Episode 9: Light of Hope

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"Raoul, I think I need to get some fresh air.It's been a while since I came here.I could really take a walk along Shibuya or Harajuku.."Elle looked at Raoul sheepishly, while deep in her heart all she wanted to do know was to get away from Raoul and get on with her task..the main task she was supposed to do here in Tokyo.

"Can't we go somewhere else more peaceful?What is it with you and crowded places?"Raoul trying to understand the love of his life.

He knew he was at risk when they started their relationship.The call King Kong received, after their success, Raoul had actually been contacted earlier.The job they underwent,stealing those infamous paintings, it was him who had received the information from the his contact. He knew about Marc and the contact earlier than King Kong. That was when he met Elle. And that was when he knew she was everything he had ever lived for. Elle's existence was not coincidental.She was part of the plan.The contact had set the meeting. And from then on, that was when Zip came into the picture.

Zip was not supposed to be with Elle.He was supposed to be with Maria. Elle was just helping out.One thing lead to another.Maria wasn't interested and she was out of the picture. Zip showed his interest in Elle. They went out for dinner but Elle insisted they were only friends. Even Raoul didn't think he should be worrying about it.Then things got more and more complicated. The contact had changed plan. Zip should be with Elle. Elle was going to be Zip's distraction from the initial plan set for Raoul and King Kong.

Then King Kong was contacted.Raoul had to pretend that he had been contacted the same time as King Kong. And as for Elle, she still 'played' her role as Zip's girl and secretly, she was with Raoul. But nobody knew that Raoul was having an affair with Elle. He managed to hide it from King Kong and Zip. It was hard for him to go along with their 'act'.To let Elle be with Zip. But he had to oblige. Between his agreement with his contact and Elle, he needed to sacrifice the love of his life. If it means that later, Elle would be his forever after he is done with the job..he was willing to sacrifice.

"Come on Raoul.It's Tokyo.And you know me..it's not that I get to shop everyday.."Elle giving him the insanely beautiful smile that he can never resist.

Putting his thoughts about Zip and King Kong away, he gave Elle a hug, "Go..shop to death if that's what you want.I'll be here in the room.I need to wait for King Kong's call anyway."

Elle kissed Raoul, took her purse and headed towards the door."I'll be back before you know it."

As soon as Elle walked out the door Raoul took out his handphone and dialed an eight digit number.At the first ring, he heard King Kong's voice on the other line "Hey Raoul, you just arrived?"

Raoul walked towards the ceiling to floor window of his Park Hyatt's suite overlooking Fujiyama or Mount Fuji."I just arrived.Is the contact there?"

"I don't think so.I'm told to wait.But hey, this waiting is making me nervous,"KingKong tried to sound relax but part of him was unable to conceal the mixed feelings he has now.

"I know.Man, at last.7 years of waiting and this is it.Call me when it's done.Where should we meet?At my place or yours?"Raoul tried to calm his friend but he was feeling restless too.

"Yours.This place is beautiful but hey..it's too classic!I need to go somewhere a bit more 'modern' if you get what I mean,"KingKong replied.

Raoul snickered understood precisely what KingKong meant.King Kong was at the Imperial Hotel.The legendary landmark in Tokyo situated near the Imperial Palace itself.It was too classic and historical to suite King Kong's modernized and 'techno' taste.He should be in Akihabara, though Raoul smiling yet again to himself.

They hung up the phone and both waited patiently as they had waited for 7 long years.At last, freedom was in their grasp for the first time..


Zip was still on board the flight to Tokyo.

"Damn, 5 more hours to go.."

As soon as Elle stepped out the main entrance of the hotel, she casually climbed into an unmarked car. Two men in the front seat turned to face her and gave a bow as low as their seating position allowed them.

"jikan desu - it's time," Elle spoke to them and without needing anymore instruction, the men understood and drove into the bustling city of Tokyo heading towards the Imperial Palace.


