A review: Conversation between Boss and Bart

Posted: Sunday, July 1, 2007 by SpidEy d'lEfty in Labels:

Bart Simpson: It was an obvious failure since u chose to terminate the story just.. *snap* ..like this, y?

Boss Ulam: It's the rule. A month a story. We're sorry for the total failure in ULAM June, and I'll make sure thing will be better in ULAM July.

Bart Simpson: ... sounds you already have a plan to handle it, don't u?

Boss Ulam: Yes and No. The decisive factor would be the panel, the featured bloggers. They are the ones to decide whether an ULAM story is going to be a blast, or blasted.

Bart Simpson: So are u saying there's going to be some changes in ULAM July?

Boss Ulam: Yes. New story, new panel, new look.

Bart Simpson: We are more interested about the new panel you're gonna form. Can you tell us a lil bit bout that?

Boss Ulam: Some old ones will remain, and there will be new bloggers. I've contacted them and I have high expectation to them as most of them are regulars of blog space -- I hope to form an aggressive team who will be passing baton of ULAM in a quick pace.

Bart Simpson: So are you blaming the panel of ULAM June as 'not aggressive' enough?

Boss Ulam: We can't force people to change their attitude, can we? But to be frank we lost our readers everytime the story fell into a hiatus. We are not any popular series like Heroes or Supernatural or Smallville that people would find it worth waiting or keep on anticipating. Anyway ULAM June was just a trial run, we learned from it.

Bart Simpson: Any future plan for ULAM project?

Boss Ulam: (laugh) Haha.. I like the way u see this project.. FUTURE PLAN?!! What u mean "FUTURE" plan? (LOL) Hahaha.. Well, I haven't figured it out, as u know, the project is just for fun, or maybe for catering the self-obsession of bloggers.

Bart Simpson: ..but u do have ..erm..sort of vision for this project, don't u?

Boss Ulam: Hmm.. Well maybe I hope more people know about this concept of blogging, and ULAM will have more readers, and appeal more potential bloggers to participate as featured panel. ..

Bart Simpson: Then I believe u should have a plan for ur vision, don't u?

Boss Ulam: Strategy? Well the panel for second run will consist of bloggers that have their own reputation in their circle, so I hope by having them in our panel this time, we see more new readers dropping by.

Bart Simpson: So u're saying that.. u'll have BIG NAMES in the featured panel of 2nd run?

Boss Ulam: I can't tell as I'm still waiting for the replies, but what captured me are their attitude of blogging, their imagination, rather than their big names. Their reputations are just coincidentally matched my so-called publicity strategy.

Bart Simpson: Well thank you very much for the time. I'll see you in one month time. Good luck to you, sir.

Boss Ulam: Thank you Bart, my best wishing to your family's movie on 27th July. Good luck. Send my regards to Mr and Mrs Simpson.

Bart Simpson: Best wishes lah, not best wishing! Mind ur grammar!