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Nadya opened her eyes slowly..OMG..weakly she woke up but she felt her head was weighted by a massive gigantic stone. She closed her eyes again and tried to opened it. She was shocked because she was dazzled by the blue light on top of the ceiling. She pondered where she was right now..the room didn't seem familiar to her..she tried to gain something..what had brought her into this room and where the hell was she right now. The room was quite big furnished only with a single-bed with 5inch-thick-bed without any pillow. She tried to find a door..any door..but she failed. Nadya made a move to the glass wall on her left side after seing her cousin, Seth in the next room that being separated by the glass wall. But after 5steps, she falled down without realizing her foot was tied by a chain. DAMN IT! She tried to call Seth but her voice choked. Again..she yelled..Seth..Wake up!Wake up!Wake up! She cried and cried..helplessly. A few minutes later..Seth woke up and after finding out that he also was caged in a weird room..he tried to get to her cousin.

"Nadya..what happened to us? Where are we right now?" Separated by the thick glass wall didn't allow them to communicate to each other. Seth was so frightened and tried to recall back the memory. But the last thing ever appeared in his mind was..he and all the family members were in KLIA as Nadya was boarding to oversea. After that..he and Nadya..both of them..were lying down in this room..


"Guys..don't u feel the same way that i feel?"Zack was making pussy-in-d-boot face.

"What? What isit? I know u scared.. but we have gone this far..we should not turn back right?" Ayin tried to comfort Zack.

" isn't that..Don't you guys..feel..feel..hungry?" Zack tried to voice out that he was so hungry as if the last meal they took were tuna sandwiches with fruit salad made by Ayin's lovely mommy this morning in the car.

Both Rizal and Man laughed at Zack's funny face.

Man opened his backpacked and grab some cookies that he usually brought with wherever he went to. "Alas la perut ngan BISKUAT ni dulu..and let's find something to eat..aku pon lapar jugak ni..there must be villagers around here ataupon pokok2 buah..let's move" Man gave the cookies to Zack and started his step toward look-alike-Mayan-Temple building.

The handphone that had been given to them started ringing. Man answered the phone. "Hello Prof..."

The phone being grabbed by Ayin "Pa..where are U? U said u wanna wait for us here..where r u pa..Ayin lapar ni" Ayin crying and hwling like 5-year-old kiddo.

"Ayin..sabar ye sayang..go inside the was an abandoned castle actually..there's so much food awaiting for u dear honey inside it..but don't eat too much..later u guys will be given your next instruction. But don't forget..don't eat too much and take off your shoes before u enter the castle.Take care, ok!" Prof Z cut off the line.

"Ayin..aper prof cakap?"Rizal took the phone from Ayin and kept it back in the plastic bag before being stored in his knapsack..Rizal was such a vigilant guy that always cautious about what was most important thing that he must take care of. This would prevent from any circumstances that might destroy the most 'valueable' thing they owned now.

"Pa said there's a lot of food awaiting us in that guys..shall we?"Ayin stepped ahead.

They reached the building. Silent. Abstract..

"Wait ckp kne bukak kasut dlu before masuk..then pa ckp ni abandoned castle actually.."Ayin took off her shoes and knocked on the knock-bell in front of the castle-door. As others were doing the same thing she did just now..taking off their shoes.

"Hello...Assalamualaikum.."The door was opened as Man hadn't finished his words..inside there's a half-naked lady who only wore sarung but her waist was gird by a metal belt nicely carved with some flowers pattern. Perhaps it wasn't metal..perhaps looked shiny..Without saying anything...the lady brought them to a room where they had to climb down the stairs to lower level. In that room they had a long table that could accomodate about 20 people at the same time. They sat down on the chair..and they were staring at each other..clueless..

"Thank You" Man thanked the lady as the lady stepped out from the room and within a few seconds she disappeared from their vision.

"Hmm..sedapnye..jomla makan..ada ikan bakar..ayam panggang..hmm ulam raja..kacang botol..pucuk ubi..bnyknye ulam..ada tempoyak lagi tu.." Rizal cleaned his hand. Hygene was so important to him.

"Pelikla..kenapa ada semua makanan ni..perempuan tadi..siape ek? Nape dia tak senyum pon..mcm hantu."Ayin aked couriosly.

"Shut your mouth up. Watch your tongue..kita kat tempat orang ni..not familiar to us..kita kne beware ngn aper yang kita nk ckp..jangan main cakap je..kalo ada aper2 yang nak ckp pon..better remain silence ok. Let's eat."Man raised his voice to Ayin. He was the only one between them who had always travelling around,mountain climbing,diving..and what had he always kept in mind..don't talk nonsense!

They started to eat and eat. Ayin forgot to tell her friend what Prof Z had remind her before..Don't eat too much! After a few moments..After they had finished their meal..they felt asleep.

And after they woke up..They felt so paint at their wrist and suddenly they realised that they had been tatooed with some code.