day outside now after 3 days of big pour. I just miss the sun! Chow!