Episode 6: The Words

Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 by Sayuti in Labels:

“read from the end, and you’ll shy away from the fiction written on the magazine”

Zip remembered the words. His long years of thieveries have build up his photographic memory. Although the glimpse was just for a split second, he managed to record the words inside the folder into his head.

It did not make any sense to him, then. The folder with 'ULAM' written on it, or the message he managed to memorized from the folder.

He was still pissed with Kingkong’s betrayal over that folder. He was even more pissed knowing very well that Raoul was lying to him. But, he played along.

He pretended he believed everything Raoul told him. He believes Raould believed he believed him. He smiled to himself when the thought of lying to the liar came across his mind.

He was alone. Elle was halfway around the world.

He looked at the ring again. Suddenly he felt so empty.

The thought of Elle suddenly overwhelmed him. He recalled every single feature of her face, her hair, her bosom, her thigh…

He remembered the tattoo on her thighs. The tatoo which he believes no one else knew about. Elle always wear long skirts or pants. Even at the beach, she’ll cover her thigh with a towel, taking it off only before she goes into the water.

He was fascinated by the tattoo. It was Samoan. She told him she got it since childhood, but she does not remember who did it to her. She never likes it.

All of a sudden, another thought came accross Zip's mind. He recalled the words from the folder.

“Read from the end...”

“You’ll shy...”

“The magazine…”

“Oh, shit!” he exclaimed as he suddenly figured the meaning behind the words.

He has to get to Tokyo, to Elle, as soon as possible. She might be in danger.


Elle sat on the edge of her seat, looking down at her lap. Raoul has fallen asleep when she woke up.

She rubbed her thigh.

The folder with ‘ULAM’ written on it will reveal the answer, she thought.

She closed her eyes, and fantasized about the ring.

And about Zip.

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