Episode 13: Release the Truth..Full Moon Awaits

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Elle has been ready her whole life. She denied herself a typical childhood, away from children her own age; play and laughter was not in the daily list of things to do. She spent her days growing up immersed in everything related to Audris, the Goddess of Light. She memorized the entire book of charts and prayers by heart. She knew everything she needed to know about Audris, deity mother who sacrificed her life to save her people. Those who worship her every breath would receive her undying love and protection from evil harm.

Audris' rebirth comes in every 7 years, and as tradition dictates a glorious death awaits her with open arms. The girls born with the birthmark malu were destined to be her vessel; they will receive instant placing on the altar of Demos, and will serve as her high priestesses in the heavens.

Therefore, when Raoul told her about his experience as a little Samoan, watching his own sister sacrificed to release Audris into the heavens in order to shower wealth and prosperity as she ascends to the sky above, Elle was calm and collected about it.

Elle's fate in life is to die. And now Raoul was telling her that she didn’t have to die; Audris could be contained in Elle's heart and still be free to disperse glory to the people around her.

Raoul said that Audris had a sister, a twin to be precise, Stellis, the complete opposite of Light. Stellis is the Goddess of Dark, whose wrath knows no bound, and her powers could be harnessed to advantage. Stellis could turn peaceful neighboring countries against each other and even rain down hails or snow on a tropical island.

Each time Audris is released to the heavens above, Stellis is left behind in the vessel, rotting away inside earth, the only self gratifying thing she could do was prison the earth with hatred and greed. Her story remained buried until now.

So the little Samoans believed they’re releasing Audris. But the Japanese Elite really wished to gain power over Stellis.

They have all the money in the world; what Stellis could offer them is ultimate power worth more than all the nuclear bombs in the world combined. Hers is the highest high, to gain the respect of the world, after their humiliating lost in World War 2. They shall be the rulers of the world with Stellis Goddess of Dark by their side.

“How sure are you that Stellis could be tamed?” said Elle.

“Because of you. You have a Stellis tattoo, Audris. This rarely happens. If ever it happen. We have been monitoring all the vessels of Audris, their development, and you showed the most probability of being a Stellis vessel. Audris vessels tended to be meek and obedient, only following the orders given to them. Not you. You’re a rebel. Even after the initiation ceremony, when they brainwashed you, you sill shows a streak of fire within. You decided to travel the world, instead of staying in one place and offer prayers to Audris, you’d rather go around the world to get things done; the ULAM folder, becoming Zip’s lover yourself when Maria failed to seduce him. You act instead of staying put,” said Raoul.

“But I only wanted to get things done. To prepare for the release of Audris, to gain everything she has to bestow on us. Everlasting love to finally bring peace on Earth.

“That’s where the Little Samoans got it wrong. Releasing Audris into the heavens would only bring momentary bliss, the most is 4 to 7 years. But this way, we could harness both Audris and Stellis’ powers much more longer than that,” said Raoul.

“This way?” asked Elle.

P/s Good luck Flo. Go crazy! I just had to name the goddesses. August Ulam characters maybe? Hehe :P