Episode 1: 07:07:07

Posted: Saturday, July 7, 2007 by SpidEy d'lEfty in Labels:

Everybody, well ALMOST everybody in this world was anticipating the day dated 7th July, 2007 or 07.07.07 for various reasons. They said it was a once-in-a-lifetime day and people around the world were planning their own event to celebrate the date, in order to make sure there were marks that left behind on this historical day.

"Marks?" bullshit. Zip grunted. A chilling and unpleasant wind blew on him. He was hanging in the air of 87m above ground level, outside Sheraton Lisbon Hotel, or to be more specific, outside of the window of Mr Benedict's room, waiting for further clarification from KingKong, his partner who was currently on the roof top of the building.

At the northwest direction of Sheraton Lisbon Hotel, the sky above the stadium of Estadio da Luz was ablaze with fireworks. That might be the final firecracker show indicating the end of the 'New 7 Wonders of the World' Official Declaration ceremony. Seeing from far, Zip couldn't help but feeling sad and frustrated.

"I am supposed to be IN the stadium, SHOWERED by the fireworks over head, and CHEERING for the new 7 wonders of the world," Zip spoke slowly and emphasizing every key words in his complaint through his headset... "I am supposed to be HOLDING Elle's hand, and KISSING her under THAT firework, and CELEBRATING our reunion on THAT historical moment..." Zip started to lose his cool, his words started to shiver... "... and I AM SUPPOSED TO PROPOSE HER!!.." Zip moaned angrily, "..and WHAT THE F*CK I AM DOING NOW? HANGING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE F*CKING AIR AND WAITING FOR YOUR F*CKING LOCATION OF THE F*CKING MARKS??!!" Zip shouted out like crazy, and he really looked like a fool when seeing him getting mad and kicking like a child in the middle of the air, hanging by a rope attached to his harness.

"Alright! Alright! Be cool man! Be cool!" KingKong shouted through his headset, "C'mon man, look at u! I thought we are professionals, that ain't pro man! Just gimme a sec and I'll tell you the marks," paused. "Alright listen up partner, you see three green spots on the window? Those spots form a triangle, and the target point is at the center of the triangle, got it?"

Sometimes KingKong just did not know how to handle his partner when he got emotionally out of control. Zip, no doubt, was one of the finest professional thieves, but his reputation in the niche circle was so so terrible just because of his bad temper, and sometimes ---

"Man you owe me one set of XL Double Whoppers from Burger King, PLUS Transformers toys."

---- yeah, sometimes unpredictably childish.

"Aye aye! finish it up quick! I'm feezing up here!" The problem for KingKong was, he needed Zip, at least in this operation.

Zip pointed the magnetic laser torch to the center of the triangle on the window, switched it on and a laser beam went straight from the torch, through the center point, through the window of the hotel room, through the empty room of Mr Benedict, hitting right on the magnetic box beside the room's door.

The magnetic box was much much smaller than a typical fusebox, and it was actually a switch to the security sensors in Mr Benedict's room. The magnetic laser beam discharged the magnetic field of the switch and in a snap of time the room was brightened up and the TV turned on. It was exactly like the electricity recovered after you inserted the key card into its slot when you entered your hotel room.

"The sensors are off," By using only a 3 inches wire, Zip made a slight twist of his fingers, the window unlocked responsively, "..and I'm in".

KingKong started to rolled up Zip's rope and harness, "alright you see the fridge at your right? the things are inside."

"INSIDE THE FRIDGE? C'mon Kong this whole things are insulting! First you din tell me what is this operation about, then you required me to follow ALL your instruction throughout the opt., and now you tell me the 'thing' we are looking for is INSIDE THE FRIDGE?!?! ..and I even don't know what actually are we looking for.. Man this is not like how we worked before!" Zip burst with all his frustration.

"Zip.. Zip, do this for me, c'mon man, the safety box is inside the fridge and here's the code ---- " Again, and again, KingKong did not confront Zip's complaint.

"2 XL Double Whoppers," Zip walked towards the fridge with a stern look and easily took out a diamond necklace and a folder from the safe box, "Man that's all? A not-so impressive diamond necklace and a folder? With twisted handwriting writing 'ULAM' on it, these are what we look for? And you told me we need TWO person handling this peanut??!!" Zip couldn't believe this at all, well maybe there's something BIG inside the folder, he thought, while opening up the folder.

"Wou wou, stop man!" Zip heard KingKong's voice from his headset, but this time it was way clearer than before -- as if KingKong was talking right behind him -- "Shit!" swiftly Zip turned around, and as what he had sensed, KingKong was standing behind him.

".. I mean, let's check it out when we get back, now let's go, the declaration ceremony is finished, Mr Benedict is on his way back," obviously KingKong was trying to stop Zip from asking any questions.

"You didn't tell me you're coming down," Zip smelled something fishy. His killer instinct was way way under-estimated by his partner.

"Zip we don't have time to discuss this, I promise I'll tell you everything after this," KingKong realized that Zip's anger was unavoidable, but he just had to do this --- "Beep." KingKong pressed a hidden magnetic device and the 'ULAM' folder slipped off from Zip's hand swiftly, and flew towards the hand of KingKong --- everything happened within 1/100 seconds.

"Damn it!" Zip simply couldn't react faster than this unexpected move, but now he knew he had to catch KingKong. KingKong was running full speed ahead towards the opened window, and then hopped --- "KONG!!!" Zip who was running after KingKong had to stop before he fell out of the window, and he was shocked to see KingKong jumped out of it.

From the window, Zip saw KingKong opened up his foldable hang-glider and glided quietly in the chilling air of Lisbon. "I'm sorry Zip," KingKong talked to dazed Zip through headset, "the magnetic response just now recharged the security sensors. Zip, leave the room NOW!" the warning from KingKong faded as the distance between them stretched out of range.