Episode 4: Honour among thieves

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 by Red Ruby in Labels:

Kingkong was half way around the world when Raoul went to meet Zip. "So far so good.Everything's worked out as planned," said Kingkong silently to himself. He was on board the first class cabin flight AK293 to Tokyo where he will meet his contact for the first time.On his lap was a bag where he had place the ULAM folder. He did not open it and dare not try to.As instructed, he's required to pass the folder directly to his contact once the plane touches down at Narita Airport.

He closed his eyes briefly trying to suck in the whole event that had happened earlier with Zip.He was not proud, abandoning his partner in crime whom he knew since adolescence.He had no choice.Honour among thieves , an overly used quotation of Zip to him.Kingkong snickered to himself.The irony of it, he thought.Zip was good at what he was doing and only Zip could get what he wanted.He had planned this for a long time.And he was not in this alone.Raoul had been contacted too.Right after their success with the Renoir's and Rembrandt's paintings.Yes, and it had been 7 long years..of waiting..of planning..until they receive their last instruction from their contact.He still wondered why Zip was not being contacted at the first place but the call he received had made it clear for him and Raoul.Their plan was not to be known by Zip.Not even a hint.

His 'history' and about him being from Malaysia and stealing for an oil company was Raoul's idea.They had to create something so ridiculous to believe but at the same time too ridiculous to be ignored.He doubt that Zip was going to believe a word Raoul say but at the same time, they had taken all necessary measures.Raoul had forged all the related documents that will link Kingkong with the so called oil company and they created the clippings on the accident.It will only stall Zip until he finds out the truth.Zip could be childish at times but he was not somebody you can fool with.They knew that and they needed to side track him from their plan.They needed a distraction.

If all follow as planned, they will get their payment.The reason why he took this job was because he will be paid more than triple the amount he used to get.And another reason was that the contact knew something about his past that he himself had not known.Only when the job is done would he able to retain the information.And he wanted to know about it..badly.

Kingkong opened his eyes after a moment and looked at his watch.It is time.He was to call his contact from the plane's phone at exactly 0300.He took the phone at the side of his seat and dialed the numbers which he had them memorized.A few seconds later he heard a ring..

"Yes, you called as instructed.I believe you have the folder," the person on the other line was talking.
"Yes," KingKong replied.
"Good.Once touch down, I want you to exit the airport and there will be a black limousine waiting for you.Get in it and you will get your next instruction,"the contact hung up.


In a hotel somewhere in Lisbon, the contact hung up the phone and paused for a moment before dialing another number.

"John, is that you?It's Elle.What happened to you yesterday?I thought we had a date and you were supposed to join me at the stadium."

At the end of the other line, Zip aka John tried his best to compose himself "Gosh, Elle.I know and I'm truly sorry.I was supposed to call you earlier but I had an emergency and well..you know the rest.I had another business to attend to.I'll make up to you..ok..and I mean it."

"Well..ok.Apologies accepted.But hey, something just came up.The company just called in and they've booked me a flight to Tokyo.I have no idea what happened there but they need me.I know this is so last minute but maybe we can meet up when I get back ok.It's going to be a couple of days," Elle sounding as casual as possible and being careful,not hinting anything that could trigger any suspicion in Zip.

"Oh,ok", Zip responded sounding sincerely frustrated."We'll catch up later then.Love you Elle."

"I love you too John," and Elle hung up.Swiftly she turned around, grabbed her small Gucci traveling bag and headed towards the door exiting herself from the room to the hotel lobby.....