Episode 6: Storm

Posted: Sunday, April 13, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:

Dear Angah,

This storm never stopped since last night, it carries all the shocking news. Strong wind howls as bad and sad one dropped in; and thunder growls at the frustrating ones. The loose zinc roof is being slapped by the storm since just now-- gosh I thought I nailed it yesterday.

Abah was spending his night over Pak Zainol's. Pak Zainol's condition is getting worse, and abah had to take care of him the whole last night. I din know what happened but I was asked to leave by abah when Pak Zainol passed out suddenly.

.... hope he'll be fine.

I'm alone in this little hut, and it's already 1pm but I'm still awake, since last night, after I came back from Pak Zainol's, and after I checked my mailbox and I found the email from Hakimi.


Remember this picture?

Manta ray 'Melur' & Hakimi.

It's the underwater photo I took for Hakimi (see him at the right corner?), together with Melur, the manta ray we met during our dive 2 years ago.

Cunning him -- he made the confession in his email, and I think you're going to get pissed off like me if you know this --

-- that snake, during that dive, sneakingly, without telling me anything before the dive (and even right after the dive!), put a GPS Tracker onto the manta rays I brought him to meet!

.. and now, with the email, he sent me the picture, his confession, and an invitation. An invitation to be his research assistant, to attend a conference in UK.

Yes, UK. London to be specific.

That snake said the GPS Trackers he put onto Melur and Raja were for research purposes, on a long list of topics he listed in the email and it's all about the behavior of Manta Rays, and one of the topic is about how we -- he means you, along, abah and I -- managed to 'call' the manta rays out whenever we dive, yada yada yada.

I'm not sure whether I should just delete the email. For an invitation to hold a *VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IN HIS RESEARCH TEAM* in a *VERY IMPORTANT CONFERENCE* that will commence in *TWO* days, he sounds more than desperate compared to the *DEEP* sincerity he tried to possess.

Few minutes ago Hakimi's 2nd mail dropped in saying he's on his way to come over here with my flight tix, plus mentioning I don't have to be worried about my visa yada yada yada. I just deleted the mail.

I think it's better for me to go and fix the loose zinc roof rather than getting annoyed like this, even though the storm is still roaring outside.


Your brother,