Episode 18: Truth

Posted: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:

Dear Rafee,

So that's your real name huh? Rafee...

Weird. I did not know my biological brother's name, until just now.

Funny. I did not know that you're my biological brother, until just now.

EERIE. I did not know that... you're still alive, until just now....

Abah told me everything, EVERYTHING he read from your diary before you left us, and EVERYTHING he knows about your 'death' -- Thank to Pak Zainol's confession to him on the day abah discovered your diary...

..so, I suppose you're reading this email, right? -- Oh no maybe you are not, in fact you did not read ALL my mails send to your mailbox -- even though I suspect you cleared your mailbox once in a while -- but at least you did not read my mails regarding my plan of escaping with Melur...

.. because if you've read it, you would've warned Hakimi, and Hakimi would not get what he got right now in the hospital.. oh yeah FYI, Hakimi's NOT DEAD, I mean if you are KIND enough to concern. What you heard about Hakimi's death is only rumor they spread out, in order to pronounce the 'death sentence' on THE project, so that the investors would have no say at all.

-- Oh BTW, it was until just now too, I know all about THE project... and your 'high level' involvement in the project..

I mean, well.. it's.. ops.. it WAS an impressive project. An impressive way to make HUGE money, PERHAPS. But too bad, I guess you failed just simply because Melur is on my side. And in fact, I discovered what you all were trying to hunt for, and you might be in GREAT disappointment if you know what's really about the 'ulam melur'... -- OOOOH YEAH OF COURSE I know 'ulam melur'! It is now sitting quietly beside me.

"... I might need Melur's help in my quest of looking for the 'ulam', the 2nd thing that mum left to me, after the star-like sea shells, the bintang....." -- Quote from your diary, remember? And Rafee (sorry I feel disgusted to call you angah...), that quote made me laugh! -- ARE YOU SURE MUM LEFT YOU THAT STAR-LIKE THINGY?? Or were you just being dramatic?

The star-like sea shells, according to Melur, were something that she picked up from sea bottom just because you wanted her to pick up something like a star.. . That's it. Period. You added your own sentimental value on a rubbish, she just couldn't help out.

"Mari ikut akak, mencari bintang timur; mari lawan ombak, mencari ulam melur"-- I know you and Pak Zainol were so devoted to the hidden treasure beneath the lines of this clue, and Melur knows the best about the answer -- and she actually brought me the 'ulam melur' from deep sea, finally.

It's not any precious treasures dropped out from a sunken pirate's ship, it's a seaweed, yeah, S-E-A-W-E-E-D. Disappointed? Melur said it's more common in South China Sea region, she could hardly find a small one from North Sea region. The seaweed is in a shape like a manta ray, big leaf with tiny fur on the surface, and it glows with the colors of rainbow when I brought it out of the ocean..

Oh yeah it sparkles too, those tiny fur, they sparkles like stars in the sky.. yeah, bintang, you're right. And that's it, except it sparkles and shines like jewelry, I don't think that it'll bring you any wealth -- I mean, you can't claim that this IS a NEW discovery from the mysterious sea and show it to the world by charging them expensive entrance fees, the truth is, Mr Rafee, this seaweed, already had a scientific name, something like Caulerpa prolifera.. -- If you're aware enough, the existence of this magical seaweed was presented by someone called Linda, in the conference that me and Melur just ruined.

-- My point here is, you can't even use it to generate any side income, I mean IF you manage to find one without Melur's help. And yes sir, 'Ulam Melur' has miraculous healing power, it's certainly good for medical purposes, but hey dude, listen carefully --

---- I'm letting Melur off to her own freedom. She might be still in the North Sea, or maybe somewhere around Pacific Ocean by the time you're reading this mail, and the only 'Ulam Melur' discovered in the world is now in my hand, and I'm on my way meeting Ms Linda and her team in a research center in Edinburgh. And I think that would be the end of your dream, huh?

Don't blame me to be cruel on you, after all the lies you showed to us -- Me, abah, Melur and Raja.

Good luck and good bye, forever.