On the 16th floor of the main building- the Imperial Floor as they called it, King Kong lay down on the lavish SleepWork Bed, staring aimlessly at the plush interior of the room. Decorated by the world famed England's Julian Reed, although he had been in the room for the past couple of hour, he was still awed by the explicit details they had put to create such room.

But as minutes passed, his awe slowly diminishes and turning more and more into claustrophobic. "Where the hell is he?" King Kong said silently to himself.

Although he knew that in a few minutes, all the effort he had put for the past 7 years will come to repay him..but nonetheless, he felt restless...uneasy...

Sweeping every negative thoughts in his mind he stood up and head towards the bar at the end of the room and made himself a drink.

"Maybe I'm just too excited," he thought and took a sip from his Bohemian crystal glass.

Then there was a knock on the door..

The contact, he thought and hurriedly walk towards the door.

As soon as he turned the knob, a crash came down on him and he felt as if he just knocked his head on granite.

He was on the floor, his head was throbbing with pain and when he had the chance to open his eyes, to regain his sight, he felt a couple of large hands under his arms, dragging him towards the bed.

"What the..," before he could speak, he felt a blow on his face.

"Shit.." King Kong swore.

"Hi King..I really hope you're enjoying your stay here..," he heard a voice..a female voice..so familiar..

Mustering all the strength that is left in him, he tried to search for the voice ignoring the two huge japanese men who were pinning him on the bed.When he found the source of the voice, his eyes widen, not believing what he was seeing.

"Elle?What?Who?" King Kong was confused.Why was she here.He tried to think...his contact??It can't be..his contact was a he.. not a she.. or is it?

"Why, Kong.You look so confused.Oh, ok..let me just help you a little bit here although I really hate to monologue," Elle gave King Kong a smile..not a sincere one..more of a cynical smile.

Her demeanor changed so much, it took King Kong more than a few seconds to actually believe it was her.It was not the Elle he knew.The person in front of him was the exact opposite. The evil twin.

"So, at least.We meet face to face.Yes, and don't give me that look.I am your contact.Surprised?Well..you know how technology work nowadays," Elle continued while putting her hand into her purse, searching for something and when she found it, held it into her hand and threw it to KingKong.

"A voice changer device.." King Kong stared unbelievingly at the device that fell on his lap. He could now taste blood on his lips as he said these words and felt a rush of warm liquid on the side of his head.Trying to block his pain away, he focused back on Elle."Why?"

"The folder of course," Elle said as she located the folder on the sidetable next to the bed.She walked towards the table and took the folder.

"What's so important about it?And why me?Why Raoul?Zip?"King Kong demanded for an answer.

"It's up to the higher power to answer all your questions.I'm just the contact,"Elle answered leaving the questions hanging.

Then there was the sound of phone ringing and automatically Elle reached for her phone in her pocket and answered ,"Hai sensei. Ano fairu-wa..watashino tede.Hai.Wakarimashita - Yes,master.The file..it's in my hands.Yes.I understand," and as abrupt as the call started, she hung up.

Without hesitating for a moment, Elle looked at the two Japanese men in front of her and gave them a nod. Without any verbal cues needed, the two men nodded back and and one of them took out a .38 calibre pistol from a holster beneath his jacket.A pistol with a perforated cylinder on its barrel that will silence any bullet that goes through it.

KingKong was numbed.He saw every movement of the Japanese man beside him.He was helpless..he could not move.Still pinned down by the other man, for the first time in his life he felt alone."I'm going to die," he thought."And yet, I don't know why.."

The gun pas pointed at King Kong's forehead and the last words before the silent bullet pierced into his skull was "God, Help me."

Although the words were said out silently, those words echoed in Elle's ears as she left the room.She did not stay to witness the atrocious crime. She left before the trigger was pulled. And as she walked away silently, with the folder in her hands, she felt a drop of tear on her cheek....