Episode 5: Two days to go

Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2008 by -f-l-o- in Labels:

I was preparing for a power point presentation on the laptop when a new email arrived. It was from Amy. The subject was 'Penang pic!'

Hey Maya,

Check me out. Bad shot with eyes closed but still looking hot.

You remember cousins Nina and Kamal on my sides, yes… Kamal has grown that big since the last time you saw him. He has been our bodyguard in Batu Ferringhi. That’s Nina’s boyfriend, Mike on her left. The four of us will be going to Terengganu tomorrow for Nina and Mike’s research. Something to do with their marine biology study… thingy. No idea. You should’ve been doing your tutoring here instead.

Kamal and I are the tag-alongs. Not sure of their exact plan in Terengganu just yet but we’ll be meeting up with Uncle Zainol. You remember Dad’s friend, Uncle Zainol? Apparently he no longer lives in Penang.

Anyway, gtg now. Will see if I can call you in these couple of days for more updates. Till then… lots of love!

Your sis,

Oh how I wished to be joining them right now. I looked at my half-packed luggage on the bed. The conference is two days away. It is an environmental sciences conference that is going to focused on the future of aquatic sciences in Europe. It is a very important conference for my career because I will be one of the presenters. Career… me as a current tutor and future professor. Professor Maya Harris sounds good… Like how it was for Dad, Proffesor Ken Harris. Or like Uncle Zainol.

I remember calling him Prof Z instead of Uncle Zainol. I wonder if he still remember that.