Episode 14: Escape

Posted: Saturday, May 17, 2008 by Red_ips in Labels:

Dear Angah,

This time tomorrow Hakimi will be presenting his paper on the conference. His research team is expecting a turnout of more than 2000 audience for his paper. Yeah, you should know the topic of the paper I guess, "The recognizable behavior of Manta-Ray towards the attribute of SSW " -- yeah, I agree, it's very pretend-to-be-sophisticated, like his own personality.

-- and I don't give it a damn. I've surveyed the lab area and it's no way for me to move Melur out of this highly-secured zone, but tell you what, the conference hall is my good news.

The aquarium of the conference hall is actually an infrastructure that connects to the open sea behind the convention center, in order to supply sea water into the huge aquarium that they set up for the purposes of this conference. This time tomorrow, Melur will be transported to the aquarium of the conference hall. Hakimi needs me to be with Melur during his presentation, in order to show the audience on how his theory of 'SSW' works --

-- yup! I almost laughed when I first heard of 'SSW'. What the hell is SSW? Well, it's 'Silent Sound Wave'. That's how they name my 'special whistle' of communicating with Raja and Melur. What those moron don't know is, there's no such thing as 'special whistle'...

... we can 'talk' to Raja and Melur, it's simply because we can.

Whatever. Let's proceed with my plan.

I'll be diving with Melur in the aquarium during Hakimi's presentation, and don't worry my dearest brother, certainly I'll sabotage his show. He just need to be taught not to be over-confidence. And after that, Melur and I just need to find the conduit to get out to the open sea.

I've studied the conduits network of the building, no worry on it. The only thing that worries me is the condition of Melur. She is getting weaker and weaker. I know she misses Raja. She told me last night.

..but she promised me that she'll work with me to get out of here.

Angah, wish us luck. I'll send you my next email telling you our great escape!

Your brother,
ps.. I think I'm nervous now because I'm feeling hesitate to hit the 'send' button to send out this email to you. BTW, I wonder why is your mailbox never full after so many mails I've sent into it? Don't tell me you have all the luxurious to check emails and spring-clean your mailbox up there. Man, you're truly haunting! ;p