Episode 12: Trust

Posted: Friday, May 9, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:


I was adopted by Abah when I was 2, I guess. By the time, Along was 11 and you were 6, and I always wondered why was everybody called both of you 'Along' and 'Angah' as if you two never had your own names since being adopted by Abah.

The year you sank into the deep blue sea, gone with the rough wave and left us only your surfboard, the whole island was in deep misery. Everybody on the island lost their closest best friend, Abah lost his favourite son, the resort lost an inspiring surfer, and I lost my Angah.

Then I realized that Along is always the respectable big brother in the island and you, someone who's always the closest friend to everybody, like the 2nd big brother in a family, an Angah to everybody.

...but.., what happened to our brotherhood when all the betrayal was revealed? I still remember the last words you told me before you surfed yourself into the rough sea, and disappeared amongst the waves.

You said: "Abu, remember the pantun? you just need to trust me and be bold..", with a charming smile, but it seemed rather mysterious for me, then you sang the pantun again, until the storm over-roared your voice.

You wanted me to trust you? How? Why did you do this at the 1st place?




This is such an emotional moment for me right now. I called Abah just now, after all the confusion and tiring chaos these days, I just need to call back home.

I should've called him 1st before sending out my last mail to you. I mean, if I knew it, I wouldn't send it out at all.

Yes Angah, I knew it. Even though I don't really understand it, but it's such a relieved for me to know the real intention of you involving into Hakimi's reaserch project. -- Angah, Abah found your diary.

I could feel his surprises over the phone, and his confusion when he read this line to me:

"After the day Melur brought me back the star-like sea shells from the deep sea, I know that I've figured out the way to communicate with her. Raja has the same genius for it but not as perfect as Melur does.... I might need Melur's help in my quest of looking for the 'ulam', the 2nd thing that mum left to me, after the star-like sea shells, the bintang....."

Ulam melur, bintang timur...trust, mari ikut akak; and be bold, mari lawan ombak...

Your final words, your final message to me -- to follow your mission of looking for 'the Ulam'.

I understand that you might have made a mistake to offer Raja and Melur to Hakimi, I understand that you might be too impatient and made the wrong choice.

I'll get Melur back to the ocean, I promise.