Episode 2: Angah

Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:

Dear Angah,

Yello... Nobody can forget the way you say 'Yello' in your very own fancy way, nobody can.

Abah missed you last night. I knew he cried. This is my first time to see him crying since the day you left us. Our old man is getting older and older.

Things are gloomy here. The sky, the weather, the sea, and the mood. It's monsoon season, nobody cares to come over our little island as there's no sunlight but rough wave. ..but the thing about weather is, when it calms down, it leaves no trace at all about her roughness and rudeness.. and sometime Along will just grab his fishing rod and try his luck.. but seeing him standing alone without you by his side, the calm weather only shows a lonely scene..

That's why I hate monsoon.

Along fishing alone under the 'once in a blue moon' good weather.

Abah officially retired from diving and surfing yesterday and we had a farewell party last night but it was raining outside. Along, Gemuk and the rest of our friends tried to cheer the gloomy atmosphere up. Having everybody around was fun, and I had a good time, until I found Abah hid in his gudang, sniveling in front of your surf board.

... yeah.., having everybody around was fun.. but it also reminded us those good days we had together in the past...having everybody around might be not a good idea though...

The resort had been closed due to the monsoon, and I took the chance to go to KL the big city. Nothing much to be told... oh yeah I met Hakimi. Remember him? The tall fella who always visits our resort for surfing? OK put it in this way, the tall *cocky* fella who always visits our resort for doing something he thought is called surfing -- now you remember? I know you kinda dislike him, everybody dislikes him for God's sake. But things always work in this way: we'll always bump into someone we don't really wish to meet, we'll never have enough time for someone whom we care and we love, and we'll always misses chances to meet the one we'll eventually fall in love with...

... like meeting Hakimi, like losing you, like I'm still waiting for the one...


So what are you up with recently? Well you know I don't really expect a reply from you, but at least give me a sign, if any. Sounds creepy, huh? Hahah!!
We miss you.

Your brother,